Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Surfs up with Consumers Reward Solutions exposed and indicted, Nuitech's rule change + webprizeland, wave of new links...

Our beach is fructified with creamy coconuts, and a wave of information on Nuitech's rule change; Canadian company indicted for malefaction, and their identity revealed; new links wash up on shore. Grab your boards then scamper into the ocean to ride the waves...

After replacing "RewardStream" with the "Canadian company", my posts will reflect "Consumers Reward Solutions" as there is veritable proof that Consumers Reward Solutions are the suspects. This proof, and a malicious threat, will be laid out for your viewing. RewardStream are now out of the picture, so from this point on we'll call the Canadian company Consumers Reward Solutions. Please commit that to memory. I'm sorry the write up below is so brief, there was barely an ounce of information on them.

Consumers Reward Solutions--

ConsumersRewardSolutions are a Canadian lead generation and customer acquisition network serving businesses of all proportions worldwide. They connect advertisers with highly qualified opt-in members from their company web site. Through automated optimization technology and demographic targeting, ConsumersRewardSolutions perennially upsurges value to its direct-response advertisers and improves return on investment.

Cogent evidence will prove without a shadow of a doubt that Consumers Reward Solutions are the Canadian company. Allow me to introduce three individuals involved with Consumers Reward Solutions: Elise Petri, Karrie-Lee Karreman, and Sean Miller. These people plays roles in the company that have, and are still scamming participants of their gift program. Their job functions are unknown, but the evidence below speaks for itself. I will also link to a member's correspondence with customer support last year. The exchanged e-mails and other information are very significant as it validates the connections to Consumers Reward Solutions.

Let's start with the most obvious. Across numerous whois domain searches you will find "Elise Petri", "Consumers Reward Solutions", and the Broadway address. This tells us that Consumers Reward Solutions offers a gift program. The Broadway address is the same one on Consumers Reward Solutions web site: www.consumersrewardsolutions.com

What I find puzzling is no phone number, or e-mail exists on the contact page. I had to contact them with the one in their policy. They still haven't answered my message regarding their services. You would think a company that encourages businesses to work directly with them would reply. I'm feeling like their purpose of Consumers Reward Solutions is to scam, and a mere 15% of their effort, if that, is devoted to their lead generation network. If you Google them, no other companies speak of them, and don't they claim, "ConsumersRewardSolutions is one of the world's largest integrated online marketing companies" on their front page? No interviews, no articles, no blogs, no mention of them at all. Just how much business do they do? Why won't they let me call them to talk shop? I e-mailed last week, inquiring about their services in hopes they would drop me a name. I asked, cordially, to speak to a superior so that a partnership could be formed. We'll see if they come back.

This name appeared under the registrant for directsurveysolutions.com. I was able to link Karrie-Lee Karreman to Consumers Reward Solutions since someone who did directsurveysolutions.com received a call from "CRS", Consumers Reward Solutions, about their gift.

This member's message to me:

"Hi I am dealing with the same company that Jessica Owens was dealing with, they are called Consumers Reward Solutions (CRS) and they are based in Canada, they have not phone number or fax number and the only way to email them is through a text field on their website and the down side to this is that you can only insert text and its very hard to try to "forward" a email confirmation into a text field. I ended up submitting a complaint to the Better Business Bureau of Canada and within a few weeks a rep. FROM CRS called my cell phone and gave me his name and said that their records only show that I had completed 11 offers when I actually have completed 13 which is what is required. He requested that I send him the 2 additional confirmations again and I asked for a direct email rather than using the stupid text field and he an actual email address. I submitted the 2 confirmations and to my surprise he responded the next day saying "Congratulations you have won the free iPhone 4" (which is the prize I was working towards) and he also attached a release form for me to sign and verify my address on and I scanned it and emailed it back to him now I am waiting for that response."

If you're a long-time reader, you'll recall the famous sneering responses from none other than yours truly. At the time we thought it was RewardStream, but check out the support e-mail addresses: svcacct@consumersrewardsolutions.com - svcacct@sureresponsemedia.com. Busted. Anyway, svcacct@sureresponsemedia.com, the address that partook in the derisive e-mails, matches up with sureresponsemedia.com, a domain formerly managed by Sean Miller.

