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Harvest time with evidence of new sites by CRS + payment reports, new I-Deal requirement, WinHundred site review, Thanksgiving link list and more!

The fields are harvested, the scarecrows are out, and now we prepare for a Thanksgiving feast! Evidence proves CRS are still "in that business" + recent payment reports; new I-Deal requirements and rules explained; WinHundred site review; Thanksgiving link list, and more! Happy Thanksgiving!! Dinner's ready...

We have recent payment reports from CRS, as well as proof that CRS have created a new gift site AFTER they said, "We're not in that business anymore." We'll start with the strongest piece of evidence, the new domain. Let's go...


gift site:

url: http://frame.prizesallaround.com/SplashPage.aspx?g=61b65f48accb49a9ad28407e66822c33&nm=01bgdre6kkx6as&s=[=AFID=]&x=[=SID=]&se=51&se=53

Everything looks okay, right? Well, close in on the registration date of prizesallaround.com in the whois info. The domain was registered September 22, 2011, weeks AFTER the confrontation at CRS' office! Why is this significant? Read the date of this member's post then compare it to the registration date of prizesallaround.com...

Click to enlarge.

The member initially posted on September 5, 2011, and again the next day with the above post. If this member said CRS stated that they were "not in that business", how is that possible given the date of this member's post? This date confirms without a shadow of a doubt that this incident occurred before the 22nd of September, the date that prizeallaround.com was registered. When the domain went live on September 22, 2011, that proved that CRS are STILL producing new gift sites despite them not being "in that business."

I will say that there have been four payment reports since the confrontation at CRS' building. The first came in on September 20, 2011, the others in mid-October. Read October's report before moving forward.

Latest payment report from member:

"Hey Woz thanks,

I just received a check last week from Dave (Canada) for $2500 for the free Macbook Pro. I sent a return email to say thanks for the tracking and the email bounced back. When I tried to access the link for the offer, the site was down.

I've had friends who did the Canada offer with success in the past. Do you think the Hong Kong site is safe or should I steer clear based on what you reported happening in Canada?



My reply:

"Congratulations on your reward! I hope you enjoy the profit.

Your payment report is the first I have heard of since September, so that makes me feel somewhat better about CRS. However, I am so perplexed by everything that has happened that I do not understand what is going on with them. At least I now know that Dave is still there, but it doesn't explain the strange occurrences with this company.

I want to tell you to steer clear of CRS but they did pay you recently... Its never good when e-mails bounce, and you have no way of communicating with customer support. Has that happened before, or was it only when you tried to e-mail them back? The fact that they said they aren't "in that business anymore", but yet are paying people and have registered new domains (I have proof) tells me something is wrong somewhere because they're still active. Perhaps they saw the opportunity to avoid paying that man who confronted them in Canada like they did with the entire Melanie Kyle/LG washer & dryer situation. Many innocent members lost their money over something--and someone--they were never associated with. Doesn't mean everyone will get scammed though. This is just me thinking aloud. I honestly do not know what their intentions are, but they obviously are still "in that business" since they're paying out and generating new gift sites.

We'll have to keep our eye on CRS for a while. If you are the least bit uncertain about CRS, I suggest doing I-Deal or Nuitech until we learn more.

P.S.-- Would you allow me to share your good news with my readers from my blog? It may ease their minds to know that the company didn't just get up and leave if they're still owed money.


This member's reply:

"Yes please share. Two offers were done at the same time by two different friends. Both received their checks the week of 10/10/2011. The check was dated September 27, 2011.

We communicated with Dave by email several times until the tracking numbers were received. What was different this time is a) He didn't send tracking when he said he would. We contacted him again and he finally sent it but he was a week late. Once the tracking was sent, we sent an email to say thanks and the email bounced back as if the email address no longer existed.

If I decide to do an offer with them out of Hong Kong, I will post my results.

Thanks for the info!"

These payment reports tell us Dave still works there since he communicated with these members. It also means that they're STILL "in that business"! Why would they continue to pay out if they weren't? But what about the episode at their office? Their unusual behavior during the utility bill notifications; their ever-so-final "not in that business" quote; their gift sites flooding every inbox and spam folder and search engine known to man, made it virtually impossible to tell if they were still in business. Behind every lie there is a reason, and I believe they told the member who confronted them that to dodge payment. They saw an opening and crawled right under it not to. My advice to everyone is to just be careful if you do CRS. You never really know about them.

