Monday, February 24, 2020

Blog images + donations, a new type of freebie discovered, investigations underway...

Hi everyone. I'm back again. Just a quick post before the night's over. You may have noticed the Tinypic frowning smileys and blurred Photobucket images. Something went wrong somewhere because I had moved our blog images from Tinypic over to Photobucket, so there should not be any Tinypic images present. I moved the images two years ago, but I must have missed some of them, which would explain the Tinypic images. The reason I moved them over was because was shutting down. However, there is still a problem because Photobucket requires an annual fee to store and hotlink images. If you do not pay the annual fee they blur out your photos, and it would take too much time to move everything over again.

Somebody offered to make a donation to help cover the annual fee. I am not asking for donations, but they certainly are welcomed and every penny would go towards our blog. If you wish to donate, you can find the 'Donate' button in the upper right-hand corner. It would be nice to have our images back again. Our blog images have company information on them, which are used to make comparisons. Some of the images are screenshots from over 10 years ago and cannot be found anywhere else online. These images can help us today just as much as they did way back then if we need to go back and look at something. The images are still on Photobucket, but they are all blurred when I log in and I do not have access to them until I pay. I cannot find the images on my external modem either, which means they are only on Photobucket.

I will have some new info to share with everyone next month, which is also why I'd like to get this image thing resolved. I discovered a new kind of "freebie" that is proven to be legit. It's not DIY or anything referral-based but you do get free items and money for leaving reviews. I'm also investigating So there's a lot in store for us next month. I was just reading an old blog from 2011 and I completely forgot about the fight someone had with CRS at CRS' office, lol: -- That was almost 10 years ago. Pretty crazy that all that happened. I often read old blogs just to refresh myself on what took place back then, because it's easy to forget some things when you haven't blogged consistently like before.

Thank you, everyone, for sticking with me for so long. There are so many memories wrapped up in this blog and I am hoping we can make more.

See you next month!


2 comments: said...

Will you please let us know what this new freebie is? I'm anxious to make money like we did in the "good old days".

Jackie :)

Anonymous said... is legit?

I am working on that one right now