Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Merry and bright Christmas with RewardZone USA offer change, I-Deal "blacklist" e-mail, User Interviews, DealZingo and I-Deal payments, and more!

A merry and bright Christmas with RewardZone USA offer change, I-Deal blacklisting accounts? User Interviews, DealZingo and I-Deal payments... Grab a string of lights and decorate!

Merry and Bright

Has it really been a year?  Since my last post, not much has changed in the freebie world.  Along with newcomers RewardSurveyUSA and Inquire Network, I-Deal, DealZingo, and RewardZone USA continue to offer deals.  RewardZone USA's sites require 25 offers now for a $1,000.00 reward, from what I can tell.  My cap is 15 offers for a thousand.  It would have been nice to do them again since it has been two years!  There seems to be no longer a two-year rule.  With RewardZone USA, it's one site per year, which is good.  It's just a matter of waiting until that offer count decreases.

What I-Deal did to me this summer baffles me. I requested manual credit for three of my offers after completing them. Like always, I-Deal told me that the account approval process could take up to four weeks. At that time, there was nothing odd about my e-mail exchange with them. There was never any indication that there was a problem. The following is how our conversation began.

-----Original Message-----
From: diyfreebies@gmail.com [mailto:diyfreebies@gmail.com]
Sent: None
Subject: MRC $1000 Paypal Gift Card Customer service request (Thread:368603)

Web Site: 9640: MRC $1000 Paypal Gift Card
Email: diyfreebies@gmail.com
Question: My question was not found here

Message entered by user:


I'm missing credit for one Silver offer, and two Platinum offers. Could I forward the e-mail confirmations for those offers to contactus@expertcustomerservice.com?

Link to my gift site: https://www.myrewardscenter.us.com/?config=9640

E-mail my site is under: diyfreebies@gmail.com



On Mon, May 8, 2023 at 3:00 PM Customer Service wrote:

Dear valued customer,

Your account is still within your approval period. The approval process can take up to 4 weeks.

Please continue to check your account page for updates.


Customer Service

From: Me [mailto:diyfreebies@gmail.com]
Sent: Monday, June 5, 2023 8:42 PM
To: Customer Service
Subject: Re: MRC $1000 Paypal Gift Card Customer service request (Thread:368603)


I had sent in my bank statement and offer confirmations not too long ago. I was just making sure that you get them. If not, I can send you all of it again. :)



On Wed, Jun 7, 2023, 2:44 PM Customer Service wrote:

Hi me,

We received your e-mails with the bank statement and proof for offers. We have reached out to partners to determine why the offers in question were not credited. We will get back to you as soon as we make a determination on whether these offers will be credited and what the next step will be.

Thank you for your patience.


Customer Service

When they said, "We will get back to you as soon as we make a determination on whether these offers will be credited and what the next step will be," something felt wrong. When receiving manual credit from I-Deal in the past, there was no long wait time, and no "big decisions" about whether or not an offer would credit.  They accepted my e-mail confirmations and bank statements.  That was the first time they gave me a long answer regarding manual credit.  Perhaps their "partners" told them something about my offer registration(s) that they didn't like.  But honestly, what would that have been?  My e-mail address has always been the same on their sites, and I have remained an e-mail subscriber.  All other rules outlined in their Terms & Conditions were also followed.

Since eight days went by, I sent I-Deal this e-mail...

From: Me [mailto:diyfreebies@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, June 15, 2023 10:57 AM
To: Customer Service
Subject: Re: MRC $1000 Paypal Gift Card Customer service request (Thread:368603)


I hate to bother you again, but I just wanted someone to confirm that my e-mails are being received. I have been checking my spam folder, but there is nothing there either.

In one of the e-mails is the proof pic of the phone I received from SafeLink. In order to receive that phone you must submit government documents, which I did and I was approved for the phone. Also, you will see all the other contents inside the box.

I sent in my bank statement, which you have, that confirms the charge for the Background Checkers offer.

You also have all the e-mail confirmations for all of the offers including, Earn Haus and Experian, the two additional offers I did.

Looking forward to your reply, so I will know how to proceed with things on my end.

Thank you,


The, four days later, this happened...

On Mon, Jun 19, 2023 at 10:53 AM Customer Service wrote:


This notice is being sent to you as confirmation that you have qualified to receive the $1,000 gift card from the company’s website www.MyRewardsCenter.us.com.