Heads up! There is a new I-Deal requirement called "Featured Offers." This requirement is not on every I-Deal site but it is something you need to watch for. It can be found in the bottom paragraph on the front page next to the Silver, Gold and Platinum links. Please see below.

gift site:

url: http://consumerrewards.us.com/?session_id=4d9aa3f0fce511e08ff7107d61352346

"Featured Offers" page:

url: http://consumerrewards.us.com/?session_id=4d9aa3f0fce511e08ff7107d61352346&map=29&stage=539

The "Featured Offers" offer page states, "In order to receive your ::your gift here:: you must try one of the featured offers below." But then I thought, "Wait a minute... Why is there a skip button?" Why were we told we must do an offer if there was a "Skip" button. I already knew the answer but I wanted confirmation from I-Deal themselves. I copied my brief exchange with them below.

My message to I-Deal:

"From: xxxx@xx.com [mailto:xxxx@xx.com]
Sent: Thursday, October 20, 2011 4:09 PM
To: contactus@expertcustomerservice.com
Subject: Question about 'Featured Offers'... (Thread:298846)


I was looking at this site and noticed that you had to complete a "Featured Offer" from this page: http://consumerrewards.us.com/?session_id=9762ba9accf711e0b30093d6a68cb92e&map=29&stage=539, but was wondering why there was a Skip button at the bottom of the page. It seems like we have to fulfill this requirement though since the top of the page states, "In order to receive your $1000 Visa Gift Card you must try one of the featured offers below." The "Featured Offers" link is also on the front page of the site next to the Silver, Gold, and Platinum offer pages, which always have to be fully satisfied in order to receive your gift. I am almost certain that the "Featured Offers" page is a requirement, but I wanted to make sure as there is a Skip button on that page. The main gift site is: http://consumerrewards.us.com/?session_id=9762ba9accf711e0b30093d6a68cb92e


Your valued member"

Their reply:

"From: Customer Service
Date: Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 4:46 PM
Subject: RE: Question about 'Featured Offers'... (Thread:298846)
To: xxxx@xx.com

Yes it is a requirement."

There you go. Any site with a "Featured Offers" page will require you to complete an offer in that group. The "Skip" button's function is to redirect you to the basic offer pages if you choose to do it later. There isn't a button for the "Featured Offers" page anywhere on the basic offer pages: Silver, Gold and Platinum. The only way to access the "Featured Offers" page is by logging in to your status page. See below.

Taken from another I-Deal site:

Onto another I-Deal finding... I tried to register for this I-Deal site: http://www.consumerrewards.us.com/?session_id=3757176afc1b11e0b39e71efb7df804b -- The reward is a $1,000.00 Best Buy gift card under the DBA 123 Click. I wasn't eligible for this reward for the following reasons:

Then I recalled the site switch with I-Deal back in September, where a gift was moved to an entirely different domain and DBA. To refresh your memories, read this entry as it tells more about it: I-Deal customer support addresses DBA site questions... -- I probably wasn't eligible for successfully completing the $1,000.00 Visa gift card offer 4 months ago on e-researchcouncil.com, which was under Top Notch Media before it moved to consumerrewards.us.com, a 123 Click site. If that's really why, that answers our question as to which DBA we could do after registering for the $1,000.00 Visa gift card on e-researchcouncil.com. We can do Top Notch Media, just not 123 Click for 6 months.

While on topic, I would like to go back over the 6-month DBA rule. We've discussed it before but its easy to forget, and it will help new members in this industry. I copied over my reply to a member's question regarding I-Deal's rules.

Member's questions:

"QUOTE (jivens @ Sep 26 2011, 05:31 PM) *
Thanks for the reply!!! That helped A LOT. MY next question. Can I only do one site for the whole network per year. Or is it each site PER year?"

My reply:

"With I-Deal you have unlimited promotional gifts, but you can only do one per DBA within a 6-month period. Let me give you an example. Let's say you signed up and successfully completed a site under I-Deal's DBA Red Turtle Investments. You wouldn't be able to complete another site under that DBA for 6 months. However, you could do a site under 123 Click, another I-Deal DBA, provided you haven't done it for 6 months. I-Deal has quite a few DBAs, so it shouldn't be too hard to find more sites. Also, I-Deal's DBAs can be found at the bottom on their gift sites below their program rules. The gift site domain is always to the left, and the DBA name to the right.

I need to point this out though regarding the 6-month rule.

