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September surprises, Part 1. forum, Consumers Reward Solutions and new connections, Acquisis issues, new links…

Happy Labor Day!! September surprises us with an official DIYfreebies forum; An astonishing Consumers Reward Solutions update with two confirmed connections; Acquisis's pond teeming with difficulties; new links, and more!

I now present to you... *pulls off cloak* Our very own DIYfreebies forum. Many of you suggested it, and I see no harm in having one. The blog can bring important updates and news, while the forum will allow our thoughts on the freebie industry to roam freely. If anyone wants to moderate the site, please contact me at: All I ask is that the moderators be fair, diplomatic, and comply with the general DIY and forum rules. These rules can be found on our forum. You will notice an addition to our blog, "FORUM" and "SUBSCRIBE." These links point you to the right destination. So if you've forgotten the link(s), simply click FORUM or SUBSCRIBE. The RSS feed is also available by clicking the mini orange box on the right of your search bar. Click it to be taken to a subscription page. If you have any questions, post on the forum or e-mail me directly.

Now the Consumers Reward Solutions update... Since my last entry a member addressed me personally, stating that Consumers Reward Solutions paid members last year. I cannot reveal the identity of the informer, but the statement is valid. CRS are sending members release forms followed by tracking numbers for their shipments. Must be fair by reporting everything that happens. However, an abundance of hoodwinked members remain, so should they be forgotten while CRS gets patted on the back for their latest expenditure? Why are so many put through the wringer if they're sending release forms left and right? Two possibilities here. Since their reputation is so badly damaged, they might be remitting payment to refine their image. People would note this change, and their faith in them is restored. Then either they or somebody else would try another site by them. The other possibility is if they're low on funds. Makes sense if only a smattering quantity of people were paid. Perhaps their intentions are good, but they're drying up and are deep in the hole. That is the worst case scenario, and I'm worried. I just don't want these payment proofs to lead to disappointment with a bomb detonating after more people do their sites. Acquisis paid, then stopped, and are now paying again. To me this is no different. I'm happy for those walking away with something, but not everyone has been that lucky.

The "BIG REVEAL"! The suspense is killing me... It's not mind-blowing, but it will help answer your questions. After launching my full-blown investigation solely on Consumers Reward Solutions, and the individuals exposed in last month's entry, two others were found. Since my attempts to connect them to CRS were fruitless, I dismissed them. This new evidence affixes itself finely to CRS because it is CRS.,, the addresses, and names interlock. Watch this unfold...

The first name, Maria Chiodo, called to me. The domain, and mystery surrounding the 9-334 Queen Street South address is solved since we now know the registrant behind it. But this evidence isn't sufficient to say Maria Chiodo is in cahoots with CRS. Stick with me though because there is more!

After examining a measureless volume of domains registered by this person, many of which are expired, one caught my eye: This is where it gets exciting...

Click to enlarge.

See where it says "Get yours for free!"? All the links on the page direct you to the sites Consumers Reward Solutions maintain. Below is a screen shot of one of the sites, and the policy, which has--drumroll--the Broadway address we know so well.

Maria Chiodo's domain hosting CRS' links:


gift page:

policy from gift site:

Address on policy:

101-1001 W Broadway
Suite 765
Vancouver, BC V6H-4E4

Address on Consumers Reward Solutions' web site:

This begs the question, why would Maria Chiodo tout another company's sites on hers-- unless she was part of CRS. I think this confirms our suspicions all along. The other possibility could be that CRS are paying Maria Chiodo for advertising, and there is no relationship between them. I'm betting on the former though, because too many similarities exist between her, and the others listed in August's blog. Now person number 2...

Stewart Fotheringham. How does he factor in? Well, let's look at this...

"" shouldn't be in the DNS records, but maybe the purpose of it being there is that, and are hosted on the same server? That's what makes me believe Mr. Fotheringham is connected to CRS, too. Back to Maria Chiodo for a second. We almost missed this... took me to a site resembling Let's compare Consumers Reward Solutions, and Dedicated Survey Group. The web sites are alike in wording, policy, and "contact us." Could Consumers Reward Solutions, and Dedicated Survey Group be "shell companies" taking all the hits? We discussed this months ago, and it's making a lot of sense right now. If these are shell companies, perhaps the authentic, nameless company is keeping it's reputation in tact by allowing missiles to destroy the others. Why else would "Dedicated Survey Group", and "Consumers Reward Solutions" be on the whois information across a plethora of domains? Companies like I-Deal have DBAs for many of their sites, but they don't list professional web sites for each DBA in the registrant info.

Dedicated Survey Groups' homepage:

About Us:




Consumers Reward Solutions' homepage:

About Us:




If one replicated the other company's site they could get in hot water. I don't mean a policy lookalike, or copying the appearance of another's work, but the wording on each page. To steal another's written work is plagiarism. A stolen idea could hurt them too, however, none of that will occur because they are united, lol. Evidently, being the same business, they cannot steal from themselves. I've pretty much accomplished my goal here, so if anybody finds something of importance, please let me know and I will investigate it. In the meantime, updates will be given on payment reports, and I'll leave the resources up to fight CRS.

Dear Acquisis, what is going on? Rejection after members have painstakingly worked toward their profit. What's preposterous is that the conditions you pump out aren't even in the terms! Why are members bound to non-existent rules? If it's not in the terms, it doesn't apply to us, IMO. Enough with the lame excuses to circumvent paying your members. Consolation checks, and aggravation seem to be all you're giving nowadays. *exasperated*

Sit down with this barbecue feast of links...

*links 'n such*

Member Source Media (ConsumerGain)-- - offers unknown/$500.00 check - offers unknown/$500.00 check - offers unknown/$500.00 check - offers unknown/value of iPhone 4 - offers unknown/$500.00 check - offers unknown/$500.00 check - offers unknown/$500.00 check

I-Deal-- - 12 offers, 2 refs/55" Samsung LCD HDTV, 3D Blu-Ray Samsung Blu-Ray player, 3D starter kit Samsung SSG-P2100T

Nuitech-- - 18 offers, no refs/$1,000.00 + $500.00 Visa - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 Toys R Us gc - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 Sears gc - 8 offers, no refs/$500 Best Buy gc

Acquisis– – offers unknown/$2,000.00 check

producttestpanel-- - offers unknown/$1,000.00 gc deal

Most likely double blogging this month since I couldn't include everything. More info on Redsail Media. Haven't heard that name in a while, huh? More CRS updates, a freebie proof picture, links, and lots of cool stuff coming your way! I could only cram so much, lmao... The proof pic will my ConsumerGain check that shipped. Hoped it would have arrived in time but it didn't. Oh well. I'm backed up on my messages, but promise to answer all inquiries soon. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I love hearing from you! Have a great Labor Day holiday, if you celebrate.

Signing off...


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