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Springtime sizzles with ARG responding, Atrinsic, Inc. and CEO Jeffery Schwartz, Southwest Airlines sues network, hatching DIY company, new links...

Welcome to the Easter edition of this blog! ARG responding a year after the fiasco; CEO Jeffrey Schwartz of Atrinsic, Inc. and company introduction; nameless DIY network gets us hopping; Southwest Airlines vs. Acquisis; egg hunt link list; Eggciting egg hunt now underway... Ready. Set. GO! *blows whistle*

Alright. Let me tell you guys what is about to happen. Unless you have been living under a rock you should well know Active Response Group, and the former CEO Brad Powers. If not, browse my previous entries for info. Dated March 16th, 2010 I received a comment on my Wordpress blog from an "ARG insider." The sonorous entry was so loud it reached the ears of someone who I believe was in office. Now, I am almost 100% positive that somewhere in this blog I said ANYONE can respond, even ARG themselves. Everyone is welcome to share their thoughts and opinions without censor. That being said, I won't remove the comment by ARG insider. I will, however, animadvert on what I found fault with in addition to my initial reply. Also, why am I posting this on the blog? In case "ARG insider" missed my reply to them, and they're like a celebrity to us, lol. Read on...

ARG insider dated March 16, 2010, "You are very paranoid. Did it ever occur to you that the employees at ARG didn’t like Brad any more than anybody else or that perhaps Caivis and Atrinsic are both going to lead-generation conferences simply because they are both doing business in that industry? cheers."

My reply dated March 23, 2010, "I may be paranoid, but for a good reason. Do you not know what happened last year? After a 2-year wait, members were told to join a cash back certificate program, which they did NOT sign up for, and spend thousands of dollars on useless merchandise. After that, they were required to provide receipts, certificates and tax forms. Most passed approval, however, instead of ARG saying, “Hey, we can’t pay everybody, so let’s just end this now”, it dragged out for months. My point is, why put us through anymore headache? I honestly think he got a tax write off on us. That’s just me.

Did you work at ARG? I ask because of your bit about the employees. And yes, it did. Most likely they attend because of their involvement in the lead generation industry. A monkey would know that, lol. I just want to know the plan for the gift program that Caivis is now running. The T&C and policy pages are basically the same except for the address swap. My readers wanted to try the sites managed by Caivis, which is also why I’ve been investigating. My mission has been to safeguard newcomers and whoever else from freebie scams. I did NOT want history to repeat itself in case this new gift program was deceptive. Members emptied out their pockets, and got shafted in the end. It’s disappointing. I’m not trying to ruffle any feathers, only examine what I stumble upon and work from there. If the result of my findings makes me paranoid and disgruntled, so be it! Who wouldn’t be? I’m not arguing, just merely explaining why I’m doing this.

Thank you for your time, and feel free to write again."

As far as the employees not liking Brad, um, that does not concern me. Myself and members only wanted our checks. I included the members because they are part of this, too. We stand united, divided we fall. I will be honest though, I did go overboard with March's entry. However, certain things are just too hard to ignore. I'm a detective by heart, and when I sense suspicion I look into it. And last years events only raised my level of cautiousness. Sorry.

Unsure if this is spam or the real thing...

Dated March 28, 2010, "2 people comment. 1 said something negative towards you, although not nasty. 50% of the people think negative towards you. Now its 75 percent. Do you really think maybe, possibly, you got issues? Do you really think YOU walk the straight line? Lets hope not."

My reply dated March 28, 2010, "Uh, I’m only seeing one negative comment on this blog. You might want to look again… As for the other percentages, that can’t possibly be determined unless you are one of the pack. Lemme guess, you worked for ARG, right? Clearly I’ve struck a chord. If you return to March’s entry and read it, you will see it is just the usual investigative work going on with a bit of humour thrown in the mix hence the jokes (in the post). Go jump in a pool, it may help you cool off a bit."

