Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Spooktacular October of freebies continued with a hopeful DIY network, I-Deal's chilling DQ spree + gifts, new link list and more...

This blog will be a continuation of the Spooktacular October of freebies entry. I haven't done a double blog since August, so this is rather exciting! Let's further explore the goodies freebie networks are giving us in October. Go ahead and break out the candy and pumpkin seeds, it's time to have some fun...

I need to address an error I made in February, I wrote, "Other sites to stay away from:", linking everyone to three giftcard-bonanza.net sites. Who are they? Stay with me. Around this time RewardStream were under scrutiny, and I did not want history to repeat itself by more networks being sought without prior knowledge. I wanted to give a detailed write up on them. However, other matters in the freebie world were dire, so I indulged them first, leaving my giftcard-bonanza.net domains bookmarked. It wasn't until reading at FiPG that I noticed the "reward-city" thread, and that giftcard-bonanza.net was part of it. I thought, "Wow! There's my link." I found out they paid someone, so they ARE credible. Tonight, while investigating, I stumbled on February's entry containing the links... I forgot I warned against them, but they were fresh to many of us, and we didn't know them.

February's blog: http://www.diyfreebies.com/?p=32

I never labeled them a scam though it may seem like I did. I should have given further explanation or stated there wasn't enough information to declare them a fly-by-night operation, but to be cautious. Now, they could have scammed someone none of us know about, but paying a member is a positive about the company. Almost everyone has read February's blog, so editing my words is pointless. I would only do so at the behest of Big Brand Giveaway. Had I worded it differently, I would have let this go. Now that's behind us, let's find out who they are...

Some of their domains:









Big Brand Giveaway's info. Click to enlarge.



I-Deal's info. Click to enlarge.



I never thought they were YFD, however, the likeness is eerie. Firstly, I magnify the policy and T&C to make comparisons. I-Deal locations differ per DBA; eSolutionsMedia is in Greenville, DE, while more than one Pennsylvania address exists. What's that you say?! Coincidence or not that I-Deal, and this unidentified network are neighbours? Right now, it's likely that I-Deal is running it. Either that or this network's laziness outweighed their common sense, and they stole I-Deal's T&C/privacy policy content along with YFD's layout. I'm not sure which, but as this all unfolds more will be revealed... Until then, they need a temporary name. How about "Big Brand Giveaway"? It's popular, because I run into Big Brand Giveaway domains all the time. Has anyone been spammed with Big Brand Giveaway links? Come to think of it, I have! It's all coming back to me. If we had new DIY blood I would pass out, because I know the trouble we've had with DIY networks, and us wanting more options. This may be our answer. btw, I realized I used "blood" and "pass out" in the same sentence, lol. But it's true.

I think we have enough on them to begin exploring. Updates will not be given until November. In the meantime, draw your own conclusions. Look at the evidence. Who do you think they are? Freebie investigations are an unforgettable journey! So if you guys want to be detectives, now's your chance and I can help. These "journeys" also make for good practice. You learn the art of honing in on the most overlooked details that may or may not lead to something big. And so what if they don't? Some of these cases flop, like with RewardStream and PopularMedia. I went so far as to say they were one in the same. No connection was made, but it doesn't hurt to compare what we're looking at. If you missed the RewardStream/PopularMedia blogs, scroll down to Part 1 and Part 2.

All my life I have enjoyed a good mystery, and that is what freebie networks are to me. In a blanket of obscurity lies the most intimate details networks keep hidden. But what? Judicial proceedings prompting them to appear in court? Possibly. When we hear a company is in litigation our first thought is "Why?", so we look for the facts. Any unsavory findings would averse people to pursuing the network, and they would lose business. What else? Of course deceptive practices would be contested, too. I'm talking scams though, not crooked financial schemes, blackmail, settlements, bankruptcies, etc. If a network's inability to pay is smudged on consumer complaints sites it will divert people. If more individuals understood freebies there would be less of those complaints. Many internet users doing freebies don't have enough information at their fingertips. So they make mistakes, thus being disqualified for their gift.

What pleases me more than anything is the growth of this blog; word-of-mouth is spreading fast! The more people know, the more I can help. My goal still stands. I'm here to offer guidance to newcomers as well as safeguard those from networks' dishonorable activities. I'm going to try my best to bring this much content to the table in November. It just keeps getting better! I'm feeling good about freebies again, and less out of the loop.

I want to talk about I-Deal now. I got paid last week!! I did a $500.00 Visa + MJ t-shirt. I love the sites that throw in gifts on top of gift cards.

The site I did: http://www.e-researchcenter.us.com/?config=6313&src=WC-247493aaaDDD533Z12731Z1245555286DDD:216779:

Click to enlarge.

They have since bumped the offer. It once rested at 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 gc + t-shirt. Also, the t-shirt designs vary. You get what they send, but it's still cool they're throwing them in. Speaking of I-Deal, crediting and DQ issues have risen. All my offers on the MJ site went through without need of replacements, but the current site I finished I had to do one. The DQing appears to be for breaking the e-mail and 6-month rule. I don't know. Not just eSoultions Media, but other DBAs are DQing people left and right. Too bad the $1,000.00 Visa deal had to be on eSolutionsMedia. It is now bumped, btw. It would be funny if this was part of their Halloween scare tactic, and weeks later they send members a letter saying, "Boo! Did we frighten you? We wanted to scare the pants-- and masks (!)-- off our members this Halloween! Have some candy on us..." And inside the pouch is the gift card with bat and witch confetti, lol. Sorry, the notion of that is highly entertaining. In all seriousness, I hope members get it sorted out and are paid. Spending money on offers to not get anything without a good reason, is not fun.

