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Nuitech's "invitation only" sites + inactive business names, RewardZone USA's new rule and members receiving gift cards with zero balances + discussion, payment reports...

Nuitech's "invitation only" sites, and business names showing "inactive" in Florida's Secretary of State; RewardZone USA sending out gift cards with zero balances and new rule; discussion, payment reports. Let's go outside and breathe in some fresh, spring air...

Our first topic is Nuitech's new "invitation only" sites. Late last year I discovered through readers, and Nuitech themselves, that their sites are now "invitation only," meaning you will only receive valid links through their e-mail advertisements, pop-up advertisements, and/or web page banners. Links obtained from friends and blogs are not valid and you will not earn a reward. Since it would take forever to remove all the links from 2008 until now, I will just remove the first two pages of Nuitech links from this blog. So please do not sign up for anymore Nuitech sites on my blog.

Here are some of the conversations between myself, three members, and Nuitech, which may give you a better idea of what is going on...

Conversation with member #1:

Interesting Nuitech exchange




I sent Nuitech an e-mail asking them what the gift card for the 10 offers for $1,000 was for and they replied by saying that their gift sites are invitation only and that I cannot complete the site unless I received an e-mail from them with the link. I'm assuming others have asked them about the same site since I did not offer up any information where I found the link.

I also have been trying to ask them if there is any way to use a fresh e-mail address since the one I used to use has been closed and they keep ignoring me :\

My reply:


Hi there,

Sorry for the delayed response, I just have had a lot going on.

Hm, that's odd. I haven't done Nuitech in years but my last site was not "invitation only." I found it elsewhere on the web, then signed up, completed my offers, turned in my paperwork and I was done. I wonder how long they've been doing that? Would you mind sharing their e-mail response to you with me? I asked a good friend of mine who does Nuitech all the time. He hasn't responded back yet though.

As for the e-mail, their terms and conditions state the following: 'using multiple email addresses to circumvent the Program" -- I would wait until I got a response out of them before starting a new site. They need to understand the reason for you needing to use a new e-mail so that they do not think you are trying to break the rules. Have they answered you yet?



Member #1's reply:


I'll forward you their response once I'm at a computer. And nope. I've e-mailed them 3 times over the last 3 weeks asking about the e-mail situation and no reply.


"Please send us the email you received for that gift card, so that we can tell you what it is for. Remember that our programs are presented to customers by invitation only. This means that you will only receive valid links through our e-mail advertisements, and/or Web page banners. Links obtained from friends or other venues usually are obsolete and will not enable you to qualify for gift redemption."

My reply:


Hi member,

That is very interesting. My friend, who does Nuitech all the time, said he finds his links online and that he never gets them through e-mail. Nuitech has always paid him for doing these sites. I also have never heard of that happening. Would you mind if I shared their e-mail to you with my readers? I promise to keep you anonymous.




Sure, you may share it. It's the least I could do after you sent me that link :) I don't have any faith in them ever responding to me to allow me to do one of their sites again anyway. Do you know off the top of your head if I-deal requires the same e-mail address for every gift?

I did that 8 offer $500 Kroger card for rewardzone. All my offers were "Success" about a week ago and I requested my gift but haven't heard anything. I just got a "Thanks" page when I entered all my information. Is that typical?


You can use multiple e-mails on I-Deal sites but you can only use one e-mail per DBA. For example. If I signed up with on a site under their Top Notch Media DBA, I couldn't sign up with a different e-mail on another Top Notch Media DBA site. If you sign up with more than one e-mail under the same DBA, you risk disqualification. You can find an I-Deal DBA at the bottom of each gift site. It should say something like "an , Inc. website" next to the copyright.

Yes, that is typical of RewardZone USA. You may have to e-mail them though to make progress: -- Tell them you completed all of your offers. From there, they may ask for a copy of your photo I.D. and they should send you your electronic forms to fill out shortly thereafter.



Conversation with member #2:

My e-mail:

-------- Original message --------


Date: 9/9/16 8:54 PM (GMT-05:00)

To: member

Subject: Nuitech questions...

Hi member,

Somebody sent me this the other day but I'm confused... Nuitech sites are 'invitation only'? When did that happen? Also, can they use another e-mail? Below is the e-mail I received from this individual.


I sent Nuitech an e-mail asking them what the gift card for the 10 offers for $1,000 was for and they replied by saying that their gift sites are invitation only and that I cannot complete the site unless I received an e-mail from them with the link. I'm assuming others have asked them about the same site since I did not offer up any information where I found the link.

