Saturday, June 05, 2021

Summertime blog makes a splash with new DIY company, DealZingo communication problems and contact info, Photobucket and blog images...

Summertime blog with new DIY company; Photobucket and blog images issues; DealZingo communication problems-- where are they? Let's jump in the pool and find out...

Hi everyone. It has been a LONG time since I last posted, but there is so much to discuss that I felt like it was the right time to blog. The main issue I have been having is with Photobucket. They had removed our blog images, which was a huge problem for me as those images were needed for gift site comparisons and to preserve "evidence" of any wrongdoing from a scam site. For some odd reason, the blog images are now visible. However, when I log in to Photobucket this message appears:

"Warning, Hosting is Not Allowed. We have detected that you are hosting images using a Free account in violation of our terms of use. You can either purchase an unlimited hosting plan or immediately stop hosting images."

So my options now are to hire someone to recode the blog image links provided I select another image service. Or pay an annual fee. The reason I moved my blog from WordPress to Blogger was that it was much too costly to have a web host, and with all my content I needed a decent plan. I was able to get by on Blogger, but now I am looking at another charge. The charge isn't astronomical but it's a lot for me to keep up with on top of all my bills plus I have another blog and website. Photobucket wants $5.00 per month to host the images. So that's $60.00 per year. I'd rather just pay them than hire someone to move the content all over because it would probably cost a lot more to hire someone due to the amount of work involved. I moved our freebie forum over from the old WordPress site and that was a LOT of work, so recoding over 960+ blog image links might be more tedious.

I am not asking for donations, but if anyone would like to help out with our blog images you can donate to our website. The donate button is on the top right-hand corner of our blog. Thank you in advance if you decide to donate! For now, I am not going to do anything. I am just going to sit on it because the blog images are up. I just don't know for how long though before they are removed. Until I sort out the blog image issue, I'll have to upload the blog images on Blogger. But even Blogger has an image quota and I don't want to upload too many to Blogger because I will have to move them later.

We have a new DIY company! The company is called Survey Premium. Below is the screen shot of the gift site followed by the company's address and e-mail.

Gift site:


Registration page:

Offer pages:

I just sent Survey Premium the following e-mail regarding their offers, because it is just one offer page. There is no Next button that goes to a Silver, Gold, or Platinum page for a $100.00 reward. To me, it looks like you get the $25.00 gift card. What we need to know is once you get credit for the three initial offers, does a link to the $25.00 Wal-Mart gift card reward appear? And once you complete five offers does a link to the Silver, Gold, and Platinum pages appear for the $100.00 reward?

My e-mail to Survey Premium:

"Hi Tom,

Just a quick question about your gift site The bottom of your gift site says this:

"3) complete the entire qualifying survey; 4) review our offers; 5) For gift card, complete any three (3) offers on gift card page. For Walmart / Vape gift card - $25 value complete any 5 (five) offers and for - $100 value complete any 8 (eight) offers. For Walmart / Vape offers which are split into three (3) tiers, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, based on the incentive’s value."

It is just one offer page. There is no Next button that goes to a Silver, Gold, or Platinum page for a $100.00 reward. To me, it looks like you get the $25.00 Restaurant gift card. Once you get credit for the three initial offers, does a link to the $25.00 Wal-Mart gift card reward appear? And once you complete five offers does a link to the Silver, Gold, and Platinum pages appear for the $100.00 reward?



What bothers me is that the message I just received:

"Mail Delivery Subsystem
2:03 PM (14 minutes ago)
to me

Error Icon
Address not found
Your message wasn't delivered to because the address couldn't be found, or is unable to receive mail.
The response from the remote server was:
550 5.1.0 Recipient rejected:

I had sent a direct e-mail to Tom, who works at support for Survey Premium, while writing this blog and that is the response I received. So I just sent the same message to them but this time through the form on their website. I'm also going to call them since they have a phone number. If they don't work weekends, I will call back on Monday. Something else that bothered me was when I did a fresh whois search on it said their domain was for sale. However, their website is still functioning... I guess as long as their site is up and running that shouldn't matter. As long as they're paying out and responding to e-mails that's what counts. I forgot to ask them about a status page or some sort of login portal to check the status and complete more offers. I will make note of that as well.