Although the company will fulfill your gift upon receiving your redemption certificate and W-9 form, the gift is being fulfilled in conjunction with the addition of your name and contact information to the company’s blacklist. In addition, when you mail in your forms - please provide a copy of your driver’s license and a copy of a utility bill to validate your identity and mailing address.

From this point forward, you and anyone in the same household are prohibited from registering on any and all company and company-affiliated websites. This restriction prevents you from completing offers on such sites, from referring friends for the offers on such sites, and from being a referral for offers on such sites.

The company’s action is being taken pursuant to the website’s Terms and Conditions, which can be found here: https://www.myrewardscenter.us.com/terms.cgi?config=9640, and is an action that may be taken at the sole discretion of the company.

Please confirm receipt of this email and explicitly state that you understand and agree to all the conditions stated above. Once you agree to the stated conditions above – we will update your account status to be eligible for a redemption. Once you complete and return all the necessary paperwork, your gift will be sent to you.


Customer Service

From: Me [mailto:diyfreebies@gmail.com]
Sent: Monday, June 19, 2023 4:18 PM
To: Customer Service
Subject: Re: MRC $1000 Paypal Gift Card Customer service request (Thread:368603)


Could you please respond to my previous message before your company goes home today? I would like to send you the requested documents, but I need to know if you will accept my utility bill as is, or if I need to give you something else in place of the utility bill. The utility bill for sure proves my residency, but the bill is not in my name. I can send you my Capital One credit card statement or a bank statement, which will validate my residency along with my photo I.D.



Previous message:


It's not that I do not agree, it's that I do not understand why I am being blacklisted. I have done everything by the book with your company for years. So, what rule have I broken to be blacklisted? Also, I do not pay the utilities in my home. Is there something else I can send you in place of the utility bill? Does the person who pays the utility bill need to produce some sort of letter stating I do not pay the utilities and us both sign it? Will a bank statement or Capital One credit card statement suffice? I can send you my photo I.D., no problem.

Just please let me know on all of this.



Customer Service

Jun 20, 2023, 9:05 AM

Hi Me,

We will take another bill in place of a utility bill that will show your name and mailing address. If you want to send a bank statement – that will be fine.

In regards to your other question. Please note that per our terms and conditions – we can hold/disqualify for any reason as the sole discretion of the company.

Please confirm and explicitly state that you understand and agree to the conditions we provided in order to be eligible for a redemption.


Customer Service

Although I-Deal gave me my $1,000.00 reward, none of this adds up. What is the point of rewarding someone and then blacklisting them? In my opinion, you shouldn't pay someone who violated your Terms & Conditions. Every time I've heard of someone violating I-Deal's terms & conditions, their reward has been taken away. Therefore, it makes no sense for them to pay me if I did something wrong. I sent them the following three months later, once I had the time to write..

Sep 30, 2023, 1:20 PM
to Customer


I hope this finds you well.

After extensively going over your company's Terms & Conditions, I have concluded that I am not in violation of your terms.

The fact that you rewarded me proves that I did not violate your terms and conditions. My reward would not have been given had I truly violated your terms and conditions. I shouldn't be blacklisted without good reason. Instead, I am directed to a Terms and Conditions page with numerous causes, but am not told specifically what I did wrong.

I still maintain that I am not in violation of your Terms & Conditions and wish to be removed from your blacklist. I will not be accused of something I never did, especially not knowing what was done. I reviewed your terms with my private attorney, who is helping me with another matter. They didn't understand why I qualified for a reward while being blacklisted at the same time. They want to investigate further, which I may allow them to do if this matter is not resolved.

Moreover, I have always subscribed to your e-mails, and I have always received promotional offers from your company. As a result, unsubscribing from your e-mails cannot be the cause. I take no responsibility for this blacklist until I know the exact cause.



My e-mail was blatantly ignored. Have I pinned them on something, and they don't know what to say? Or do they just not care? Are there any other readers who have experienced this or is it just me? There are no violations in their terms and conditions that apply to me, so I'm still surprised they blacklisted me. It just aggravates me to be blacklisted for something I didn't even do. I could at least refute their accusations if I knew what they were. However, in true I-Deal fashion, they refer you to the terms repeatedly without ever telling you anything. I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this.