I also have been trying to ask them if there is any way to use a fresh e-mail address since the one I used to use has been closed and they keep ignoring me :\"



Member #2's reply:



Hey Woz,

They only want their customers to come from the ads they send out in emails. I read somewhere in the past that they said the same thing to somebody. Maybe you could complete a small site and see what happens. Or due to the gift rule of one per year, maybe you would want to gamble and complete the larger gift site. I never visited their sites through a link in an email before. Also, does their terms and conditions say it? If not, you should be good.

You can only use one email address at a time. Only persue your accounts with them with one email address. If they find you signed up in the past using a different email address, they might contact you to remind you of the rule.

Hope that helps. And hope you are well!


P.S. Where I'm coming from regarding their invitation only comment, is that they were a well rated company in the past with the BBB and they always worked with their customers to resolve things according to their rules as you know. Things can change but if it's not in their terms and conditions then you still have some leverage.

Conversation with member #3:

Hi Wozniak,

I wish I had kept the email but I deleted it.

I wrote to Nuitech about the links you provided (I didn't say where I had got them from) and they said to me that they are not valid even though the page loads.

They mentioned they are from 2012 and 2013 and that I specifically need an email invitation from them, probably through another site, in order to do the promos.

The links you have listed load the webpage but are not valid. The copyright info has old years.

Nuitech-- - 6 offers, no refs/$250.00 Best Buy gift card - 10 offers, no refs/$1,000.00 gift card. I'm assuming it's a Visa since it says "$1,000.00 gift card," but I would ask Nuitech anyway. - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 Macy's gift card.

Their customer service rep was upset with me because apparently I asked the same question last year and the response was no, even though their website will work and log the sponsors it is not valid.

I would hold off posting their links on your blog as others might not know they're invalid and go ahead and do the sponsors not realizing they won't get a gift.

I did the Gadget link and that worked, also DealZingo, that worked and I sent off the redemption form.



Member's second e-mail

Feb 26

I got the cheque last week! Waiting for an iPad Air from gadget center

Any chance of providing us with new links!

Nuitech don't like ppl signing up from your links because they're too old. They told me I had to wait for an email invitation. How am I supposed to get one?



My reply:

Mar 3

Hi Member,

Congrats on getting your check!! I got mine at the end of January. Once I deposited the check, it cleared the next day! That's great about your iPad Air as well. I'm almost finished working on an I-Deal site that just so happens to be a gadgetcenter site. Someone said their son recently did it and got $700.00 in Visa gift cards instead of the Apple iPad! So I am hoping I get the same reward. Here is the link:

I wonder if they will send you a gift card too? I hope they are still sending out gift cards. A long time ago I did a Treo phone site hoping to get a gift card like the previous individual but I got the Treo phone instead. I knew I could possibly end up with the phone, but I took the gamble just to see if I could get the gift card. :)

As for Nuitech, I am trying to figure that out myself. I know they don't like the old blog links, and I will be writing about the Nuitech link issue in my next blog. I'm working on the new blog now and will add some links to it. The really good links like the 10 offer, no ref/$700.00 gift card I-Deal site I started last month I keep off the blog though. I do this so the good links stay around longer for everyone. But you can check in every so often to see if I have anything good, and I will send it right to you if I do! Some of the links I post, like from Amped Media sites, those are always $500.00 profit, so I don't really share them through e-mail. Nuitech handles Amped Media Fulfillment, and I think the actual offer processing. So they may only allow e-mail invitation on those sites (Amped Media). I need to get confirmation on that.



Mar 5

Hi Wozniack,

Thanks for reply. The link you sent is one I just did! And got paid for but only $500 in visa g/c. No $700 :( Still, I found an iPad Pro on eBay for my wife and the iPad Pro pencil for less than $500 so it all worked out.

Looking forward to your next blog!


Hi Member,

Awww, only $500.00?! Poor us! Well, at least there was no referral though... That's good that you got the iPad Pro and iPad Pro pencil for under $500.00~! Glad it worked out. :))

I have been sending out e-mails for tomorrow, three of which went to Nuitech. There are some new findings concerning their corporations and limited liability companies. As for their "invitation only" gift sites, I had an idea. Their Coolsavings site is still up and running. Perhaps when you sign up on Coolsavings, in addition to coupon e-mails, you will get gift site e-mails. I noticed that when you click "Free Stuff" the page in the middle loads all sorts of gift sites. It loaded a site from RewardZone USA, though Coolsavings is connected to Nuitech and not RewardZone USA. I can't remember what I clicked, but somewhere on the Free Stuff page it lets you check the status of your Nuitech site...