Taken from I-Deal's terms and conditions:

""H. In a six-month period, each household may qualify for and receive:

(1.) multiple rewards offered by Bullseye Media, Inc. with a total value of $1,000; or

(2.) one reward offered by Bullseye Media, Inc. with a value that exceeds $1,000."

So I guess you could get two $500.00 gift cards off two Bullseye Media sites since they state that you can do multiple sites in a six-month period. But once the total amounts to $1,000.00 for Bullseye Media or any other DBA, then you must do another. And, of course, only one reward for a $1,000.00+ gift.

As for Nuitech, its one gift per DBA per household for one year after your registration date. So it is almost the same as I-Deal except that you have to wait 12 months instead of 6.

For more information, you may want to read the official T&C and DBA list: http://www.diyfreebies.com/official-tc-and-dba-list/

I hope this helps you. Please let me know if you have any further questions."

Someone else had I-Deal questions regarding these two sites: soupofsociety.com and thefloatingfeather.com. Apparently those sites, and one or two others, sent this member 117 I-Deal advertisements via e-mail, and they want to know if those sites are affiliated with I-Deal and 123 Click. My correspondence with I-Deal can be found below.

Me to I-Deal:

"from [Available] xxxx@xx.com xxxx@xx.com
to Customer Service
date Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 2:16 PM
subject Are these sites affiliated with I-Deal and 123 Click?
mailed-by xxxx.com

hide details 2:16 PM (41 minutes ago)


Sorry to bother you again, but a friend of mine was wanting to know if soupofsociety.com and thefloatingfeather.com are affiliated with your company, I-Deal, and your dba, 123 Click, Inc.? I will copy and paste what he sent me since he explained it so well.

"do you see these two sites: soupofsociety.com and thefloatingfeather.com ? since i signed up at ideal, these two sites and one or two others sent me 117 emails so far advertising ideal sites. now, i would not dare unsubscribe if these came from ideal, but im not sure. do you think you could ask them if they are affiliated with ideal and 123click inc? i am hoping they are being paid by ideal to advertise their links. however one of the other sites that is emailing me, has a mailing address that is shared by a DBA location, just a different PO box. but that could mean nothing. i tried calling them but it goes to voicemail or you have to enter an extension number"

Just whenever you have time you can answer this e-mail. It isn't that urgent. :)

Thanks again...

I-Deal's reply:

"from Customer Service contactus@expertcustomerservice.com
to [Available] xxxx@xx.com
date Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 1:39 PM
subject RE: Are these sites affiliated with I-Deal and 123 Click? (Thread:299190)
mailed-by expertcustomerservice.com
Important mainly because of the people in the conversation.

hide details 1:39 PM (10 minutes ago)

These are not us."

The digital marketing company behind soupofsociety.com and thefloatingfeather.com are the same. I just have no idea who they are. Hopefully I-Deal does something about it on their end, as this company should be paying them for advertising their links!

We have a new site to check out: bigvaluegiftcard.net. Start with the whois info below...


gift site:

url: http://bigvaluegiftcard.net/

In the whois info, does AffiliateNetwork.com Marketing, LLC. under "Registrant Contact" ring a bell? If so, you read about it in Joshua Blumenfeld's write up from April: "Easter bunny introduces..." -- Joshua Blumenfeld is CEO of AffiliateNetwork.com Marketing, LLC. His gift program is WinHundred, which we talked about in April's blog. In April's blog, you will see that we discussed complimentarygiftcards.com, a WinHundred site. While complimentarygiftcards.com is still on Alexa, a web information company, with "WinHundred, LLC.", "Josh Blumenfeld" and "CoverClicks, LLC." in the contact info, not all WinHundred sites are registered with the same information. Like the whois info for bigvaluegiftcard.net, all it may have is "AffiliateNetwork.com Marketing, LLC." and nothing else. As of now, all sites containing the following are WinHundred: WinHundred, LLC., Josh Blumenfeld, CoverClicks, LLC., AffiliateNetwork.com Marketing, LLC.

More and more companies are excluding their addresses from their policies. So for DIYs like WinHundred, we turn to whois reports and utilize web tools for a complete analysis. CRS sites with the Hong Kong and England addresses do not have an address in the policy. Only in the policies of their Canadian and U.S. sites is there an address! But, the addresses are on the contact pages of the non-Canadian/U.S. sites. We're playing a game of hide and seek, because we're constantly searching for hidden company information. It's much harder now. Is a reason for the lack of information? Hmmm, I wonder...

Someone commented about DIY spam in August's blog: "End of summer bash..." -- I found one of the spam sites he told me about. I will copy and paste our exchange below in case nobody read it.

