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Santa's workshop, Part 2. Gift sites affiliated with giftcardclub.net revealed, member reports payment from Canadian company, Ace Brands Online + shipping locations questioned...

Gift sites affiliated with giftcardclub.net revealed; member reports payment from Canadian company Ace Brands Online + shipping locations questioned. Read on...

You might remember a company I wrote about last year called Ace Brands Online. We weren't too sure about them then, but now someone has come forward with a payment report and has allowed me to share their experience. Before we continue, please refresh yourselves with these blog entries on Ace Brands Online: Caivis complaint and discussion... -- Owner of revpath.com denies... -- Once you have done so, please see this person's message to me below.

Ace Brands Online member:

"Hey woz,

This PM is about popularproductsonline.

I am writing you to confirm that this company paid me for my participation in their DIY.

I completed something like 9 offers in late July or beginning of August. My offers reported within a week, some of them instant. Did anfew repeats for nom reporting offers so more like 11 or 12 offers. I filled out an electronic redemption form on Aug 6. I received an email that said I would hear back from somebody on 30-90 days!!

Their terms and conditions depending which page you read have conflicting rules whether there is a CL or not. Very confusing and stupid so ignored it. It said like, keep every single offer from the time you send your redemption for, until the time they ship your gift.

Since almost 2 months passed I wrote the, two question and complaint emails, threatening to report them if I don't at least get a response from customer service, which I did not for both emails.

In the end though I don't think it was my complaints that worked but rather their oddball wall of doing redemptions.

Almost 60 days after I sent my redemption form, I got a phone call on my cell, the number I must have given them, that all my offers were successfully completed according to their advertiser's and that they needed to confirm my shipping address. They left a voicemail, I called the, back and asked for the person who called me which is what she asked me to so on the voicemail. I confirmed my address and aue said I will receive my gift in 15-20 business days, but I ended up receiving something from the, just less than 1 week later.

My sign up gift was an iPhone 5 (2012) and that is in fact what they sent me in the box. I sold it already and got 450 for it so I am a happy camper. I totally wrote them off as unresponsive/scam so I don't even mind that I got my one lifetime gift you are allowed to receive from them.

I am going to leave you some info below, the number they called me from, the number I sent back to them, and the address the prize came from. For some reason I think the phone number
was Canadian. Oh yea it was, the area code.
Phone number they called me from: 647-123-4567
Phone number they told me to call back: 1-877-707-1771

Address the gift came from:
No name/company name
417 Knightsbridge Cr
Davenport fl 33896

And the address label was handwritten in black ink and all capital letters.

Im not calling them legit yet personally, but they did follow up within the time frame their email said and they did pay me. Pretty fun to get a physical gift in the mail, just like the old DIY days

Hope that helps.

My reply:

"hi member,

hey thanks for your detailed account of your popularproductsonline experience. I actually wrote about them last year: http://www.diyfreebies.com/caivis-complain...eview-and-more/ <-- I was trying to find out if Nuitech handled their support last year but Nuitech dodged my question. they may be their own compoany with Nuitech or some other company handling their Fulfillment, OR they may do it all themselves and have a branch in Florida for processing and fulfilling peoples' gifts.

could you please send me their direct e-mail to diyfreebies@gmail.com? because I would like to contact them from my gmail account. that's awesome that they sent you an iPhone! congrats on the sale of your gift! if its alright by you, I'd like to share your e-mail on popularproducts online with my readers this month.



Ace Brand Online member's reply:

"hey woz,

whatsup! of course yea you can share the email, just leave me anonymous so i continue to dig and do gifts with my name and email

um otherwise i dont have a 'direct email' from them to send you b/c they never emailed me back and i contacted them thru the contact form on the website, popularproductsonline.com.


Although you must wait 30-90 days after submitting the electronic redemption form, they do contact you by phone to confirm your address. I guess that's just how they roll. I'm glad this person was paid, and that we have another paying DIY company. I sent Ace Brands Online a message through their contact form and asked if the Davenport, FL address is a branch of their company in the U.S., or if they hired another company to handle Fulfillment. Below is my reply from customer service at Ace Brands Online.

My message:

"From: noreply@popularproductsonline.com [mailto:noreply@popularproductsonline.com]
Sent: December-01-13 9:51 PM
To: support@popularproductsonline.com
Subject: PopularProducts Help Request

A new help requesst has been submitted:

Name: me
E-mail: diyfreebies@gmail.com
Phone: xxxx
Message: Hi,

Is the address you ship gifts from in Davenport, FL a branch of your company in Canada? Do you have locations set up in the U.S. solely for shipping rewards? Or have you hired a Florida-based company to ship rewards?

The reason I ask is so that I can sort out the addresses associated with the gift sites I've been working on.

Thank you so much...


