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Official T&C and DBA list

This will be our official T&C and DBA list for all DIY networks. Much like the official company and address list, the official T&C and DBA list will include network names, and helpful write ups. The write ups, however, will consist of terms and requirements instead of a formal introduction to the company itself. All the information is right here, no more hunting it down in old posts! I also included the famous "I-Deal rule sheet."

If anyone finds additional information, please let me know and I will add it!



*DIY company T&C*


Timeframe and certificates: Okay, with ALL DIYs there is a timeframe. I-Deal grants you 60 days to complete the site, be approved on all offers, obtain your ref(s) (if required), and to mail off your certificates. Why must a referral(s) be a requirement if it’s a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) you ask? Some networks bump their sites within just a few weeks to a month or so of it operating, that’s just how they roll. So if it was once 6 offers for a $500.00 gift, but now requires 1 referral, that means they bumped it. Your referral MUST complete all the offers on their end, not just sign up under you to be considered a “referral.” It may take up to 24-48 hours for a referral to be approved. Also, three categories are designated for all the offers, and you must complete that offer count on each silver, gold, and platinum page. And the certificates must be received within 15 days to avoid expiration of your account. During this period your account may expire, but this does not denote any changes to your account; your account should be reset once processed.

Crediting cycles and browser settings: It’s a trio; 7, 20, and 30 day cycles. The 7 day crediting cycles are the best because dealing with 20-30 day cycles may push you closer to your expiration date if a certain offer(s) has not credited in a timely manner. Also, with I-Deal it’s best to do a simple replacement offer since manual credit (MCR/manual credit request) is hard to come by. Replacements usually credit overnight. I highly recommend Firefox for optimal performance when completing offers. For good measure I leave my confirmation window(s) up 5-10 minutes AFTER I finish my offer(s) for ample offer tracking time.

DBA conditions: You have unlimited promotional items per DBA until you reach $1000.00, or the value may exceed $1,000.00, but you may only qualify for one gift. Let me further elucidate… Say I were to sign up for a Macbook, and the DBA for that I-Deal site was Red Turtle Investments, LLC., I wouldn’t be allowed to seek out another site with Red Turtle Investments, LLC. for another 6 months. However, I would be authorized to do Bullseye-Media, or MarketLabs Inc. if I wanted, provided I haven’t completed any of their sites within the past 6 months and hit the 1K+ mark.

I-Deal rule sheet

1) Per the terms and conditions of these promotion(s), there is a limit of one free gift per household.

2) You may only sign-up with each of our advertisers once every 6 months.

3) You must provide authentic demographic information

4) There cannot be multiple accounts in the same household. We only allow one account per household. Any accounts that share the same name, email address, shipping address, IP address, phone number and/or credit card will be considered as the same household.

5) There cannot be more than one account at the shipping address. A user must have a valid shipping address in the United States. The user should also note that products cannot be shipped to PO Boxes. We only allow one account per shipping address.

6) You cannot post information on a website, forum, or auction that has to do with “canceling the offers” included, but not limited to, cancellation phone numbers, cancellation time frames, and encouragement or direction to cancel the offers after signing up with them.

7) You cannot bid on trademarked keywords associated with our advertising partners or their affiliates in Internet search engines to gain referrals through sponsored search results. (e.g. Bidding on the keyword “Blockbuster” in Google and appending your referral link to this bid upon keyword.)

8) You cannot post your referral link(s) in places where it is not welcome, or spammed your referral link(s) online in any capacity.

9) They have received negative feedback from one of their advertisers regarding offers being completed and immediately canceled.

10) A user who has had his or her account placed on hold may not create another account on any of our other websites.

Leadmark Advertising - Nuitech

Best known for their former 60-day stipulation. You are required to keep all but two offers for 30 days. Be prepared to have ALL your “documentation”, i.e. confirmation e-mails, billing statements and/or invoices, but one of those per offer will do, to mail off. Also, all offers must be completed within 60 days upon sign up. Only one gift per DBA per person and/or household for one year after your registration date. Their offer categories are much like I-Deal’s offering a silver, gold, and platinum page per site. Please note that all of these steps, including mailing in your voucher(s), must be accomplished within 180 days of signing up. Once approved, your account will be updated accordingly, enabling you to print your “gift redemption voucher.” Upon your voucher’s arrival, please allow 6 to 8 weeks for shipment.