Person's comment:

"Sean Quick August 10th, 2011 (#):

Hi Wozniack,

Not sure if this is appropriate here but do you have any sure fire way to remove my email from CRS’s lists? I gave out my email to one single website (foolish) and I get at least a dozen emails a day from various entities but with CRS’s address according to information on this blog and others. I have unsubcribed to every one over 2 months to no avail…it is maddening…I call rewardstream which seemed like it was rewards group but they deny everything. I’ve tried calling CRS but they are equally evasive and claim it is not them although the addresses provided match. Any advice please email me….thank you in advance."

My reply:

"wozniack August 12th, 2011 (#):


On the site you registered with there should be an “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom. Click on it, and enter your e-mail and click the ‘unsubscribe’ button. If it cannot be found on the web site, please send me the link and I will look at it. I might be able to find it just by having the link. Even though CRS says it is not them it very well might be. I found out on my own that a site they claimed wasn’t theirs actually was; Dave just didn’t recognize it.



Person's reply:

"Sean Quick August 29th, 2011 (#):

Hi Wozniack,

I didn’t even know if you would be responding so just now checked back. Thank you so much for taking the time…apologies to use your blog to communicate as i know my concerns are quite different than yours. Anyway, yes, they all have “unsubscribe” links which i have followed diligently for nearly 4 months but still receive endless emails about subway, facebook, etc. I don’t think any say CRS – they say Investyourmedia.com, YesSurvey.com, etc. but all have the same addresses in W.4th Vancouver, Woodbridge ON, and similar…addresses that i think you’ve linked to CRS. Of course, they all have slightly different names and CRS will always says something like “no, were suite 6B not 6A. CRS Customer service emailed me back 4 months ago saying I’ve been removed from all lists – I have only given my work email twice – once Cost Plus and once to Restoration Hardware – that i can think of. Still receive tons of junk emails from them so at this point i’m trying to contact authorities in Canada and the BBB….personally, these are the exact kind of people I would love to throw on the street but they are protected by laws. Anyway, i’ve resorted to forwarding the junk emails back to svcaact@consumersrewardsolutions.com and support@consumersrewardsolutions.com because i basically have no recourse against these scumbags. I was hoping maybe you knew some names of people that work there or someone i could contact with the authority to compel these people to stop spamming me – the unsubscribe links are not being enforced and my inbox is literally filling up as I’m getting minimum 12 of these per day. Again, thank you for taking the time to even respond….very much appreciated.


My reply:

"wozniack September 2nd, 2011 (#):

Hi Sean,

I checked out investyourmedia.com and yessurvey.com. The web site for investyourmedia strikingly resembles CRS. In September of last year we compared dedicatedsurveygroup.com to consumersrewardsolutions.com. dedicatedsurveygroup.com was in the whois info for CRS registrant, Maria Chiodo. If you look at Investyourmedia.com’s publisher page, you will see that the “brand” that “delivers to publishers”, their exact words, is DedicatedSurveyGroup. Now scroll down my entry from last year to compare the screenshots of dedicatedsurveygroup.com to investyourmedia.com: http://www.diyfreebies.com/september-surprises-with-diyfreebies-com-forum-consumers-reward-solutions-and-new-connections-acquisis-issues-new-links%E2%80%A6/ Unfortunately, dedicatedsurveygroup.com is no longer around. When you visit the site you get this message, “This Account Has Been Suspended”; the web site: dedicatedsurveygroup.com. But the screenshots will show you how it once appeared for your review. The only thing out of the ordinary would be the address on their contact page: 1, liverpool st, london, EC2M7QD, United Kingdom. It’s possible for CRS to have dealings and other operations going on in the UK, but I can’t confirm that just yet. The web site design does mimic dedicatedsurveygroup.com, and the other sites they have. The phone number on their contact page I believe is a U.S. number, I’m still looking into where that is. When you say, “but all have the same addresses in W.4th Vancouver, Woodbridge ON, and similar…”, you mean these addresses were in your spam e-mails, right? Because I couldn’t find any CRS address tied to dedicatedsurveygroup.com and investyourmedia.com. I’m guessing they were located toward the bottom of your e-mails.

Would you mind sending me a few of your spam e-mails for further investigation? If the CRS addresses are in those e-mails, then most likely the spam you’ve been receiving is from them. YesSurvey.com isn’t a working site, btw; as such, there is no whois info for that domain. Could you send me the e-mail with “YesSurvey.com”, it may help me a great deal as I look further into this matter.