I guess this is my final I-Deal payment... *shrug*

My DealZingo payment that came in after my last blog:

I recently completed another Dealzingo site for this year.  Each year, they have a lot of new offers.  I wish we could do them more often than every 12 months!  I'm going to wait until the summer to see if RewardZone USA offers any better deals.  I used to do I-Deal in the spring and/or summer, and DealZingo in the fall.  In this way, I received rewards throughout the year at different times.  Unless RewardZone USA has any new sites by then, I may have to try RewardSurveyUSA, which is managed by National Digital Brands, Inc. They may be a little difficult in terms of their requirements, but I may still try them anyway.

My freebie earnings: $275.00 in PayPal from OneOpinion; $200.00 in Tango Cards, and a $15.00 Amazon.com gift card from User Interviews; $30.00 in Amazon.com gift cards from HerRazorTalk; $140.00 in Amazon.com gift cards from ProductReportCard; $185.00 in PayPal from OpinionSite; $29.00 in PayPal from QuickRewards; $285.00 in Amazon.com gift cards from Clearvoice Surveys; $20.00 in Wal-Mart eGiftcards, $41.00 in Amazon.com gift cards, $25.00 Wal-Mart gift card, $75.00 in Target eGiftCards, and $999.00 in virtual Visa gift cards from Sago (formerly Schlesinger Group); $200.00 virtual Visa gift card from L & S Research; $50.00 Tremendous gift card from Q-Insights; $50.00 in Venmo, and $10.00 in PayPal from Verasight; $104.50 from SurveySavvy.

User Interviews is a new survey site I discovered. As a result of my first successful study with them, I earned two $100.00 Tango Cards and a $15.00 Amazon gift card. Tango Cards can be redeemed at hundreds of retailers across the country. My application for a study was submitted through the userinterviews.com website, and I was contacted shortly afterward by phone. Sargento needed people to test a cheese product. Sargento cheese was sent to me as part of the study. I filmed myself eating the cheese and describing its flavor and texture while testing it out. In addition, they were curious as to why I used it for certain dishes, snacks, and so on. There was also a 45-minute follow-up Zoom call, as well as photos to demonstrate what I was making each day. It was a fun way to earn $215.00!

My User Interviews referral link: https://www.userinterviews.com/r/zlktyldnd

I am also recovering from an emergency surgery. A two-week ordeal ended with a final trip to the ER on Christmas Day. I had an abscess drained at the hospital four nights ago, and I had to return to have the packing removed. Following a misdiagnosis and the wrong medication, I went through two more doctors before getting it sorted out. I'm actually happy to receive this Christmas present yesterday! It's now over, lol... Aside from dental work, that was my first real surgery. Glad to be done with that, and back to the holiday festivities! Having a New Years Eve party on the 31st. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your family and friends.

Looking forward to 2024!  It was a tough year for me personally in 2023, as I lost both my grandmother and the first dog I ever owned within a four month period.  However, life goes on. :)  I would like to get back to my art.  I haven't done it for a long time, so I really miss it.  It's just hard juggling the responsibilities of everyday life, and still make time for the things that are important to one's self.  This blog is really special to me, too, and I need to devote more time to it.  My music blog is still updated.  The difference between DIYfreebies.com and my music blog is that there is more happening in the music world, so there is much more to say.  With the old DIY forums gone, and not a lot happening at once like in the past, things have slowed down in the freebie world.

Although I have been posting more on my music blog lately, my music blog posts are usually much shorter than my freebie posts. I usually update it once or twice a month, and the posts are short. Some posts are longer, but I usually don't post anything else until the next month if I make a longer post. In November, however, I picked up quite a bit of content, so there was a lot more happening. :)

My music blog: www.wafflesound.blogspot.com

If anybody out there knows how to monitize a blog, please let me know! I'd love to monitize my music blog just for the fun of it, but don't know how. I tried going through sponsors, Google Adwords/Adsense, you name it.

I will be working on the My Freebie Earnings section off and on, so please check back in. I really have to think back on all the free money I have earned this year. It's a lot I know, but I need time to pull all that info up. Anyway, stopping this right here. I will leave you with a few pieces of artwork. All were done with charcoal. Enjoy.

Click to enlarge:

Felix Mickey Minnie Snoopy and Woodstock Girl

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year! #2024

Until next time...


Thursday, December 08, 2022

A Christmas of thrills and good deals with new I-Deal sites and DBA, responsive new DIY company, Inquire Network responds, PrimeRewardSpot and American Sweepstakes & Promotion Co....

