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DIYfreebies 5th annual anniversary blog, Part 2. InCorp Services, Inc. and new gift sites may answer questions about Consumer Gain, I-Deal quitting the industry…

New company and gift sites may answer questions about ConDIYfreebies 5th annual anniversary blog, Part 2. InCorp Services, Inc. and new gift sites may answer questions about Consumer Gain, I-Deal quitting the industry…sumer Gain; is I-Deal's gift program now over? Read on to find out!

Alright, I found new gifts sites that are either Consumer Gain, or are by another company. I'm leaning more towards this being a new company, but there's a slight chance that this is Consumer Gain due to the sites' appearances and functionality. The gift site is privately registered so I cannot post a whois screen shot. We'll start by examining the site itself...

gift site:


Survey page:

Offer page:

Anyone who has ever done Consumer Gain can look at these images and see there is a likeness to Consumer Gain. I looked for old Consumer Gain site images (I know I have them) to compare them to these shots, but I couldn't find them. Next check out the main page and login page for

Main page:

Login page:

Still looking a lot like Consumer Gain. Now check out the policy and address for



2360 Corporate Circle, Suite 400
Henderson, NV 89074

This company operates out of Nevada, not California, where Member Source Media ran Consumer Gain. The address on matches the address for a company called InCorp Services, Inc....


I sent the following message to InCorp Services via their contact page

My message:


I stumbled upon your web site,, and wanted to know if your company is actually Member Source Media, which had the DBA Consumer Gain. I ask because your site's design looks a lot like the gift sites under Consumer Gain. For well over a year, I have been trying to figure out what happened to the company. "Member Source Media" is no longer in the Secretary of State's business filings in California, which it always has been. That indicated to me that Member Source Media may no longer be an active entity. Chris Sommer, Member Source Media's CEO, has worked at Conceptual Media since 2005, and it is still active. If you are with Conceptual Media/Member Source Media, was Member Source Media dissolved, and the gift sites taken over by Conceptual Media? Or was the gift program terminated altogether? Is it possible that the gift program now functions as "Gift Card Club" under Conceptual Media, or Member Source Media?

Also, was Consumer Gain's old e-mail. The company responded to every message I sent, but they stopped answering e-mails one day; is there another e-mail for Consumer Gain?

Below is a message I sent to Consumer Gain through their site's support tickets and e-mail. It involves a change in Consumer Gain's FAQ, and the possibility of Nuitech buying out Member Source Media. I was trying to figure out if Member Source Media (Consumer Gain) were still in business. I have included it in this e-mail in case you had any information. My post on this can be found here: -- It details this entire issue.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you so much.



I hope they respond to my message sometime next week. If this company is not Consumer Gain, they are still of interest as they manage many gift sites. Is this another new company, hm? Time will tell. Below is a write up on InCorp Services so you can get to know them.

InCorp Services, Inc. functions as a registered agent service provider out of Henderson, Nevada. Tennie Sedlacek and Jay Manning are the company's Presidents. In 1998, the year InCorp Services was founded, InCorp Services solely serviced the entities of a private investment bank that was engaged in mergers and acquisitions of publicly-traded companies. It wasn't until 2001 that InCorp Services began providing national registered agent services to the public. InCorp Services announced that it had acquired the assets of National Business Incorporators, LLC, a provider of online incorporation and registered agent services, headquartered in Palm Springs, California. The following year, InCorp Services acquired the client portfolio of NMN Corporate Services LLC, a boutique registered agent firm also headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, and the registered agent portfolios of both Lorettco and Nevada State Resident Agent Services, Inc. InCorp Services is the 4th largest national registered agent service provider in the country with over 125,000 active clients worldwide.

 photo elepann1_zps741326c2.jpg

Next up for discussion is I-Deal. It seems their promotions have all expired, and that is bad news as this industry has now lost one of its big players. I've visited every I-Deal site there is and they all show expired. There were reports of bonuses being sent out at the end of May, but that does not mean they are sticking around. They may be making their last round of payments before leaving town. Another possibility is that they're taking a break, and will return with a carload of sites in the near future. That would be nice. But what if they really have terminated their program? Does that put Nuitech in a better position? Many people did I-Deal over Nuitech as there was no cancellation limitation. I-Deal never answered my e-mail about their expired promotions, so I don't know if it ended. I will update you all on this if I hear anything.

This concludes our Part 2. of our anniversary blog. Please remember to frequently visit Part 1. of our anniversary blog for my link list as it will update every month; I'll take time to update it while on my break! I will be back in October for our Halloween entry. If anyone has any questions, you may contact me at

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