Dramarama! Start at January of 09', and work your way down. You will see why Mr. Powers is under scrutiny. Since people find my blog daily; they may see me sitting here poking fun at someone without knowing the story. Please navigate to the older posts, it will explain the situation. Freedom of Speech isn't a crime, especially when you've been taken. As long as this stays light and cheerful and on topic, I see no problem with what I'm doing. I'm not slandering anybody either, just investigating. As for "walking the straight line", it's more like a squiggly line drawn by a wiggle pen. That's the line I walk. Soon this will blow over... Let's breathe. *trying to keep the peace*

This blog is purely honest. My eccentricity is inexhaustible, and I push the envelope as far as it will go. I fight for justice, equality, and for the safety of those pursuing freebies. It's impossible to please everyone all of the time, so I say whatever is on my mind. No holding back. Time to apply my moderating skills by simply saying, "If there is something you don't like, move on." Works like a charm. Again, I will repeat that I am not arguing with any of you, just laying out my mission so it is comprehended. We mustn't run each other over... I pray attendees are not like this at conferences, lol. I'm sitting here in amazement. Write me again if you wish. *smile*

While on the subject of ARG, remember they had two Colorado locations? And what did we talk about a few entries ago? David Steinberg purchasing land in Colorado! How convenient to be in the same spot as your soon-to-be seller, or were coffee and doughnuts had at the Boulder office already? mmmm, the warm glaze is so strong I can taste it! Could they have done business there in the past? To refresh your memory I will post the ARG addresses. Unfortunately, the copy of the real estate transaction vanished, or else that would be posted, too.

Active Response Group
939 Pearl St. STE #210
Boulder, Colorado 80302

Active Response Group
13 S Tejon St,
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

What do you think? I'll let that marinate in your minds... Now, for a brief intro on Atrinsic, Inc., and their CEO.

Formerly known as New Motion, Inc., Atrinsic Inc. is a leading digital advertising and entertainment network headquartered in New York, New York since 2005. The corporation accents digital music, casual games, interactive contests, communities/lifestyles, and direct-to-consumer mobile content. Atrinsic's mixed bag of applications are GatorArcade,, iMatchUp, Kazaa,, Altnet, Bid4Prizes, and others. Their agency services allow its advertisers to reach customers using a conformed online approach, i.e. search marketing, affiliate network, social media, display media, and mobile marketing. In 2008, they celebrated a revenue of about $113.9 million. Nearly 210 employees call the stirring business home.

Atrinsic Inc. CEO, Jeffery Schwartz, is an innovator in digital media and performance marketing with an impressive account of trades throughout his career. Mr. Schwartz held various executive positions at The Walt Disney Company, and was president and CEO of Autoweb and Autobytel, both Nasdaq listed companies. During his tenure at Autobytel, Schwartz built an internet automotive marketing company, with a market capitalization exceeding $500 million, and topping over 25,000 participating dealer franchises and operations in the U.S., Europe and Asia. His ambitions proliferated as founder and chairman of AutoCentro, an automotive retail network focused on the hispanic market. In 2007, he stepped up as founder and managing partner of Vertical Passion Media, LLC., a customer identification and sales lead generation company. In addition to Atrinsic, Inc., Schwartz serves as director of U.S. Auto Parts Network, Inc. He earned Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, and Ph.D. degrees in Political Science from the University of Southern California.

Still no buzz on Redsail Media, and Day Online Solutions that manage the absoluterewards domains. Anybody want to be a guinea pig? I feel more confident about Day Online Solutions since they pay on their GPT venture. I'm willing to give them both a chance since there is no negative feedback. Until they are proven legit, they won't make it to our *links 'n such* category. However, I will pull the links out of my pouch for you to examine. Take a look, and tell me what you think...


^-- Wow... How revealing, lol. So St. Patrick's Day was last month, right? Well, that indicates that this company, whoever they are, are still active. However, their sites get odder...





Okay, the Disney one is actually normal, but the one about wearing clothes?? And where are the prize values? On the Detroit Redwings page, it's just a "Yes" or "No" question and nothing else. I guess this is like YFD or some other network where you have to sign up before you know what you're getting. As long as they're legit I can live with that though. We need to find out...