A Christmas filled with exciting I-Deal promotions and new DBA, new DIY company; PrimeRewardSpot and American Sweepstakes & Promotion Co.; Inquire Network answers referral question; I-Deal and DealZingo freebie payments...

For quite a while now, I've been getting promotions from PrimeRewardSpot, so I decided to find out who they are.  Let's take a look at one of the e-mails I received and the gift site...

PrimeRewardSpot e-mail:

Gift site:

Survey page:

Registration page:

Wheel spin:

Offer page:


Searching for PrimeRewardSpot's address, I came across American Sweepstakes & Promotion Co, however, the address for American Sweepstakes & Promotion Co did not match PrimeRewardSpot's. American Sweepstakes & Promotion Co also denied any affiliation with PrimeRewardSpot. Below is my correspondence with them.

My e-mail to American Sweepstakes & Promotion Co:


Do the gift sites under the name PrimeRewardsSpot belong to your company? I have been getting some interesting advertisements to my e-mail for $500.00 and $1,000.00 gift cards from Prime Reward Spot but I had a question before registering for one of them. :)

My question is, once you have completed all offers, are you required to submit a bank or credit card statement showing your offer charges, or do you just mail in a redemption form and w9 form?

A link to one of the Prime Reward Spot gift sites: https://primerewardspot.com/flow/linkout/prs-linkout-v10.html?flow=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJpc3MiOiJodHRwczpcL1wvcHJpbWVyZXdhcmRzcG90LmNvbVwvYXBpXC8iLCJhdWQiOiJodHRwczpcL1wvcHJpbWVyZXdhcmRzcG90LmNvbVwvIiwiaWF0IjoxNjY2ODAwMjUwLCJuYmYiOjE2NjY4MDAyNTAsImV4cCI6MTY2Njg3MjI1MCwidWlkIjoiZjVhZWQzMDAtODg5MC00NWUwLThiZDktMGU5NDQ0N2E2ZmMzIiwiY3VycmVudHBhZ2UiOiJsaW5rb3V0IiwiY3VycmVudGh0bWwiOiJmbG93XC9saW5rb3V0XC9wcnMtbGlua291dC12MTAuaHRtbCIsInN1Ym1pdFBhdGgiOiJzdXJ2ZXlcL2xpbmtvdXQtY29tcGxldGUifQ.hClbriNMlmYNAOzJ8cO5lqD8Sa7YUnuH2GVufSAhCnQ



American Sweepstakes & Promotion Co:

This looks like a spam link so I’m not gonna click it. I have no idea what this is and we have nothing to do with it. I don’t know why you think our company is involved. Also it is a Saturday and we’re off.

My response:


I have been receiving many promotional offers to my e-mail from PrimeRewardSpot and I have been trying to track down the company who is managing their sites. At the bottom of their e-mails, and when I search "Prime Reward Spot" on Google, is an address that links to TheAmericanSweepstakes. The address is: 85 Denison Pkwy, E #190, Corning, NY 14830.

So, I take it you have no affiliation with theamericansweepstakes.com either? There are several web sites with "American Sweepstakes" wording, and I am just trying to clear up any confusion surrounding these websites for my blog readers. Also, I will let them know your company is not tied to PrimeRewardSpot.

I'm sorry to bother you over the weekend. I appreciate your reply!



American Sweepstakes & Promotion Co:

Our company is American Sweepstakes & Promotion Company. Our website is American-sweeps.com. The company link that you sent me is a fraud. Scammers have been copying our website for the past 20 years or more. So don’t refer anyone to them. Donna

We now know American Sweepstakes & Promotion Co is not affiliated with PrimeRewardSpot. I wanted to mention that in case anyone ran into their company name on Google or social media and confused it with PrimeRewardSpot. Now, I do not know for sure if PrimeRewardSpot are scammers. When American Sweepstakes & Promotion Company called them scammers, I don't think they were referring to the actual site process where you register on a gift site, take a survey, and complete offers to get a reward. As they stated, scammers have been "copying" their website for years, which aggravates them (you can't blame them!). However, until there is proof of a scam, I cannot comment further.

When I clicked through their gift site, it looked pretty normal. The only thing that stood out was that you had to click the word Guide next to Reward Status to know how many offers your gift site needed. It was a 10 offer, $1,000.00 gift site that I registered for. My status page did not have links to the offer pages when I logged in. Therefore, I would not be able to return to my status page at any time and complete more offers.