Anyway, I'm signing up for Coolsavings to see if I can get Nuitech sites sent to me that way. If they send us Nuitech sites, then we've solved the mystery!

Coolsavings site:



So far the only thing I have received from Coolsavings is a welcome e-mail linking to my account page. On my 'My Account' page, under 'My Deals Preferences,' I selected "Preferred Interest" on all interests, and selected "Daily" when asked, '"How often do you want to receive the deals newsletter from CoolSavings?"' under 'My E-mail Subscriptions.' I'm hoping we receive Nuitech links via the Coolsavings site. Now my brief exchange with Nuitech...

From Nuitech:

Offersgonewild Support via


Dear me,

Thank you for your inquiry. We currently do not have any Amped Media site. Our programs are presented to customers by invitation only. This means that you will only receive valid links through our e-mail advertisements, pop-up advertisements, and/or Web page banners. Links obtained from friends or other venues like blogs usually are obsolete and will not enable you to qualify for gift redemption.

*** DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL. THIS MAILBOX IS NOT MONITORED *** Please use the contact form provided at our website if you have further questions.

Thank you,



to Offersgonewild


4 years ago, the President and CEO of Amped Media, Jonathan Gies, replied to my question below regarding Nuitech and Amped Media sites.

My question:

"I asked OG Logistics/Nuitech, a company out of Florida, who claimed to handle customer support for rewarding promos and rewards-aisle sites, but they never responded. I am just trying to find out more about this particular gift site, and hopefully give my readers some peace of mind. Unfortunately I was unable to include the link to the site in this PM due to Facebook blocking it. Could I e-mail it to you?"

Jonathan Gies's reply:

"Nuitech does handle our reward fulfillment, they are a separate entity."

I will ask Jonathan Gies directly about who handles fulfillment for the current Amped Media sites.

Thank you for the information you have provided.


x Offersgonewild Support via


Dear Wozniack,

Thank you for your response. We noticed you referred to \"rewarding-promos\" in your email. We give service to hundreds of different sites, and in customer service inquiries are received by the site name not the parent company. Now we can confirm that we do handle fulfillment for \"rewarding-promos\" and he terms state \"Only one gift per DBA per person and/or household for one year after your registration date.\" We apologize for the confusion.

*** DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL. THIS MAILBOX IS NOT MONITORED *** Please use the contact form provided at our website if you have further questions.

Thank you,


I wondered how the "invitation only" rule affected Amped Media if at all. So I contacted Nuitech directly via their offersgonewild gift site. I also asked them the following about their businesses that are showing "inactive" with Florida's Secretary of State. You can see their response to my message below...

My message to Nuitech:


Thank you for answering my e-mails from November. I have some questions though. Does the "invitation only" rule apply to Amped Media's gift sites as well since you handle Fulfillment for Amped Media? Do you also approve a member's offers in addition to handling Fulfillment? Or do you just handle Fulfillment?

Also, I tried visiting but the site would not load. So I checked with Florida's Secretary of State and it shows that OG Logistics, LLC. is "inactive." The same goes for Coolsavings, LLC. Can't find anything for Leadmark Advertising, Inc either. What company name(s) are you currently under? I just wanted to know for my record keeping. I also like to separate the active from the inactive companies in my list.

I checked my records again, and forgot that this is also another business of yours: Q INTERACTIVE, LLC. Q INTERACTIVE, LLC shows "active" while SELLING SOURCE, LLC shows "inactive." Is your current company name Q Interactive, LLC.? Do you have any others? And, would your gift program be managed under Q Interactive, LLC. provided Q Interactive, LLC. is your other company name?



Nuitech's reply

Nuitech has still not replied. So I will just wait, and hopefully by the time my next blog is published they will!

Next up for discussion is RewardZone USA. RewardZone USA have been making some changes and we will talk about that now. The first change is how often you can receive a reward from them. Their new rule: "Incentives are limited to one incentive of any kind per household (persons living at the same address) within any twelve calendar month period provided you must wait 24 calendar months after you claim a Tier 2 incentive before you can claim another Tier 2 incentive." -- This means you must wait 2 years from the time you started your last RewardZone USA site before you can do another one. I was surprised to see this change as most DIY companies make you only wait a year max-- unless it is a "one site per lifetime" DIY company like Consumer Gain was. I think with Consumer Gain you could do two sites per lifetime before it changed to just one. The last time I did a Rewardzone USA site was in January of 2016, because I bought a new computer at that time with my earnings. So I can do them again in 10 months.

