Monday, August 18, 2014

Current situation...

Hi everyone,

I need to update you on the status of our forum and blog. A blog is posted every three months without fail, but along the way I was met with many personal challenges which prevented me from posting and, as a result, I fell short of my readers' expectations. For that, I'm sorry. This blog is not dead, I just have to make the necessary changes in order for it to survive. I've been given a deadline of September 7th to move all the site's contents, forum included, to another location before it is erased. My plan is to point the domain ( to our BlogSpot location: and move our forum to another location. Moving the forum will be the hardest as I have to manually copy over all content to the new forum, and that could take weeks.

Is anyone good at domain pointing? I need help pointing the domain to Blogger. GoDaddy keeps rejecting the BlogSpot name servers, and I'm not sure if that's because I have Bluehost in the background running the GoDaddy name servers or not. If I disable the Bluehost name servers maybe GoDaddy will accept the BlogSpot nameservers? If anyone could do this for me it would save me a lot of time, because I tried for hours the other night and couldn't make it work. As soon as this is accomplished, I need to refresh my brain before my next post and collect my new information. I cannot give a date for the next entry, but I will make a brief post once I have it prepared.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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