I'm posting these e-mails again in case any of you missed them. This member never was paid, btw. For the full scoop on these e-mails, click here: http://www.diyfreebies.com/?p=46

From: Svc Acct ::svcacct@sureresponsemedia.com::
To: xx@xx,com
Sent: Wed, 8 Apr 2009 12:19 pm
Subject: [xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxx] Suggestion / Comment

We have responded to every email that you have sent and they are attached to this email. We have been telling you that the email address given was not the one you used. Why did it take so long for you to tell us what email address you used? Our crystal ball is not working?

Anyways, You have completed 4 offers,

Energy drink on page 1
Buylow auction on page 2
Gevalia on page 3
Disney movies on preliminary offer sheet.

You are responsible for keeping all email confirmations
Please continue on and complete the final 4 offers.

Customer service


—–Original Message—–
From: Svc Acct ::svcacct@sureresponsemedia.com::
To: xx@xx.com
Cc: xx@xx.com
Sent: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 10:52 am
Subject: [xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxx] Suggestion / Comment


We did finally find yoiur information and show the 4 offers.

However, you have not met the requirements needed to fulfill the promotional offer.

Please click here to see a copy of the rules. Rule # 3 goes into detail.

Click here for your review of the rules.
Then scroll down and click on ‘Gift Rules’.

Please let us know if you need further assistance.

Thank you,

Customer Service”

—–Original Message—–
From: Svc Acct ::svcacct@consumersrewardsolutions.com::
To: xx@xx.com
Sent: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 4:10 pm
Subject: [xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxx] I completed the required offers and never received my free gift


We have received your email; but the only email address we found under your name was this one being used for this message.

Did you use a different email address when you signed up? The reason we are asking is because this email address xx@xx.com, doesn’t show you as having completed any offers. It does come up in our system, but does not show as you taking any offers.

If you have confirmation emails regarding all offers you took, please compile them together and send them to us in an email.
Please include the ticket number in the subject line of the email.

Click [here] for your review of the rules.
Then scroll down and click on ‘Gift Rules’.

Please let us know if you need further assistance.

Thank you,

Customer Service

—–Original Message—–
From: Svc Acct ::svcacct@sureresponsemedia.com::
To: xx@xx.com
Sent: Mon, 13 Apr 2009 9:44 am
Subject: [xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxx] Suggestion / Comment

Yes, we apologize Me.

You did in fact win.


We will send you out all information as soon as possible.

Customer Service


—–Original Message—–
From: Svc Acct ::svcacct@consumersrewardsolutions.com::
To: xx@xx.com
Sent: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 2:56 pm
Subject: [xxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxx] I completed the required offers and never received my free gift


This is our second response to you.

Customer Service

Unwanted text messages by Consumers Reward Solutions...

"310 654 9828 is texting you and you are paying for the message:
“You have been selected to receive a FREE $200 Wal-Mart Gift Voucher
Call 877-680-4175 ASAP!
Reply X to stop.”

That’s my lucky day… But why do I have to pay for this text message and even for another one to reply to stop it?

I called 877-680-4175 and was told that the name of the company is Consumers Reward Solutions. A manager who claimed his name is John H. told me at the very beginning that he is a busy man and has no time for me. I still wanted to know where they got my consent to send me text messages. No explanation but offer to remove my number. I have called already 3 times the same company with requests to remove my number and this is still to happen…

It is very unfortunate that Wal-Mart is involved in this harassment. If this is not the case, it should take legal action against Consumers Reward Solutions."

source: http://www.consumeralertsnow.com/2010/07/310-654-9828-is-texting-you.html

John H. Very busy man that has no time, eh? Exactly like Dateline when a reporter puts someone under fire for a scandal, then the con man brushes them off and drives away. Got something to hide? They don't know when to quit because the text message complaints are innumerable.

::post edit::

Next someone inculpates them for hacking...

If true, Consumers Reward Solutions and their counterparts need a swift kick in the rear, and be liable for computer fraud. Hacking is a serious crime. There is a difference between internet and computer fraud, but hacking falls under 'computer fraud.' Excellent resource: http://www.lawyershop.com/practice-areas/criminal-law/white-collar-crimes/computer-internet-fraud/

Everyone should change their passwords if they did a Consumers Reward Solutions site. Better safe than sorry, even if the hacking accusation is false. Why would someone blatantly lie though? My only guess is if they fell victim to Consumers Reward Solutions' scam.