I’m really sorry that you’re dealing with this. I will prepare an e-mail with the desired information and send it to the e-mail address you commented under, so please watch for it. :)

Let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with in the meantime.



I'm posting our exchange so Sean Quick, as well as the rest of you, can see WHO this spam is coming from in case you want to take action. My discovery will tie investyourmedia.com, as well as the address, to the company responsible for the spam. First, we'll examine the Google search results, then we'll see where it takes us...

Google search results:

I typed "investyourmedia.com" into Google, and this search result was on the second page. "ConsumersRewardSolutions.com" was the link, and beneath that was the url "cdninabox-java.appspot.com/support.InvestYourMedia.com" followed by this text, "ConsumersRewardSolutions.com. Enter your e-mail address: I am a new customer or I forgot my password. (You'll be sent a password at the above email address) ..." This was CRS, but where did the link take me? To a status page...

status page:

I remembered the England address I saw on investyourmedia.com 2 months ago, so I performed a site search and found this gift site...

gift site:

url: http://echo.topnotchgifts.net/SplashPage.aspx?g=fa5054a06bc34a2eb2e1f53d1d8e60a0&nm=01cjavb2jwxm&s=&se=53

I checked out the contact page, which is where I expected to find the England address, and sure enough it was there...

contact page:

no 1, Liverpool st,
London, LP EC2M7QD

Next, I clicked "Reward Status", which took me here...

Same status page I was directed to in the Google search results. The "ConsumersRewardSolutions.com" written link makes it obvious who this is; and again, same status page exists for the Wal-Mart gift site under the England address. Not only does the Google search results connect investyourmedia.com to CRS, but the England address is tied in as well! I kinda knew that when I saw the Hong Kong and England locations, but this is our proof that investyourmedia.com belongs to CRS.

Next comes a member's positive earnings report. You can read my exchange with them below. :)

From member:

"from [Offline] member xxxx@xx.com
to wozniack
date Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 11:01 PM
subject Nuitech site
mailed-by xxxx.com
signed-by xxxx.com
Important mainly because of the people in the conversation.

hide details Oct 11

In August I signed up for a $500.VISA card from Smartrewardscenter.com from a link I got from your site.
I did not have to do any make up sponsors but I did have some problems with nuitech getting them to accept proof of
all my purchases ,but they finally came through and sent my Redemption Voucher on September 30,I was delighted.I checked my account and it says that a shipping request has been issued.
I also did the link from Ebates and received a $10. gift card from Target and from mypoints I received a $25. gift card from Cracker Barrel Restaurant.While these are not as impressive as your rewards I have certainly enjoyed them.
I have emailed you before and gotten assistance and support so I wanted to thank you again.
You may use this on your blog if you like.
Thanks again

My reply:

"from [Busy] xxxx@xx.com xxxx@xx.com
to member
date Wed, Oct 12, 2011 at 8:27 PM
subject Re: Nuitech site
mailed-by xxxx.com

hide details Oct 12 (13 days ago)


Congrats on your Nuitech gift! Please let me know once you receive it.

From the time you did the ebates link, how soon did you have your $10.00 Target card? I made a purchase to qualify for the promo but my status still shows "Approved." I am glad you have enjoyed your rewards from ebates and MyPoints. That truly is great! How long have you been a MyPoints member? I have been with them for years now, but haven't really shopped through them too much until now. I earn through them and market research panels in between my actual DIY payments.

Thanks for allowing me to share your good news with my readers! I really appreciate it. It is always refreshing to report something good in the midst of all the bad experiences people are having with numerous companies. This is what we needed. :)

Thanks again,


Member's reply:

"From [Offline] member xxxx@xx.com
to "diyfreebies@gmail.com"
date Wed, Oct 12, 2011 at 10:33 PM
subject Re: Nuitech site
mailed-by xxxx.com
signed-by xxxx.com
Important mainly because of the people in the conversation.

hide details Oct 12 (13 days ago)

August 17 I registered with Ebates and I placed an order through them on the same day.
August 29 I received an email from them saying my gift card was in the mail,I received it shortly after that .I was surprised at how fast it came through, the Ebates cash I took on a PayPal account.
I signed up with MyPoints on May 21,2011.I haven't been keeping up with it much lately
but I am going to get back to it."

