Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Donation service change + free $20.00 from American Express...

Hi everyone,

Just writing to inform you that I have switched from Paypal to Serve for donation payments. Serve is a money payment and transfer service by American Express that allows you to send and receive money and transfer funds to your bank. They also send you a prepaid American Express card, which can be used at an ATM. Their current promotion is a $10.00 bonus if you sign up by January 5, 2012. And if you play their trivia game at PlayMoneyMover.com you earn ten more dollars! My experience so far with Serve has been fantastic, and I have already spent a portion of my free money with my prepaid card and it works.

Until my Paypal is resolved, any donations can be made to my Serve account by clicking on the Serve banner under where it says ‘Donations.’ But first you must register. If you want to take advantage of their promotions, please send me in e-mail at diyfreebies@gmail.com so I can refer you. :)

I’m writing January’s blog, and hope to publish it by January 1st. Have some news I need to share with you all regarding one of our companies.

Happy Holidays,


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