RewardZone USA site with new rule:


I need to update the terms for RewardZone USA, noting the change above. The other change is their rewards system. Recently paid members are now receiving gift cards from RewardZone USA with zero balances on them. However, there is no need to panic! Please read my conversation with a member below...


11/27/2016 9:09PM

Hey me, Have you heard of Rewardzone now sending your card with a 0 balance and asking you to call them to load money on your card. They did this to my brother and he can't seem to get a hold of them.

My reply:

Never heard of this before. This must be something new that they're doing. What phone number(s) does your brother have for Rewardzone USA? Thanks 11/28/2016 7:33PM


Just the one above on his sheet. That's my guess too but wondered if you've heard anything about this. Thanks Me! FRI 9:20PM

My reply:

Hi Member, I'm guessing everything went alright with your brother's Visa gift card that he received from RewardZone USA? I bet they are doing this now since they always send the gift cards out in regular envelopes, and they don't want to risk somebody losing a $1,000.00 card in the mail! Would it be okay if I shared your brother's experience in my next DIY blog? I will leave him anonymous. Thanks. :) Quick question, the phone number on the Omnicard letter above is for RewardZone USA and not Omnicard, right? I ask because the number shows that it is for RewardZone USA and not Omnicard SAT 10:38AM


Yes you can share. As for the number above, that what his gift card came on for rewardzone. He had to call that to activate his card.
Quick follow up for you. Is there some serious issues with dealzingo now. I heard you may not have gotten paid along with some others. What do you know about it?
SAT 2:52PM

My reply:

Hi, Member! Thanks for the information. No, everything went well with my payment, and somebody contacted me about 5 days ago saying they received their check from Dealzingo. The problem has always been that they are slow to respond to e-mails, and they sometimes do not answer their phone. One guy told me they hung up on him when he asked if they were Dealzingo.

After so many weeks of trying to get a hold of someone via telephone/e-mail, they replied. They said they received my paperwork and would "begin processing me now"; I had my check five days later! A guy who had done his site a week before I did also got paid. I haven't received any negative reports on them yet.

An image of the letter this member's brother received:

I never liked how RewardZone USA would send out gift cards in a plain envelope with no tracking number. I like the thought of receiving a gift card with a zero balance-- never thought I would say that! lol... Seriously though, a thousand dollars is a LOT of money to lose in the mail; I am all for it!! Makes me wonder if someone's Visa gift card from RewardZone USA was lost or stolen. And if so, how did they handle the situation? Or perhaps they really wanted to offer their members some protection. While reading their Cardholder Terms and Conditions for the Visa gift cards, I saw something I did not like...

"5. UNAUTHORIZED TRANSACTIONS If you believe the Card has been lost or stolen or an unauthorized transaction has been made using the information from the Card without your permission, contact Customer Service IMMEDIATELY. We will ask for the Card number and other identifying details. We cannot assist you if you do not have the Card number. We reserve the right to investigate any claim you may make with respect to a lost or stolen Card or unauthorized transaction, and you agree to cooperate with such investigation. We may not be able to assist you if you do not contact us within 60 days of the unauthorized transaction. We will charge a fee of $5 as noted in the fee table above (subject to applicable law) to replace any lost/stolen Card, which will be deducted from the balance on the Card. A reissued Card may take up to 30 days to process."

The part that says, "We cannot assist you if you do not have the Card number." Major problem if the recipient was receiving the card from a company who did not have the card number themselves. What if the company just orders the gift cards in batches, like so many of them do, but do not have any of the card information? My guess though is, the sender would somehow have to get the gift card information, and/or report the lost or stolen card to the gift card web site themselves. I'd like to think that the gift card web site's customer support team could tell the sender if the recipient's gift card had been used, and give them the card's transaction history. While I understand Omnicard has to verify a recipient's gift card info, they should make it easier for those who are without a card number.
Some people cannot remember their gift card number off the top of their head, and if it got lost or stolen before ever reaching them, they certainly would not know it. Perhaps it could be found by order number, however, the sender would have to supply that information. Not the recipient.