Member again:

"from [Offline] member xxxx@xx.com
to wozniack
date Sun, Oct 23, 2011 at 10:43 AM
subject email I sent October 12
mailed-by xxxx.com
signed-by xxxx.com
Important mainly because of the people in the conversation.

hide details Oct 23 (9 days ago)

I wasn't sure if you received this email,I sent it concerning nuitech.This was responding to questions you asked."

My reply:

"from [Busy] diyfreebies@gmail.com diyfreebies@gmail.com
to member
date Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 6:24 PM
subject Re: email I sent October 12
mailed-by gmail.com

hide details Oct 24 (7 days ago)

Hi member,

Yes, I received your last e-mail. I'm sorry that I forgot to reply! The end of the month is extremely hectic for me as I am wrapping up new projects, and am up to my neck in research. :))

I'll keep watching for my $10.00 Target gift card from ebates. I haven't made anymore purchases through them other than the one I made to get my $10.00 reward, but I will the next time I shop online. I'm sure I will do some online shopping during the holidays. The MyPoints program is so great. I have enough for a CVS gift card but I cannot cash out now as my points are still pending. I really love how easy it is to earn free money online through the DIY companies we pursue, and just for shopping online. Makes our internet experience much more fun and rewarding. *w*

Have a great night!


Member's reply:

"from [Offline] member xxxx@xx.com
to "diyfreebies@gmail.com"
date Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 6:40 PM
subject Re: email I sent October 12
mailed-by xxxx.com
signed-by xxxx.com
Important mainly because of the people in the conversation.

hide details 6:40 PM (22 minutes ago)

I finally received my 500.00 VISA gift card from the nuitech offer, I mailed the voucher to them October 4, I received the gift card October 31st making for a very Happy Halloween."

I hope this member continues to earn great awards from DIY and points programs! Congrats. :)

Forgot to post my virtual Visa from two months ago:

I built up enough points for a $25.00 virtual Visa gift card code. If anyone is interested in signing up for MyView, or my other marketing research panels, you may contact me here: diyfreebies@gmail.com

This year's harvest is sure to delight everyone...

*Thanksgiving link list*


http://www.saveandsmile.com/?config=7372 - 10 offers, 2 refs/$1,000.00 Visa gc

http://www.consumersavingcenter.com/?config=7630 - 10 offers, 1 ref/$500.00 supermarket gift card of your choice (Visa option)

http://www.consumersavingcenter.com/?session_id=4941324403e611e1b8826f42b8df804b - 8 offers, 2 refs/laptop of your choice

http://wwww.grandsavingscenter.com/?config=7463 - 10 offers, no refs/iPad 2 in color of your choice

http://www.grandsavingscenter.com/?config=7434 - 10 offers, 2 refs/$1,000.00 Home Depot gc

http://www.grandsavingscenter.com/?config=7437 - 10 offers, 2 refs/$1,000.00 Best Buy gc


http://familyfoodrewards.com/chilis/ - offers unknown/$500.00 Chili's gc + misc gifts

http://shoppingthanet.com/molmaidzas/index.php?lid=molmaidzas_12967_PFTEST&add_offerid=9933975&addomain=avcounter10.com&addomain_id=67&uniclk=false - offers unknown/$500.00 Molly Maid gc + misc gifts

http://shoppingthanet.com/hdbig/index.php?lid=hdbig_14281_168&add_offerid=8843751&addomain=promolnk.com&addomain_id=89&uniclk=true - offers unknown/$500.00 Home Depot gc + misc gifts

I truly had a good time writing this. What's important is that I got each and every bit of information out there in time. Now we have it for the month! *g* I did get approved for the I-Deal site I was working on, whew!! How trying that was! So relieved to be processed, and know that I'm getting my gift. I just can't do anymore of their sites though until there are new offers. Maybe by then their crediting system will be functioning better. In the meantime, I'll register with an Ifficient site to see if their offers have changed so I can test them. And again, I will try to get WinHundred talking, lol... There may be a problem with their e-mail account, and if there is, that should explain why they never answered me back. I've fallen behind in updating our Official company and address list, and I am so sorry about that! The Official company and address list has been modified on DIYfreebies.com, blogger (wozniack.blogspot.com), A4F (anything4free.com), and on our forum (http://diyfreebies.com/freebieforum).

I extend my condolences to the family of Steve Jobs. On October 5, 2011, we lost a remarkable man whose intelligent mind and genius inspired today's world in so many ways. Jobs' impact on technology and innovation will be missed.

Wishing everyone a blessed holiday... Be thankful this season, and cherish the time spent with your loved ones. Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!


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