Taken from PrimeRewardSpot's Program Requirements page:

"On each Deals page, there is a Reward Status feature where you can check the status of your Reward based on your completed actions. Once you have completed all three pages of the Deals, you will see a final Reward Status tool which allows you to verify your email address and will display the total number of Deals you have completed. It will let you know if you have completed enough Deals for the Reward or if you need to go back and complete more Deals to qualify."

On the website, I noticed another Reward Status link.  It was next to the word Guide.  The two offers I viewed were displayed when I clicked on it.  After closing the site out and logging back into the Reward Status page next to the word Guide, I no longer saw the offers I viewed.  Makes me wonder whether my offer credit(s) would have been properly recorded.  The offer page has two links for Reward Status.  The first one I clicked on was at the bottom.  If the company answered e-mails, I would have done an offer just to see if it appeared.  However, since there is no way to contact the company and they are unresponsive, it is too risky.

It says that when you complete all three pages of deals, you see a Reward Status tool where you can verify your email address and view your total number of completed offers. My concern is being able to go back and complete more offers. I need customer support to tell me if links to the offers appear on the Reward Status page once you verify your e-mail address.

PrimeRewardSpot's address:

85 Denison Pkwy E
Corning, NY 14830

E-mail address: contact@primerewardspot.com

My only option is to sit on this one until I can get in touch with them.  My e-mails are not being answered and I have too many questions. I haven't heard back from Survey Premium either.  Until these two companies respond, it's probably best to leave them alone. Inquire Network, the company with the giftcardquiz.com, gift sites finally responded! Below is my quick exchange with them regarding their referral requirement.


Quick question. Do all your gift sites require referrals? I would love to do one, but I cannot find a referral.



Hi me,

We only have one site. In fact you can check out, if you're able to complete the offers then anyone can. So your friends will be interested in the opportunity if you let them know that you did it.

Olena Chornoivan
Customer Support Representative

You have the ability to earn cash and gift cards through Inquire Network's makesurveymoney.com website. I might sign up for that since I take surveys, and I may consider doing them if I can get a referral and the offers are good. There were some issues with the status page that need to be ironed out first before doing them though. CEO of Inquire Network, Inc., Scott Brown, also has another corporation called Union Street Enterprises, Inc.

Inquire Network, Inc. business addresses:

Inquire Network, Inc.
409 Eastern Parkway
Apt 416
Brooklyn, NY 11216

Union Street Enterprises, Inc.
1 Dock 72 Way
7th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11205

We have a new DIY company! The company is called National Digital Brands, Inc., and they manage sites under the name RewardSurveyUSA.  There is a lot of similarity between RewardsSurveyUSA and RewardZoneUSA, so please do not confuse them.  Let's check out one of their gift sites.  Since we are only reviewing RewardSurveyUSA's gift site, we can use a $100.00 link since I cannot locate my $1,000.00 link. :)

Gift site:

Confirm e-mail:

Registration page:

Survey page:

Confirm your information page:

More survey pages:

Offer page:

The survey and offer pages are laid out pretty standard for gift sites. There's a cancellation limitation on their front page, stating, "4) adhere to our 30-day cancellation policy." No big deal. Nuitech had that, as did others. Additionally, they require a utility bill, which is to be expected with some DIY sites. When I start out with a new company, I like to read everything and ask questions. The following are my questions regarding proof of residential address, followed by their responses.

Quick question, on the proof of current residential address, the utility bills and lease are not in my name. Will you accept my Capital One credit card statement?



RewardSurveyUSA's reply:

Dear me,

Thank you for contacting RewardSurveyUSA.

We are unable to accept a credit card statement as a proof of address.

Thank you,

Customer Support

My reply:

So what will you accept if I cannot give you a utility bill? Will you accept a bank statement?



RewardSurveyUSA's reply:

Dear me,

Thank you for contacting RewardSurveyUSA.

You will need to provide an official document in your name, and also fill out an affidavit and get it signed and notarized by the person who owns/leases/pays the bills of the household you are currently living.

