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Cupid’s arrow strikes a love match between CRS and U.S. locations, Ifficient site errors and gifts, Consumer Gain's new rule, Valentine’s link list...

Cupid is pointing his arrow this month, and has already struck several networks; U.S. locations are a love match for CRS; Ifficient site malfunctions and gift program details; Consumer Gain's major rule change; Valentine's link list, and more!

We've compared the similarities between the New York City, NY and Campbell, CA sites to Consumers Reward Solutions, so what now? Well, a member inquired about brandprizecenter.com, so like any other site I investigated it. The policy had the same New York City, NY address. So I registered on the site in order to be found in CRS' system. If Dave could find where I signed up for brandprizecenter.com, then the NYC and CA addresses are CRS. In addition to the NYC address proof that is about to unfold, the Campbell, CA address registration, survey and offer pages are much too similar to not be CRS.

whois info:

gift site policy:

gift page: http://select.brandprizecenter.com/SplashPage.aspx?g=cf2bf18aa12e48e998ab846a2b656467&nm=01lggfv6kqx1&se=03

The correspondence between Dave and myself gives us confirmation on the NYC, NY address...

Me, "From: me
Sent: Thu, 13 Jan 2011 23:56:19 -0500
To: Svc Acct
Subject: Re: [11E-148AFF62-207F] Having a problem


I had a question if you don't mind. Could you tell me if I'm showing that I
signed up for this site? brandprizecenter.com I wanted to make sure I was
in the system before completing any offers. Pretty sure I signed up using
this email : xxxx@xx.com :)



Dave, "On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 7:11 PM, Svc Acct

Hi me,

It shows a bunch of different gifts and no offers completed.
Will this be your second gift request?
Our rules state only one winner per house hold per year.


Me, "From: me
Sent: Mon, 17 Jan 2011 23:17:36 -0500
To: Svc Acct
Subject: Re: [11E-148AFF62-207F] Having a problem


I thought that since I did the laptop site last month (Dec), that I would
qualify to do another site? wouldn't the laptop site be considered done in
2010 since I finished it before 2011?



Dave, "from Svc Acct
reply-to Svc Acct
to xxxx@gmail.com
date Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 11:48 AM
subject [11E-148AFF62-207F] Having a problem

hide details Jan 18 (9 days ago)

You can only qualify if it is a different site and different gift.


Him saying, "It shows a bunch of different gifts and no offers completed" tells me it is a CRS site. I took a screen shot of the site, and the drop-down menu displays several gift card choices. That must be what he meant by "a bunch of different gifts." He was right about "no offers completed", too, since I never did any. Also, he never said "You aren't showing up at all" like before after I tested him on a site unrelated to CRS. Our other e-mails are present in case no one knows the "One winner per household per year" rule.

Now let's compare the registration, survey and offers pages between CRS and the Campbell, CA address...

Campbell, CA registration page:

CRS registration page:

Campbell, CA survey page:

CRS survey page:

Campbell, CA offer page:

CRS offer page:

Even the offers are the same! That makes me believe even more in a connection. Same registration, survey and offer pages + same offers = same company, right? The offers are lined up in the exact same order, too.

The official company and address list will be updated with the two U.S. locations, and the one in Vaughan, ON.

CRS addresses:

6-6150 Highway 7 STE# 220
Vaughan, ON L4H-OR6

Rockefeller Center
1230 Avenue of the Americas 7th Floor
New York City, NY 10020

1999 S. Bascom Avenue
Suite 700
Campbell, CA 95008

Let's talk about giftcertificatedelivery.com real quick. People have mistaken giftcertificatedelivery.com for a DIY company. I thought this myself until reading the tiny print, "To directly access the advertised promotion above, please click here." It's positioned after the reward advertisement, and first sentence on the site. Once I hit "click here", I was taken to a Nuitech site. giftcertificatedelivery.com touted a $250.00 Wendy's gift card while Nuitech offered one to Burger King, lol. The urls have wording that suggests they categorize their advertisements; this one starts with "fastfood.giftcertificatedelivery.com"

giftcertificatedelivery.com advertisement:

url: http://fastfood.giftcertificatedelivery.com/form/iframe/33723/6544/?&sid=1&ref=33723

Nuitech site:

gift page: http://fastfood.giftcertificatedelivery.com/form/iframe/32424/6544/?&sid=PF21610&ref=32424

While investigating the domain more of these sites surfaced, and took me to another I-Deal gift, Ifficient, and Nuitech sites. Their disclaimer at the very bottom states, "GiftCertificateDelivery.com is an advertising service made available to merchants and vendors ("Third Party Providers") that want to provide end users with an opportunity to apply for their products and/or services as featured on this website ("Featured Products")." They simply advertise for companies like I-Deal, Ifficient and Nuitech, they don't manage a gift program.