Did you know Consumers Reward Solutions made two unflattering lists? Companies who did not respond to BBB complaints: http://sites.google.com/site/bizsmartnews/Home/companies-who-did-not-respond-to-bbb-complaints - Companies suspected of fraudulent practices: http://www.complaintsboard.com/suspicious-companies/page/657

C- is for cookie!! *reaches into cookie jar, and pulls out a crunchy chocolate chip cookie for CRS* Looks like we'll be baking them a lot of cookies because their rap sheet of crimes is endless... RewardStream may be out, but the plan to congregate and gather as much information to fight Consumers Reward Solutions remains the same. I love this because even if you weren't scammed you can still get involved! I personally know people who were and I want justice for them, and everybody else who got cheated. With the RewardStream matter behind us, we can realign our focus. Below are the resources to help you collect payment

Ministry of Attorney General in Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, British Columbia V6Z 3B7, Canada
Tel# (604) 660-8789

1125 HOWE ST
Vancouver, British Columbia V6Z 2L7, Canada

Vancouver, British Columbia V5L 2T3, Canada
Tel# (604) 660-6828

Better Business Bureau of Canada: http://www.bbb.org/canada/

Internet Crime Complaint Center - An FBI/NW3C partnership: http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx

Nuitech are now back to the 30-day rule. They replied to me with,

"Dear me,

Thank you for your inquiry. The terms and conditions changed on
7/29/10. Any offers completed on or after 7/29/10 apply to the 30 day

Wanted to pass that on. I was days from doing them until the rule changed. Oh well. While on the subject of Nuitech, webprizeland goes to myrewards-vault at sign up. The T&C for webprizeland are Nuitech, but they're identified as another company. Nuitech may be handling this company's fulfillment, or it was their own DBA that they diverted to Reliant. Nuitech stated that they only manage the fulfillment process of coolpremuims and rewardaisle, btw. This info came from Fifisoda, and kinneylamb. Gotta give them credit! Thanks for phoning NT, and testing out webprizeland. ;)

I'm working on an Acquisis site, and my last ConsumerGain check is on it's way. Sad the amenable networks like ConsumerGain have a limitation attached to them... But there is something positive-- my $250.00 I-Deal bonus check!!

Click to enlarge.

Relax in the sand and sunshine with these deals...

*links 'n such*


http://www.consumergiftcards.com/rd_p?p=182511&c=33726-cgc_gas1500gc_emc_t01&a=613 - 15 offers, no refs/$1,500.00 Visa

http://myrewardsvault.com/LP/prom-195820/f1a94cef23.php?a=2543-IM&clickid=0007jl0000002wBQUK0RnzDr6b000000&ce_cid=0007jl0000002wBQUK0RnzDr6b000000 - 9 offers, no refs/iPad or check + $100.00 iTunes gc

http://onlinerewardcenter.com/rd_p?p=195791&t=13681&c=&a=64621 - 8 offers, no refs/iPad or check

http://myrewardsvault.com/LP/prom-186623/cbf4d310ea.php?a=1577-AM&clickid=00056D0000001e2Efv592Z1aQ7000000&ce_cid=00056D0000001e2Efv592Z1aQ7000000 - 15 offers, no refs/Macbook

http://myrewardsvault.com/LP/prom-190418/e2a2dcc36a.php?a=1711-NB&clickid=0001TL0000002wBQUK0RnzDr9I000000&ce_cid=0001TL0000002wBQUK0RnzDr9I000000 - 10 offers, no refs/iPhone 3G + $100.00 iTunes gc

http://myrewardsvault.com/LP/prom-193556/a96b65a721.php?a=1711-NB&clickid=0006jN0000002wBQUK0RnzDre5000000&ce_cid=0006jN0000002wBQUK0RnzDre5000000#back - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 Visa

http://www.premiumgiftsgalore.com/?offer=wal&cid=782&sid1=CD1&email= - 7 offers, no refs/$500.00 Wal-Mart gc

http://premiumgiftsgalore.com/?offer=grocery&sid1=CD1&cid=782 - 7 offers, no refs/$500.00 gc of your choice w/Visa option

Member Source Media (ConsumerGain)--

http://assortedgifts.net/G/landing?campaignId=2560&subcid=1717#cid=2560#sid=70#vid=1034 - offers unknown, no refs/$500.00 check

http://assortedgifts.net/G/landing?campaignId=2367&subcid=aaaaaa&email=#cid=2367#sid=110#vid=1025 - offers unknown, no refs/$500.00 check

http://assortedgifts.net/G/landing?campaignId=2559&subcid=1717#cid=2559#sid=70#vid=1038 - offers unknown, no refs/$500.00 check

http://offerscout.net/G/landing?campaignId=2815&subcid=109739&uid=212395021#cid=2815#sid=122#vid=1342 - offers unknown, no refs/$500.00 check


http://www.giftsurplus.info/?proid=12004445&gotoid=1455&parid=385&camid=1593&creid=5734&subid=1432P5129187&email= - 6 offers, no refs/$500.00 Visa


http://www.restaurantsurveycenter.com/?config=5282 - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 pizza gc of your choice