Thank you,

Customer Support

Years ago, when working on an Acquisis site, members were required to sign and notarize an affidavit.  But that had nothing to do with a utility bill or lease, it was something everyone had to do to get paid.  Since the person I'm staying with may not feel comfortable signing an affidavit, I most likely will wait until after the 1st of January when I move to do them.  Possibly longer since there is a cancellation limitation, which I cannot commit to anyway right now.  The good thing about this company is that if your offers don't credit within two weeks, they provide manual credit.  Make sure you save your order confirmations!  Below is a write up on RewardSurveyUSA for everyone's review.

National Digital Brands, Inc. (RewardSurveyUSA)-- In accordance with RewardSurveyUSA's 30-day cancellation policy, members must complete all offers within 30 days of registering.  When making purchases, you must use the same personal contact information you provided during registration.  Do not enter a P.O. Box for your mailing address.  Rewards will not be sent to a P.O. Box.  Sponsor notification may take up to 2 weeks.  Contact RewardSurveyUSA if one or more offers have not credited. Each completed offer should be documented with receipts, order confirmations, and proof of payments.  Failure to produce the required documents when requested may result in you not receiving completion credit for your offer(s).  Tier 1 Rewards are not subject to the cancellation limitation.  You cannot cancel more than four trial offers within a 30-day period if you've signed up for a Tier 2 or Tier 3 reward.

As soon as all your documents are checked and verified, you will receive a Reward Redemption Voucher you can print out, complete, notarize, and mail in along with a government-issued, unexpired photo ID (you can cover your ID number), and a proof of your current residence (e.g., a utility bill, lease, mortgage statement). If you don't have a utility bill, lease, or mortgage statement in your name, you must provide an official document in your name, and also fill out an affidavit and get it signed and notarized by the person who owns, leases, or pays the bills of the household where you are living. Keep a copy of your Reward Redemption Voucher.

All the steps in the Program Requirements (including the mailing-in of your Reward Redemption Voucher and supporting documents) must be completed within 150 days of your Program Sign-up Date. Rewards are shipped within four to six weeks. You can choose between a virtual gift card or a physical gift card. Only one gift is permitted per household during the one-year period following your registration on the website.

RewardSurveyUSA gift site address:

1000 N. West Street
Suite 1200
Wilmington, Delaware 19801

RewardSurveyUSA phone number: (833) 940-1487

RewardSurveyUSA e-mail address: support@nationaldigitalbrands.com

National Digital Brands, Inc. address:

838 Walker Road
Suite 21-2
Wilmington, Delaware 19801

The addresses for RewardSurveyUSA and National Digital Brands, Inc are registered agents for a bunch of other businesses. Their website, nationaldigitalbrands.com, is still under construction, which makes since since their incorporation date was only last year on 2/24/2021.

I'd rather do another non-referral I-Deal site, to be honest. Yes, you heard that right. There are now non-referral $750.00+ I-Deal gift sites!! This is big news as there haven't been any good I-Deal sites in years. I-Deal also has a new DBA called Progress Tech, LLC, which will be added to our Official T&C and DBA list. Below is my $750.00 gift card I-Deal site I did over the summer. I have just been waiting for I-Deal to put out some new offers before diving into a $1,000.00 gift site. I am also waiting on my $1,000.00 check from Dealzingo which ships this week, btw! It's like a Christmas gift every year as they always pay me in November-December. :)

$750.00 I-Deal gift card:


Hi me,

I apologize for the delay, but I have great news! We will be mailing you your reward next week with the December batch!



Brian Beck
Junior Accountant
Flex Marketing Group

My reply:

Hi Brian,

Thanks for letting me know! I will watch for it in the mail. :)

Happy holidays!


My freebie earnings: $200.00 in PayPal from OneOpinion; $30.00 in Target eGiftcards from HerRazorTalk; $161.13 in checks from SurveySavvy; $285.00 in Amazon.com gift cards from ProductReportCard; $50.00 in PayPal from OpinionSite; $9.16.40 in PayPal from QuickRewards; $30.00 in Amazon.com gift cards from Clearvoice Surveys; $20.00 in Wal-Mart eGiftcards, $86.00 in Amazon.com gift cards, $25.00 Tango card, $25.00 Target eGiftCard, and $260.00 in virtual Visa gift cards from Schlesinger Group; $35.00 virtual Visa gift card from Invoke; $20.00 in PayPal from TapChamps; $8.00 in Amazon.com gift cards, a $10.00 Bath & Body Works gift card, and a $10.00 Target eGiftcard from Fetch Rewards; $12.00 in Amazon.com gift cards from S'mores app; $100.00 gift code to IL Makiage for collagen study; $10.00 Wal-Mart eGiftCard from Verasight.

