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RewardStream stings more members, can they be saved? Channel Clarity, Inc. and President Brock Flagstad, anniversary party invitations...

Hello again. The last time we talked about RewardStream was during the investigation on them and PopularMedia. The need to expose their bunco is too dire to wait until June. We will also discuss Acquisis, and my findings on rewardscenter.net. Read on...

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Everybody else, please continue... A member of A4F sent me a heads up on RewardStream's latest scam. Two more were stung by the queen bee with the assistance of the others in the colony. More than honey was in their hive! Flashy sites and radio ads facilitated the process of reeling people in, but perhaps their main objective was to scam. Think about it. Who has reported payment by them so far? No one. Instead, I have spoken confidentially with their victims, who narrated their horror stories. RewardStream led members down an ant trail of deceit, and are happily marching along.

Posts made by the two short-changed members:

"Posted by Tmsec05 2 months ago

Direct survey solutions i stayed up all night and morning answering survey questions and filled out all regis. Forms complete and honestly and provided them with 24 verifications for all my rewards and spec. Offers; and they told me that i needed to subscribe to and verify 13 more offers. They said that they could only verify 3 comp. Offers, after, i sent them all my info. I am really ticked off. I've asked them several times to send me a fax number, so that i could fax them my verifications. They did not, nor, would they call. I can find out nothing about them. I honestly earned the rewards and gift certificates; but, i know that they will never pay me what i earned. I believe this company is a fraud or scam and never intend to pay anyone. It really makes me angry that they post various rewards and then say that you didn't earn them or they can't verify your completion of offers. Someone needs to come down on them. I was so excited about my earnings and i planned to take my gift cards and use it to pay bills with. Has anyone else experienced this type of fraudulent activity?? They only intend to get personal opinions and info. I'm just so upset that they get away with something like this. Thanks for your input. Now i don't want anything to do with surveys.

Mary k. Of fairfax, va"

"Posted by crazycatlady417 19 days ago

Don't feel bad, I fell for it too. Same company. Mine was for a $1000. Walmart gift card. I completed 13 offers exactly as they stated. I have even saved all of the EULA's and "Gift Rules" that they had published. They even responded to 2 of my emails, but I do not expect to hear from them again or ever receive the gift card. I knew I was taking a risk when I did it, but it is still disappointing and frustrating."

source: http://yedda.com/questions/crime_news_events_862208952183897/

See how scammers kill the industry? They don't stop to think how their unlawful affairs ruin it for all the ballplayers. Legitimate companies miss out since the members lose all their faith in this business, then it spreads word-of-mouth. Once people are warned of their crookedness they won't touch them. When I saw, "Now i don't want anything to do with surveys" by this person, I was impelled to take a stand. RewardStream stuffs money in a vault while their members get chiseled. Doesn't seem fair, does it? The forgathering of the posters and myself will allow us to ventilate our grievances with this company. It'll give us a chance to hatch a plan of attack on their evil strategy. So we can congregate, I am posting on the complaint page. The topic starter posted 2 months ago, however, the last person posted 20 days ago. Under a month. Hopefully they see it... I'd like to go straight to ABC News, or any other media outlet; whoever lends an ear needs to know there are reputable companies out there. I wouldn't want people to think otherwise after reporting on RewardSteam, you know? My message to RewardStream: Pull out the crystal ball, shake it a bit, and tell yourselves to close shop. It would benefit us all.

Speaking of scammers, let's hop on down to Acquisis. For over a year, many members were not paid by sites connected to The Reward Depot, which are Acquisis. They are now seen as another Brandarama.

Quoting a DIYfreebies commenter, "I think that any company actively avoiding legal service and ignoring inquiries by the state Attorney General’s office is up to no good. They are also behind on their state business fees, and Evanston, IL–where their UPS Store addresses are–has no idea who they are so that means they never properly registered as a business and are probably not paying taxes.

It doesn’t matter what they did two years ago. They haven’t paid anyone in over 12 months now."