Check out these frightening deals!

*links 'n such*


http://www.thanksgivingonus.us.com/?config=6588&src=WC-87054aaa:230336: - 8 offers, no refs/ - $500.00 Visa or supermarket gc of your choice

http://www.thanksgivingonus.us.com/?config=6599&src=WC-87054aaa:230336: - $500.00 restaurant gc of your choice

http://www.giftcardbonus.us.com/?config=6165 - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 JcPenney gc

http://www.consumerresearchbureau.us.com/?config=5227&src=WC-87054aaa:226435: - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 Home Depot or Lowe's gc


http://yourgiftzone.com/LP/prom-182366/0e087ec55d.php?a=CD44&clickid=0000Rz000kGB1M.eNu6h7kBmGe000000&ce_cid=0000Rz000kGB1M.eNu6h7kBmGe000000 - 6 offers, no refs/$250.00 gc of your choice (including Visa and AmEx!)

http://myrewardsvault.com/LP/IKEA_250/?a=CD44&clickid=0000Bj000kGB1M.eNu6h7kBmVQ000000&ce_cid=0000Bj000kGB1M.eNu6h7kBmVQ000000 - 6 offers, no refs/$250.00 IKEA gc

http://yourgiftzone.com/LP/prom-182364/fec8d47d41.php?a=CD44&clickid=0000CB000kGB1M.eNu6h7kBmXN000000&ce_cid=0000CB000kGB1M.eNu6h7kBmXN000000 - 6 offers, no refs/$250.00 gas gc of your choice or Visa


http://laptopreportcard.com/new09/index.php?lid=::add-9922_LRCnew09_fw1&add_offerid=379436&addomain=grz67.com&addomain_id=2 - laptop of your choice


http://www.specialoffercentral.com/offer?CID=3002&PID=170113&SID=613&TID=671733724&c1=613&c2=&c3= - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 gc of your choice

http://www.eshoppingpanel.com/offer?CID=2671&PID=170113&SID=613&TID=671732859&c1=613&c2=&c3= - 10 offers, no refs/$1,000.00 Visa

http://www.eshoppingpanel.com/offer?CID=2651&PID=170113&SID=613.&TID=671733775&c1=613.&c2=&c3= - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 JcPenney gc

Big Brand Giveaway--

http://www.giftcard-bonanza.net/?proid=13011458&gotoid=1571&parid=82&camid=1784&creid=6295&subid=&email= - ?/$500.00 Wal-Mart gc

http://www.giftcard-bonanza.net/?proid=12006601&gotoid=272&parid=82&camid=384&creid=1053&subid=&email= - ?/$500.00 Old Navy or Gap gc

http://www.giftcard-bonanza.net/?proid=12005994&gotoid=501&parid=82&camid=617&creid=1953&subid=&email= - ?/$500.00 Target gc

http://www.giftcard-bonanza.net/?proid=12006599&gotoid=259&parid=82&camid=368&creid=992&subid=&email= - ?/$1,000.00 IKEA gc

http://www.only-giftcards.com/?proid=12006657&gotoid=959&parid=82&camid=933&creid=3172&subid=&email= - ?/$500.00 Macy's gc

http://www.giftcard-bonanza.net/?proid=12006658&gotoid=520&parid=82&camid=613&creid=1937&subid=&email= - ?/$500.00 Wal-Mart gc

http://www.giftcard-bonanza.net/?gotoid=77&proid=12006224&parid=82&camid=244&creid=510&subid=&email= - ?/$500.00 JcPenney gc

http://www.giftcard-bonanza.net/?proid=13011444&gotoid=1547&parid=82&camid=1742&creid=6155&subid=&email= - ?/$1,000.00 Target gc

http://www.giftcard-bonanza.net/?proid=12006621&gotoid=395&parid=82&camid=487&creid=1464&subid=&email= - ?/$100.00 Target or Wal-Mart gc

http://www.giftcard-bonanza.net/?proid=12006592&gotoid=173&parid=82&camid=320&creid=806&subid= - ?/$1,000.00 gas gc of your choice

http://www.giftcard-bonanza.net/?proid=13011380&gotoid=1214&parid=82&camid=1210&creid=4298&subid=&email= - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 supermarket gc of your choice

I added some Big Brand Giveaway links if anyone wants to be a guinea pig. I have no idea how many offers are on each site, you must sign up to find out.

We have yet to form a partnership between these two seemingly jointed companies, but that's okay. We will figure it out. If someone hasn't before November, I'll make it my mission to find out. I am just as curious as you all! In regards to my absence, my time is limited. For nearly 2 months I have juggled ten thousand things, which unfortunately distanced me from certain people and activities... It also distanced me from DIY. I still pursued sites, but I fell behind and my head wasn't in the game. I read every night, catching myself up. When you're in the know, you don't realize how much is happening. But when you step out of the circle, and later return, it hits you hardcore, lol. Imagine during the Mpell certificate saga how much there would be if you missed a month of it! Freebie blogging is an interminable job. Always something, it never gets dull.

That being said, I WILL be back tonight to work on the new link list for October. I want to find more 8 offer/$1,000.00 deals for us, but with a decent DBA, eh. eSolutionsMedia makes me nervous. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I love hearing from you!

Bye for now,


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