Back to RewardZone USA. A member was having issues with one of their sites. Below is my correspondence with this member followed by RewardZone USA's response.

Member's e-mail:

Hey, Woz! How's the world treating ya?

I am finally able to do the below site you sent us awhile back, but it doesn't seem to be working properly and wondering if you can find out if the link is still valid. Everything is OK until you get to the offers page - each page on the way to the offers page shows the $1000 gift card at the top of each page, but when you arrive at the offers, the top of the page shows a $100 gift card.

If you can find out from RewardZone if this link is no good or what the problem could be, I would be very much appreciative.

Thanks a lot!


My reply:

Hi Member,

Dealzingo paid me about a week and a half ago! I see that now RewardZone USA has upped the wait time on their sites. It used to be where you could do a site once per 12 months, now it is once every 24 months. Luckily for me, I have already waited over a year, but I still have to wait until next January before I can do another RewardZone USA site.

Anyway, let me look into your RewardZone USA site and I will get back to you. Is this the site you sign up for from the e-mail I sent out? :)

"On Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 12:23 AM, wrote:

Hi all,

I asked RewardZone USA if they had any promotions going on last week and they sent me this $1,000.00 Visa gift card site: "

Have a good night!


Member's reply:

Yes, the link is from the email you sent out on 1/13/16 - you should be able to see the email of yours I replied if you scroll down. But, if we now have to wait 24 months, I am probably not qualified, which might be the reason for the glitch. I did my last one in 9/15, so guess I gotta wait another 7 months?? Grrr! I sure hope Rewardszone will have a $1000 site come 9/17! Please do let me know what they say about the link.

Happy I can do a dealzingo site for $500, though, and the offers are better, too!

Thanks a lot ~ Member

My reply:

Hi Member,

RewardZone USA just now responded to your question. Below is their answer.


Thank you for pointing out that technical glitch. If you complete all of the necessary requirements you will receive a $1,000 Visa gift card.

RewardZone USA"

I explained everything to them about the site showing that it was for a $1,000.00 until you reached the offer pages where it shows "$100.00 Visa gift card" at the top. So I guess what matters is what the front page (not offer pages) was showing, which was a $1,000.00 Visa gift card.

Have a good night~!


I sometimes get confused when gift sites show two different reward amounts. When that happens, I just never do the site. Makes sense though for them to give you the reward on the front page, as that is what you initially signed up for.

Since my last blog, I received a $1,000.00 check from Dealzingo, and $600.00 in Visa gift cards from I-Deal! My dad also received his $1,000.00 Visa gift card from RewardZone USA. I'm interested in doing another I-Deal site, but I may wait and do one over the summer. Then in January, do RewardZone USA again. It would be nice to have another DIY company or two come along so we could have more rewards coming in. Only being able to do RewardZone USA once every two years is too long!

$1,000.00 Dealzingo check:

$600.00 in Visa gift cards from I-Deal:

Thanks for the rewards RewardZone USA, Dealzingo, and I-Deal!!

My earnings: $75.00 check for shopping habits study from SMARI; $95.00 check for tea study from Winkle Americas; $5.00 Wal-Mart eCard from ePoll; $93.33 in Paypal from; $15.00 settlement check; $30.00 in Target, and $25.00 in Wal-Mart gift cards from Toluna; $30.00 in amazon gift cards, $10.00 Wal-Mart eCard, and $10.00 in Domino's Pizza egiftcards from

I miss our freebie forums. I knew quite a few people that I have now lost touch with from A4F. I wasn't really active on FiPG. I mainly read posts over there, but the people were nice there too. A4F was my home though. I arrived at A4F in 2007, a year after I got into freebies. It was an exciting time to be doing DIY and trading. Back then, we all were earning a lot of free money and physical gifts from all the old school DIY companies. I had wondered, even back then, what DIY companies would still be around, if any. 10 years later, I-Deal and Nuitech are still here. Isn't that great?! To be honest, I'm not a big fan of Nuitech; I just think its cool that they did not go away.

Anyway, I will work on our link list this week. Just have to remind myself, "No more Nuitech sites" to avoid any conflict with Nuitech. I do think their sites being "invitation only" is rather silly. I-Deal sites are all over and everywhere else, and do they say anything? What are some of your thoughts on Nuitech's invitation only sites? Feel free to write in! I love conversing about these issues with my readers. We work through them together and help each other out. :)

Take care,