I can't argue about their negligence. The commenter was right. My take is if they pay pursuers of the Big-Brand sites, then funds are available to those who satisfied every step of the gift program with The Reward Depot. I recommended Big-Brand sites because I didn't want to cut anyone out of a deal since they're still paying on them.

A member e-mailed me last week. He gave me permission to post this.

"btw i just got paid by big brand giveaway. i did their amazon kindle site (lol) and i received a $300 check for 4 offers. the domain was electronics-galore."

What to do in this situation? I just gave proof of payment, yet they owe others money! All I will say is proceed with caution. Yes, they're paying on numerous sites. Remember though, this is how it began with The Reward Depot. Things were looking great, everyone was happy. Checks flew down the chute, onto the conveyor belt, and out the swinging door-- until the factory wheels ground to a halt. No matter how well it functions, it can conk out. My intent isn't to discourage, but we must be cautious. The last thing we need are more Brandaramas, and I think we're sick of those!

I hold the keys to rewardcenter.net's building. Finally, they're about to be revealed along with comparison shots and addresses. Please commit their incorporated name to memory below.

Channel Clarity, Inc. is a lead generation and internet marketing outfit based out of Chicago, IL. President, Brock Flagstad, started up the indomitable corporation in 2003. Their core capabilities include lead generation, online traffic management, conversion optimization, and remarketing. In 2008, he appointed his wife, Meredith Jones Flagstad, Vice President, and his brother, Ryan Flagstad, Account Manager of Channel Clarity. Flagstad also is President of Incite Sales, Inc., a trucking broker serving the greater Chicago area. He graduated from Miami University in 1999.

I connected the dots to link the rewardscenter.net domains to Channel Clarity, Inc. Policy similarities, and addresses link together. Notice how the copyright on both layouts is positioned in the lower left-hand corner? This is like a "spot the differences" children's game except there aren't any, lol.

Channel Clarity addresses:

215 W. Ohio St.
3rd Floor
Chicago, IL 60654

221 N Lasalle St. Ste 1612
Chicago, IL 60601-1428

1720 N Ashland Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

rewardscenter.net gift site policy:


gift page: www.rewardscenter.net

Channel Clarity sweepstakes site policy:


sweepstakes page: www.dailygoldenticket.com

Forget the law firm. They exited before Channel Clarity arrived. It jibes since their phone and fax lines were dead. So now the evidence has been laid out, do they pay? Well, my investigative work led me to social networking sites. I tweeted two people on Twitter who touted their gifts. No responses from anyone, but this line from this particular guy intrigued me, "Hurry and get yourself a free iPad like me." That implies they received a gift. However, it may just be someone spamming to earn money off Twitter. I'm familiar with Twitter, and users spam to earn cash.

My Twitter if anyone wants it: http://twitter.com/DIYfreebies

Look at April's increase. Most of the traffic probably came from me, lmao...

Anyway, this is a start. We're further along than we were a month ago! I'm excited, honestly. So much happening before our very eyes, and we're progressing. All we need to know is if Redsail Media and Channel Clarity are legit. Day Online Solutions, just leave them be. No check status page, and no mode of communication. Not a good sign.

*links 'n such*


Member Source Media (ConsumerGain)--


::will try to add some here for you guys::

In my last entry, I couldn't wait to share my rare I-Deal links because I know how much you guys wanted them. I hope you're enjoying the links, and I will try to find more. My mission is to help those poor people RewardStream scammed. I'll tend to that while planning our anniversary blog. It's dated June 16th, and you're all VIP guests! You will have your own tables and champagne. And that's not all-- wait until the big show! Don't forget to wear a tux, or formal (dress).*wink*

I'm over and out...



Christina said...

Hey Woz,

i too am dealing with directsurveysolutions.com, and haven't gotten any sort of straight answer/reply. are they affiliated with rewardstream? i've read a bit of your blog but i'm beginning to think i got scammed on this. i completed 13 offers to redeem an ipad but i'm at a stand still, plus i've never done anything like this before. any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated* i plan on mailing a packet to the address i found in canada. help!


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