I enjoy taking these surveys in my free time, especially those through Schlesinger Group. With OneOpinion, you receive your Paypal cash out instantly, or in 20 minutes max. You just need a balance of $25.00 to cash out. With ClearVoice Surveys, you just need $10.00 to redeem, but it's only Amazon.com gift cards. As a survey panelist, I am a member of many other panels, but only the ones listed under "my freebie earnings" are the ones I have time for.

My Schlesinger Group referral link: https://www.focusgroup.com/Account/Join?ref=63OWj5bqVdTUn6UgDd3k3A==&aid=16

My Fetch Rewards referral link. Earn free gift cards just for scanning store receipts! Download Fetch Rewards to your phone, and sign up with code XMVJY. You also receive 2,000 points for registering: https://fetchrewards.onelink.me/vvv3/referralsocial?code=XMVJY

My SurveySavvy referral link: https://www.surveysavvy.com/?m=6827629

My Christmas snowglobe I drew two years ago:

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a very Happy New Year~!! Let's make this a holiday to remember. ❄🎄☃️🎅


Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Summer approaches with new DIY company, Way Cool Deals, mobile gaming apps, Survey Premium's whereabouts, Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, DealZingo and RewardZone USA payments...

Summer approaches with new DIY company; Way Cool Deals; Survey Premium-- where are they?; TapChamps and Mistplay gaming apps; Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700; DealZingo and RewardZone USA payments. Get ready to swim...

Hi everyone! I haven't posted in quite some time, but there is a lot to discuss. I found a new site for images that I just started using. I gave up on Photobucket. The new site allows hotlinking, and it works well with Blogger. I recently launched this blog, Way Cool Deals: https://waycooldeals.blogspot.com/ -- I started this when I learned how to monetize my blogs, something I attempted to accomplish in 2009 but did not succeed. There is a site called Blogpros.com. To try out Blogpros, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial. Blogpros promotes your site on Facebook, Twitter, Mix, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Your post(s) are then shared among a large general audience on the social media sites. In a few hours or less, you'll start to receive new shares on your blog post. Every share is from a real person and will be from a different user every time. Your posts won't all be shared by the same group of people. Blogpros tracks your social media shares throughout the day and continues sharing until they've met their goal. Blogpros is good for people like myself who are pressed for time or who simply do not understand the process. I have a better understanding of it now, its just driving traffic to these sites that is difficult.

Here's some exciting news-- a new DIY company! Well, it's kinda exciting. There are no payment reports yet, and the site I found requires a referral, so I cannot do it, lol... The name of the company is Inquire Network, Inc. There aren't a lot of details about this company, but I can provide some basic info about them and their contact information. Let's start with their gift site though.

Gift site:

Survey pages:

Offer pages:

Status page:

I sent an e-mail to Inquite Network, Inc. to see if they respond to e-mails. You must click Redeem Reward Card to see the status of your gift. There is, however, no login on that page. Your status is already displayed there. I wonder if that status will still be there if you leave that page and return to it the next day? If I cannot log in to check my status, then I won't want to do a site. I think it is too risky if my status page does not require logging in. Possibly your status will still be there the next day, but what about the day after that? There are no guarantees. It seems like the DIY company would have record of the offers you had done under your e-mail address anyway though, hm... Perhaps I should inquire about that. They have a wide variety of offers, which is appealing. Maybe if they have non-referral gift sites and a login portal, I'd be interested.

Inquire Network, Inc. was established on April 6, 2018, the day it was incorporated. This New York based company is led by CEO Scott Brown. Surveyguidebook.com is a website that is managed by Inquire Network, Inc. Through surveyguidebook.com, they provide a referral service that refers people to market research firms. Some of these market research firms include Pineapple Research, Survey Junkie, MobileXpressions, Product Report Card, and Ipsos I-Say.

Inquire Network, Inc. gift site address:

P.O. Box 4668 #23563
New York, NY 10163-4668

66 Rockwell Place
Apt 26J
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Phone #(646) 838-4020

E-mail: info@surveyguidebook.com

Inquire Network, Inc.-- To qualify for your reward, earn 100 points by completing each of the following requirements: 25 points for Complete initial Quiz; 25 points for Complete Deals; 10 points for Silver level complete; 15 points for Gold offers complete; 20 points for Platinum offers complete; and 5 points for referring one unique household that also completes the program requirements. You must complete the program requirements within 60 days of registering. Limit one reward per household.