Ifficient are changing the direction of their Fulfillment Department, and are repairing site errors. I can't get a message to their support via their contact pages across multiple sites, and a message sent to one of their e-mails bounced. I'm thinking it is more technical at this point than support just refusing to respond. I will post my recent correspondence with Sean McCormick from Ifficient to help answer some questions about the company's gift program.

Me, "from wozniack
to xxxx@xx.com
date Fri, Jan 28, 2011 at 12:07 AM
subject Hi...
mailed-by xxxx.com

hide details Jan 28 (1 day ago)

Hi there,

I tried customer support first, but they haven't been answering so I thought I'd ask you. Had two questions about your gift program, as myself and a few others were interested in doing the sites available. Do you ship checks, or the advertised gift cards? This is a big question as members like knowing up front what they're actually getting. Consumer Gain advertises gift cards but has been shipping checks. Do the gift values exceed $1,000.00, or are they in the $500.00-$1,000.00 range? That's all I wanted to know.

I sent a message to remove@globalonerewards.com, and the e-mail bounced back. Wasn't sure if this was a result of the site being under construction, or if it is some sort of error.

The recipient's e-mail address was not found in the recipient's e-mail system. Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you. Please check the e-mail address and try resending this message, or provide the following diagnostic text to your system administrator."

I also sent a message through the worldrewardsnow.com contact page, but haven't heard back yet. I wanted to bring this to your attention in case this is more of a site issue. Is it possible the messages are getting lost in transit due to a system malfunction? Hm, just me thinking here... :) I'm sorry to bother you with this. Answer at your convenience.

Thank you for your time,


Sean McCormick, "from Sean McCormick
to wozniack
date Fri, Jan 28, 2011 at 10:49 AM
subject Re: Hi...
mailed-by xxxx.com
signed-by xxxx.com

hide details 10:49 AM (13 hours ago)

Hi -

Let me find out where that customer support number is routing to.

We actually give the preference to receive either the check or gift card.

They are all $1,000.00 right now."

Sean McCormick is working diligently to fix things around Ifficient, so let's give him some time. I like the option of choosing between a check or gift card, that is cool. I will include Ifficient links in our Valentine link list. Please read my write up on them below before getting started.

Ifficient-- All offers must be completed within 180 days of registration. It is recommended that you retain information that proves you completed the sponsor offers, as this may be helpful if a sponsor(s) fails to notify Ifficient that the required number of offer(s) is satisfied. Following Ifficient's receipt of such verification from the last of the requisite number of sponsors, Ifficient will prompt you to confirm your delivery address where your gift will be shipped. The qualification time varies by sponsor, but may be in excess of 30 days. Once you qualify for your gift, you must fulfill the instructions within 90 days from the date of qualification. Submission after 90 days does not meet the conditions for eligibility, and Ifficient will not be obligated to award the member. Fulfillment based on a completion of redemption instructions after 90 days is at the sole discretion of Ifficient. Only one gift is permitted per person per twelve month period. There is a limit of one gift per household. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for shipment.

Consumer Gain updates... They are responsive, which is good. Their gift pages do often malfunction, but they are a legitimate company with the best customer support I have ever experienced. I asked them about their "two gifts per lifetime" rule, and it is now only one gift per lifetime. I will post their response to me below.


We have changed the amount of gifts a member can receive in their lifetime to one gift because we now send out primarily $1,000 gifts as opposed to $500 gifts.

Most members complete offers towards the $1,000 gift nowadays, so we've limited their receipt to one.


Member Services"

Everybody please make note of that. Also remember that passwords are case sensitive. If anyone is having login or site errors, please contact me at: diyfreebies@gmail.com, and I can assist you further.