Customer service's reply:

"from: Cheryl . Davis
to: diyfreebies@gmail.com
date: Mon, Dec 2, 2013 at 1:31 PM
subject: RE: PopularProducts Help Request


Our records indicate that you have not completed an online account with popularproductsonline.com

Please create an online account and then you will be able to login and complete the required offers to receive the prize in question.

Thank you for contacting Popular Products Online"

My reply:

"from: diyfreebies@gmail.com
to: "Cheryl . Davis"
date: Mon, Dec 2, 2013 at 5:08 PM
subject: Re: PopularProducts Help Request
mailed-by: gmail.com


Could you please answer my questions regarding the Davenport, FL address and shipping?



Customer service's reply:

"from: Cheryl . Davis
to: diyfreebies@gmail.com
date: Tue, Dec 3, 2013 at 10:56 AM
subject: RE: PopularProducts Help Request


We do not ship gifts/rewards from the location you have listed below any gifts/rewards that are shipped are sent directly from us.

Thank you for contacting Popular Products Online"

My reply:

"from: diyfreebies@gmail.com
to: "Cheryl . Davis"
date: Tue, Dec 3, 2013 at 8:08 PM
subject: Re: PopularProducts Help Request
mailed-by: gmail.com

So they come from your Canadian location? I ask because one or two people have stated that your rewards come from 417 Knightsbridge Cr, Davenport, FL 33896.

I am just making sure I have the right info so I don't get anything confused. :)

Thank you for all your help!


The Davenport, FL address could just be the location of the merchant they buy gifts from. So the merchant's Davenport, FL address is printed on the packages because they supply the gifts. The reason I asked Ace Brands Online that was to find out if they had branches in the U.S., or if they functioned primarily out of Canada. Not that important but its good to know. I like that customer service replies so fast to messages. That and there being a login to check status makes doing them worthwhile, IMO. I may try this one.

Ace Brands Online address:

120 East Beaver Creek Rd., STE #200
Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4B 4V1

New gift sites in connection with giftcardclub.net are live on the web. We'll look at one of them called myrewardsgroup.com, but please read these entries before doing so: DIYfreebies 5th annual anniversary... - RewardZone USA proven legit + payment reports -- Let's compare the gift sites' front pages, main pages, login pages, and policies.

giftcardclub.net front page:

url: http://giftcardclub.net/G/landing?campaignId=6005&subcid=13374&subcid2=102e97d001acc3b645f07e75f88388&uid=1023e4e947c5a0e48203844458da2e&email={email}#cid=6005%23sid=206%23vid=3056#sid=206#vid=3056

myrewardsgroup.com front page:

url: http://myrewardsgroup.com/G/landing?campaignId=5961&subcid=aaaaaa&email=#cid=5961#sid=110#vid=3041

Both front pages have identical content from rule #1 to rule #4. Check out the policies...

giftcardclub.net policy:

url: http://members.giftcardclub.net/Info/pp

myrewardsgroup.com policy:

url: http://members.myrewardsgroup.com/Info/pp

The same address is in both policies: 2360 Corporate Circle Suite 400, Henderson, Nevada 89074. This confirms that giftcardclub.net and myrewardsgroup.com are from the same DIY company. We must remember that 2360 Corporate Circle is InCorp Services's address, and Gayle Clauges, the Director of Operations at InCorp Services, stated that her company does NOT own giftcardclub.net. She said InCorp Services, Inc is a registered agent for "thousands of companies," and part of that service is mail forwarding. So whoever this mystery DIY company is, they are using InCorp Services's address for their gift program, which makes it twice as hard to catch them.

giftcardclub.net main page:

url: http://giftcardclub.net/

giftcardclub.net login page:

url: http://members.giftcardclub.net/

myrewardsgroup.com main page:

url: http://www.myrewardsgroup.com/

myrewardsgroup.com login page:

url: http://members.myrewardsgroup.com/

The main and login pages are also alike, and why wouldn't they be if these sites are related? Another gift site is mygiftcardrewards.com. It has the same front page wording, main page, login page, and policy address. We just need the company's name, and we need to find out if they're paying on these sites. This may be the toughest case I've had yet! Once I know who they are, I can contact them directly and ask them some questions. But its getting to that point before I can. Its gonna be a lonnnng night of investigating! *turns on the coffee pot*

Another double blog has come to an end, I enjoyed putting it together. This year went by so fast I am still stuck in December 2012! I feel like I am continuing doing the very last thing I remember doing last year, if that makes sense. 2013 went by in a blur. I wonder if I'll remember much from 2013 years from now, hm? *in deep thought* Back to our blog, I had a blast creating this year's holiday blog posts. As busy as I've been, I had to take time out to get it done. Believe it or not, I am still out of town, so my Christmas will be spent elsewhere, which isn't so bad because I can be with my grandmother and a few relatives that I haven't seen in a while. I'm hoping to be back though after Christmas so I can take care of some things, and I miss being home.

Wishing you all and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season... Happy Holidays, and have a Happy New Year!!

Take care,


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