I still think Redsail Media's sites look like RewardStream, but we were unable to make that connection. If we were though shouldn't that be a red flag? Wouldn't they be labeled a scam? "Yes" would be my answer. But take Acquisis' sub company for example. The sub company running all Big-Brand Giveaway domains is paying while the one's under the main LLC. haven't paid in over a year! Quite noticeable if I say so myself. But in the case of RewardStream and PopularMedia both never paid. PopularMedia once did, but they stopped. And RewardStream, well, never paid at all according to two member complaints. In addition to that are a ton of nasty e-mails from their CS that a member gave me. He/she did a $25.00 Starbucks gc site, right? I can't remember, so correct me if I'm wrong (they read this). Until I have something solid, RedSail Media and Day Online Solutions go untouched. I will keep searching for more info anyway.

An ambiguous network is hatching. I've researched them without interruption. Their address pointed to a law firm, which was contacted by a member, but to no avail. Their numbers were not working. At the sight of the law firm address, I was puzzled. Since when has a law firm managed DIY sites? I'm not saying it can't be done, but this is a first if it's true! It's fine by me as long as they aren't running a scam, which I don't see a law firm doing, honestly, lol. Think about it. Little sense could be made if underhanded dealings went on at a law office. So is this network trustworthy then? Well, in terms of who's running it, maybe. However, we have no concrete evidence other than a address that suggests they do. Below is the information on the url and addresses.

Law office address:

gift site policy:


gift page:

Could the gift program have relocated? Certainly. But I haven't been successful in finding their current whereabouts. All that comes up is the law firm, which I have investigated time and time again. The law firm may be of interest if their hands are in freebies, but until that is proven, they have no involvement. can be a group project! Feel free to share your results if any of you find anything. Let's discover the commander in chief behind this one. Who is it? I wonder...

I'm definitely liking 2010. With ConsumerGain and Big-Brand Giveaway site opportunities, this year is brimming full of hope. 2009 only gave us misfortune instead of fortune itself. Now, we crack open the fortune cookie, and read our promising message, "You'll be taken to the land of prosperity and reap great rewards." Doesn't that sound divine? And it's true!! Look at the progress since the beginning of 2010. I'm happy to not be talking incessantly about the trials and tribulations of 2009, and am now in a year of wealth where the possibilities are endless. Oh happy day... The luck of the Irish began January 1, 2010, not March 17th, St. Patrick's Day, lol.

Come fly the unfriendly skies... The word on the street is that Southwest Airlines sued Acquisis. Okay, this is how I picture it. Upon viewing one of their gift sites that offers airline vouchers for prizes where they may also have had a stockphoto of their airplane, Southwest Airlines threw a conniption fit. Then, they insisted on legal proceedings. Acquisis probably had something on their sites that was identical or confusingly similar to their trademark. This was associated with two Acquisis DBAs, btw. ConsumerBargainGiveaways LLC., and DirectGiftcardPromotions LLC. Networks have landed in the courtroom before for a variety of reasons, so this isn't surprising.

As a network personally, Acquisis needs to shape up. It's like they haven't finished what they started on their other sites, making it over a year for members to collect payment. Anyway, that needs attention by us, not so much the lawsuit. It makes for an interesting read though. As long as the Big-Brand domains are still cooking, it's fine to do them. And I recommend doing just them for now, and not the other Acquisis sites.

The bunny leaves a painted trail for us. Find the eggs...

*egg hunt link list*

Nuitech-- - 6 offers, no refs/$250.00 amazon gc

Member Source Media (ConsumerGain)-- - offers unknown/$1,000.00 Target gc - offers unknown/$1,000.00 Sam's Club gc - offers unknown/$1,000.00 merchant gc of your choice

Acquisis-- - offers unknown/$250.00 supermarket gc of your choice (Visa and AmEx included!) - offers unknown/$250.00 supermarket gc of your choice

I hope everyone had a great Easter. Mine was wonderful, and candy-filled. The bunny and I are friends. Didn't ya know? He's a good fellow. He left a basket of carrots on my porch this morning. So much is happening I cannot contain myself!! A lot of activity on this blog, and in the freebie world. I would like for us to learn more about RedSail Media, and this new bunch, It's just unfortunate that there is always a dead end while researching. Anyway, enjoy the links, and I will see you later. If you have any questions in the meantime, fire away.

I'm over and out...


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