Subscriberbase Holdings - producttestpanel

Expect to front a lot of money as this isn’t your average DIY. The first and second page have your basic low-cost offers and, the last page, a higher offer requirement. Depending on the offers you choose you spend $1,600.00-$1,700.00 or more on the final page in addition to the regular offers. If you find a good deal, you’ll get back what you spent and then some. Bonus offers must be completed within 24 hours in order to earn credit. It may take 3 months maximum start-to-finish with PTP. After 8-9 weeks you may request an MCR on any offer(s) that have not credited. The premium offers are manual only, and are approved within 30 days. Shipping time for gifts is about 2 weeks.

Acquisis (big-brand giveaway, giftcard-bonanza, toprewardsnow)

Luring people with low-offer deals/high-valued gifts is their game! Their customer support is fast, helpful, and affable. From the time of registration you have 60 days to complete the site. All offers are manual credit, and require a copy of your bank statement and confirmations. You must wait a total of 30 days before requesting manual credit. There is a one person per household limit for each gift. Once approved, expect your gift within 45 days or less.

Member Source Media (ConsumerGain)

Years ago, members received gift cards now checks are a common source of payment. Offers credit within days, but allow up to a week for status change. Their offers rotate but not that frequently. No time limit on their sites, but the sites themselves may expire within 6-8 months, so you may want to finish them within a reasonable time. You must communicate with them via support ticket to keep everything going. Once your offers are complete, alert them via support ticket. From there, submit their electronic redemption form with a w9 if your gift meets the $600.00 threshold. Manual credit requests are allowed, just have your confirmations and/or screen shots of your offer(s) on hand. Only one site per lifetime. Shipping can take up to 45 days.


All offers must be completed within 180 days of registration. It is recommended that you retain information that proves you completed the sponsor offers, as this may be helpful if a sponsor(s) fails to notify Ifficient that the required number of offer(s) is satisfied. Following Ifficient's receipt of such verification from the last of the requisite number of sponsors, Ifficient will prompt you to confirm your delivery address where your gift will be shipped. The qualification time varies by sponsor, but may be in excess of 30 days. Once you qualify for your gift, you must fulfill the instructions within 90 days from the date of qualification. Submission after 90 days does not meet the conditions for eligibility, and Ifficient will not be obligated to award the member. Fulfillment based on a completion of redemption instructions after 90 days is at the sole discretion of Ifficient. Only one gift is permitted per person per twelve month period. There is a limit of one gift per household. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for shipment.

Channel Clarity (rewardscenter)

All offers must be completed within 60 days, and the rest of the program requirements must be satisfied within 180 days of your sign up date. You must not cancel your participation in more than two trial offers within 30 days of your trial offer initial transaction date. To remain eligible, you must use the same personal contact information that you provided during registration when making purchases. You may be required to provide receipt copies, order confirmations and other relevant documents to verify your transactions with sponsors, and failure to produce these documents when requested may result in you not receiving credit for that trial offer. Additionally, they reserve the right to request proof of identity such as a copy of your driver’s license/state I.D., passport or other government issued identification. Once all requirements are fulfilled, your account will be updated accordingly and you will receive a gift redemption voucher to print, complete and mail for your reward. Upon receipt of your documentation and gift voucher, it will take 6 to 8 weeks for shipment.


This company has a reputation for arduousness. Reports of credit retractions; waiting weeks (for an update) until sudden notification of being DQed; slow to respond. Although, a “glitch” in their system can be contributed to the numerous subtraction of credited offers, much like I-Deal. Numbers even went south after qualifying for these gifts, but that was OK since the status on them showed “being processed.” The timeframe yields 30 days, so everything must be done within that period. Also, the offers still credit after 30 days, you just aren’t allowed to try new ones. You cannot participate for another gift in a 30-day timeframe from when you last completed one. And you mustn’t complete any offers until you receive the confirmation e-mail otherwise those offers are subject to rescindment. They once allowed multiple prize fulfillment, but now the terms state only one gift per lifetime. Their shipping schedule rests at 6-8 weeks.

*DIY company DBAs*


Progress Tech, LLC.

123 Click, Inc.

Bullseye Media, Inc.

Direct to Consumer Interactive, Inc. (D2C)

E-ResearchGroup (is D2C)

eSolutions, Inc.

I-Deal Direct, Inc.

Inner Concepts, Inc

Insightful, Intelligent Ideas, LLC

Lucrative Leads, Inc.

Red Turtle Investments, LLC


Top Notch Media, Inc.

Luckie Enterprises, Inc.

True Power Media, LLC.

USA Interactive, Inc.

Leadmark Advertising - Nuitech

Net radiance



Reward aisle


Subscriberbase Holdings, Inc.--

Acquisis, LLC.--

Member Source Media, LLC.--

High Altitude Marketing, LLC.--

Channel Clarity, Inc.--

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