I got two surprises in the mail! My $25.00 Wal-Mart gift card from Essential Savings, and my $25.00 Target gift card from epoll arrived. Essential Savings is an offer I did on my first CRS site. I had the gift card in hand in under two weeks. Epoll is a survey panel I participate in. I earn about $50.00-$70.00 in gift cards annually, which isn't bad considering its free. I didn't save my epoll letter, but I snapped a pic of my gift card and took a screen shot of my activity summary. I'm also part of Toluna and National Survey Panel. With Toluna, you can test everything from toothbrushes to iPads and keep the products! The more surveys you complete, the more checks you earn. Anyone else love surveys? I fixed the XBox + Kinect bundle link in last months blog, btw. The old link kept directing us to the GPS gift. The XBox link is back up in the New Years entry.

*Valentine's link list*


http://myrewardsvault.com/LP/catalog-14701/3c59dc048e.php?aid=2781-AP&a=1717&ce_cid=000lVx4tW9XF1jlnWU8wns8rWm000000&dp=1717 - 6 offers, no refs/$250.00 Bed Bath & Beyond gc

http://ikeagiftcard.giftcertificatedelivery.com/form/iframe/10885/6841/?&ref=10885 - 10 offers, no refs/$1,000.00 IKEA gc

http://consumergiftcards.com/rd_p?p=199734&t=13993&c=&a=16015& - 10 offers, no refs/$1,000.00 Best Buy gc

http://www.consumergiftcards.com/rd_p?p=185612&c=txt_090&a=381001&hid=865358193 - 6 offers, no refs/$250.00 Jiffy Lube or Pep Boys gc

http://consumergiftcards.com/rd_p?p=176977&t=5913 - 6 offers, no refs/$250.00 Marshall's gc

http://www.consumergiftcards.com/rd_p?p=95193&t=11485 - 6 offers, no refs/$250.00 merchant gc of your choice (Visa option)

http://www.consumergiftcards.com/rd_p?p=185615&c=txt_060&a=381001&hid=865358355 - 6 offers, no refs/$250.00 KB Toys gc

http://www.consumerincentiverewards.com/rd_p?p=306558&c=50068-cirangrybirdssurvey_728_hibrand&a=%SUBID% 8 offers, no refs/64 iPod touch w/plush toy or $400.00 in iTunes gcs w/plush toy

http://www.superbrewards.com/rd_p?p=201448&t=14484&c=46942-sr_7eleven250gc_emc_g01&a=1009391 - 6 offers, no refs/$250.00 7-Eleven gc


http://worldrewardsnow.com/giftpage.aspx?gid=1&pubid=124833&subid=124833_footer&ref=10001 - 13 offers, no refs/$1,000.00 check or Target gc

http://amazongiftcard.giftcertificatedelivery.com/form/iframe/10885/6843/?&ref=10885 - 13 offers, no refs/$1,000.00 check or amazon gc

http://www.newestrewards.com/ - 13 offers, no refs/$1,000.00 check or gc of your choice (Visa option)

Consumer Gain--

http://upicktheoffer.com/G/landing?campaignId=3259&subcid=1717#cid=3259#sid=70#vid=1411 - offers unknown, no refs/$1,000.00 check

Thanks, jasoneggleston, for destroying our forum spam, and for helping prevent future attacks. I am deeply sorry to everyone who witnessed such graphic material. Thank you for your patience while we restored the forum. jasoneggleston is a moderator over at GiftCardCove.com. His username is 'geturdeals' if you have questions or need help buying, selling or trading gift cards. The neighborly staff are helpful, and I wish nothing but the best for their site. Check them out: www.giftcardcove.com

My CRS check should arrive in March, so I am pretty excited. Trying not to get my hopes up since my last big check didn't work out so well (Brandarama), but it's hard not to when it's over 2 grand. I'm starting an Ifficient site, but not until after moving next month. Hopefully I-Deal produces more non-referral deals this spring and summer. In the meantime, we have CRS and Ifficient since Acquisis is out, and I-Deal's offers aren't so great. Nuitech is alright, but I prefer doing them with the 6-day rule in place. And unfortunately, Consumer Gain is only one gift per lifetime now. If I-Deal's XBox + Kinect promotion is still going next month I might consider it, hm... Alright, let me know if you guys have any questions. Will be working on the link list tonight!

Bye for now,


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