Now for a Survey Premium update... I called again and got the recorder, but I was able to leave a message unlike before. Before, I would automatically get cut off after waiting on the phone for 15 to 20 minutes. I also sent them a message via their website. I can no longer find the e-mail I sent to Tom at Survey Premium last year. If I could find it, I would send him another e-mail. We will see what happens with the website though.

I have another e-mail address for DealZingo if anyone wants it. I encourage everyone to try their other e-mails and phone numbers first though, so this individual isn't too bombarded. Below is DealZingo's contact info again followed by the new e-mail.

Dealzingo gift site address:

P.O. Box #85919
New York, NY 10163-4668

Dealzingo phone number: 1-646-543-1795

Dealzingo e-mail addresses: dealzingocustomerservice@gmail.com - info@Consumerdigitalsurvey.com

Flex Marketing Group address:

1841 Broadway, Suite 600
New York, NY 10023

Flex Marketing Group phone number: 212-228-6340

Flex Marketing Group: info@flexmg.com

website: www.flexmg.com

New e-mail: brian@flexmg.com

Speaking of DealZingo, below are my payments from DealZingo and RewardZone USA.

DealZingo check:

RewardZone USA:

My RewardZone USA payment was the first time I ever received a payment through Tremendous. For those who do not know, Tremendous is a company that provides payment solutions for businesses. They offer gift cards, prepaid gift cards, cash payouts (ACH or PayPal), and charity donations: https://www.tremendous.com/
-- I have since received Tremendous payments from lass action settlements and survey panels.

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Where to buy: https://amzn.to/3KnD5sN


One more thing I wanted to mention before wrapping up this blog. How would you like to earn money on your phone just by playing games? So far I have earned $20.00 in PayPal just for playing Scrabble and dominoes on TapChamps. There are other gaming apps, but TapChamps has the best games by far. I love it because I can make money playing free games on my phone. And it makes sitting in a waiting room a lot less boring. You also receive lightning fast payments. I cashed out on night and had my PayPal payment by the morning. So if you enjoying playing games on your phone while earning some free money check out TapChamps!

My TapChamps referral link: https://tchamp.fun/s/fuktYInU

My freebie earnings: $175.00 PayPal from OneOpinion; $75.00 PayPal from OpinionSite; ? from SurveySavvy; $64.26 from Quickrewards; $340.00 in Amazon gift cards from ProductReportCard; ? from Upvoice; $15.00 in Amazon gift cards from S'more app; ? in Amazon gift cards from Fetch Rewards; $10.00 Target eGiftCard, $40.00 Visa gift card, and a $275.00 virtual Visa gift card from Schlesinger Group; $100.00 virtual Visa gift card from L&E Research; $484.49 in PayPal from rebatesme.com. ***adding more earnings***

Hopefully this week I will have some answers from Inquire Network, Inc. and Survey Premium. Not too sure about Survey Premium though since I have been trying to get a hold of them for nearly a year, but we'll see, lol. :) Hope you all had a nice holiday season. Sorry for the lack of posts, but the DIY world sometimes experiences periods when nothing much happens, so I don't have much to post. DIY seems to be picking up again, though. I noticed some new sites that looked interesting, and the fact that there is another DIY company to check out will make for an exciting spring/summer. It is hard to navigate around Covid, but I do have some fun plans this summer. I think at this point it depends on how much risk you are willing to take. I received my second booster last month. I think everyone will catch Omicron, whether they had the shot or not. I've already had it several times. I just get it to prevent serious illness if I get reinfected.

Anyway, I won't go on anymore about that. I'm just happy to be back writing. Despite the fact that I've got two other blogs and a website, there was only one that came first (DIYfreebies.com). I will always be loyal to it! As I have earned more money from other survey panels, I will continue to update the My freebie earnings section. In addition, I am wrapping up another study with Schlesinger Group tomorrow, which will pay me $275.00. Lastly, Rebatesme.com, a cash back shopping site, paid me $484.49 last month. I like them because they offer high cashback payouts. Below is my referral link if anyone is interested.

My Rebatesme.com referral link: https://www.rebatesme.com/r/5nf580

Happy summer, everyone!