Until we know more about Survey Premium, I advise everyone to hold off on doing them. There are no payment reports either. I will update our blog once I know more.

Survey Premium gift site address:

Survey Premium
337 Garden Oaks Blvd #29779
Houston, TX 77018

Survey Premium phone number: 312-212-0044

Survey Premium-- Offers are completed when you fulfill the individual requirements of each offer (may require purchase or joining a paid subscription program. Completion of offers must be done within thirty (30) days from when you complete your first offer. Offers and Gifts are limited to one (1) offer per household (persons living at the same address) within any twelve (12) calendar month period.

Last but not least is Flex Marketing Group, the company that manages Dealzingo gift sites. This company has a reputation for bad communication but they're very trustworthy as they pay their members. One member recently stated that it has been 60 days and he still has not received a response from the company. I think it took me 30 days before they answered an e-mail. But they do have phone numbers and e-mail addresses, which I can happily provide to you now. :)

Dealzingo gift site address:

P.O. Box #85919
New York, NY 10163-4668

Dealzingo phone number: 1-646-543-1795

Dealzingo e-mail addresses: -

Flex Marketing Group address:

1841 Broadway, Suite 600
New York, NY 10023

Flex Marketing Group phone number: 212-228-6340

Flex Marketing Group:


My freebie earnings from 2015-2021: $4,444,73 in PayPal from OneOpinion; $10.00 Amazon gift card, and $30.00 in Wal-Mart eGiftcards from HerRazorTalk; $45.00 in Target eGiftCards, $10.00 Best Buy card, $20.00 in Amazon gift cards, and a $10.00 Wal-Mart eGiftcard from UpVoice; $? in checks from SurveySavvy; ? in Paypal from Opinion Outpost; 200.00 Visa gift card for a product test, and $685.17 in PayPal from ProductReportCard; $60.00 in Amazon gift card, $50.00 1-800-FLOWERS.COM gift card, $40.00 in Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Homegoods gift card, $20.00 Target eCard, and $30.00 PayPal from OpinionSite; $797.40 in PayPal from QuickRewards.

I earned quite a bit from 2015 up until now but I have no idea what my earnings were from Opinion Outpost and SurveySavvy. I would have to contact them to find out as I did not keep track of those payments. I hope everybody is staying safe out there. The last time I wrote the pandemic was beginning and it was a very crazy time. Things are looking up now for us, I think! Since now and then, I started a children's book series and I will be creating plush toys of my characters once my books are published and in stores. With luck, I will get a cartoon t.v. series out of it. I want that more than anything, but the books had to come first.

I also mentioned above that I have a new blog and website. The website is to showcase my book and cartoon series as well as my artwork. The blog is a music blog that I manage in my free time. I started the blog in 2015, then took a four-year break, and returned to writing this January. Those sites have kept me busy, though now that I am completely done with my cartoon/book series website, I have more time. It can be hard at times to juggle so many things at once but if I pace myself it makes it easier. I really love This is the blog that started it all for me. There was no other website before this one, and I was truly amazed by how well did after its first year. It has been over 10 years now and I'm happy to still be writing it. Many good memories, and hopefully there will be more to make!

See you next month. Stay safe and healthy.



dfrugal said...

Hey wozniack. It’s been a very long time. You haven’t mentioned RewardZoneUSA. They recently made their offer through Swagbucks. Thanks for the info about your other sites and interests.

Justin said...

Welcome back!

@dfrugal, what do you mean about through swagbucks? If one of the offers to complete using swagbucks, or are they advertising through swagbuck? I'm almost to the two year mark to qualify for them again.

dfrugal said...

Here's the link

Justin said...

Thanks @dfrugal, I appreciate it.