I can't tell you how relieved I am to be closing this case shut. The Canadian company nightmare is finally over, it was pure frustration for a year and a half. A victory has been won! We should celebrate. I will still do anything in my power to help those swindled by Consumers Reward Solutions. For now, I'm going to enjoy the fruits of our labour, as you all should too. We each deserve a pat on the back for helping each other, not only through the Canadian company fiasco, but for every other situation that has sprung up. Think back to last year's Brandarama episode. Just assisting someone with terms, new rules, links, and posts goes a long way in our DIY community. Little things do make a big difference. :)

Before I go, I want to give a shout out to the author of www.bargainfun.net Her blogs are packed with extraordinary deals, giveaways, and freebies!! Check her out. kinneylamb, what would I do without all your support? Thanks for listening to my distress over the RewardStream matter, you exceeded my expectations. Our late night chats are always a joy, too.

Until next time...



Julie P. said...

Hello, I recently (last Friday) signed up for a $1000 Best Buy gift card with freegiftgroupdirect.com (Amazing-Brand-Rewards.net.) I believe I have been scammed b/c I can not get customer service to reply back to me (b/c I can not see the 'redemption status' page on the member support page to see if my 13 offers have approved or not.) After doing further research this looks like the Canada company (Consumer Rewards Solutions?) that you have been trying to take down. I am very familiar with online offers and have always received my prizes. I am so disappointed. Is there any hope for me in this offer or is this part of the Canadian company?
Link to offer:

Rob said...

I got roped in too… before I found this website. The bad news is that mine was for a Laptop so I had to take 13 offers. I did some research beforehand and thought that I could make this work if I keep good records and all. But that might not help if Consumer Rewards Solutions are illegally trying to avoid giving the prizes. Can anyone help me with this problem: I successfully accepted 12 offers, but one of the 13 didn’t work for some reason (when I went to pay, it didn’t seem to go thru plus I never got a confirmation email). So what I need to do is go back an accept another offer, but I’m not sure how. Then–finally–I can start bugging Consumer Rewards Solutions for my prize.

wozniack said...


I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond-- I receive more traffic on my main site, DIYfreebies.com so I check that one more often. It's the same blog, just in a different place. :)

freegiftgroupdirect.com has a different address, and registrant associated with the domain. However, the url is suspicious since it looks exactly like the links managed by CRS. And since all the addresses, and names I mentioned in my post are linked, this unique name and address under freegiftgroupdirect.com may be connected to CRS, too. I'm going to investigate this a little more, and will post my progress in next month's blog.

I would love to help you with your gift. There might be a glimmer of hope. Please see the latest comments in the Surfs up topic on DIYfreebies.com. In the meantime, you may contact me at: diyfreebies@gmail.com, or on my main web site: DIYfreebies.com The bad thing about blogger is that I cannot see everyone's e-mails like I can on Wordpress.

Have a good day!


Unknown said...

Hi there,
Jessica Owens, with an update here. After much trouble, a man named David from CRS emailed me a "release/disclaimer" form that acknowledged I had won a prize- I signed it, got it back to him and he told me it could take up to 8 weeks. well....it has been over 8 weeks and the number for him that I had is no longer in service. They are not responding to my emails (no big surprise). I am owed a Dell laptop and I am angry that I have wasted so much time on this. any suggestions for taking this to the next level? I have already filed a BBB complaint (they never responded)as well as a fraud report with RECOL (reporting economic crime online)Econsumer.gov and several other agencies that have been no help.
Thanks, Jessica Owens

Unknown said...

Same deal for me, completed 13 offers and they say 3 are not showing up. I tried to send the damn email confirmations via their text response. They respond with irrelevant responses that end up pissing me off, then they close the support tickets. I eventually mailed my e-mail confirmations to them in Canada. Today I've called them and they lady promised I would be getting a call or email back. We'll see.... John

Al Paulauski said...

Does anyone have a valid phone number or an email that works to get a hold of these guys at CSR. I can't even seem to get my password so that i can check the status of my 13 offers which i completed. I've called their 888 number four times already and they keep telling me they will send it over, i just need to wait 24-48 hours to get it. Does any one have any solid suggestions to help me out. PLEASE.


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