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DIYfreebies' third annual anniversary blog with LeaderMarkets, LLC., unidentified DIY company and new names, Nuitech offer reporting, celebration list

Welcome to DIYfreebie's 3rd annual anniversary blog! There is a lot to celebrate tonight; LeaderMarkets, LLC. and CEO Jim Vines make their debut; unidentified DIY company and new names-- who are they? Celebration link list and more! Grab some champagne, and get ready for a spectacular night...

Hi everyone. It is my pleasure to present the 3rd annual DIYfreebies anniversary celebration blog! Tonight we celebrate not only this blog, but the progress we've made and the positive changes we have seen by legitimate networks. One of the most memorable moments was unveiling the "Canadian company." After RewardStream's acquittal, the "Surf's up..." blog finally introduced CRS. There and then we learnt the names of those in office, and much has been accomplished since that discovery. Learning who the Canadian company were was key to helping unpaid CRS members with their gifts. My annual favorite is: More fun with the 2011 Ad-tech convention and The Marketers Ball; Best Buy vs. CRS + 3K proof pic; Consumer Gain FAQ clarification. Step inside… My Ad-tech write up, $3,000.00 check proof pic, and CRS storytelling made for a fun and fabulous blog! Other favorites include: "Santa's sleigh..." from December, "Easter bunny introduces..." from April, and "ARG bombshell is dropped, Part 1." The annual highlights: Giving the "Canadian company" a name, and 'ARG insider' dropping the biggest bombshell DIY has ever seen!

I cannot say how long this will last, but I'm not quitting DIYfreebies anytime soon. When I express how happy I am to still be writing, I really mean it! This blog is a joy to me as I am able to reach millions worldwide from one spot, and be heard out by major companies and individuals who I wouldn't have had the opportunity of speaking to. It also has given me the ability to help others near and far with their rewards. It definitely has been a learning experience, and I couldn't think of a better use of my free time. Here's to another year...

LeaderMarkets, LLC. is a performance-based online advertising and customer acquisition network with an annual revenue of $1 to 2.5 million. Jim Vines, CEO of LeaderMarkets, has been helping media buyers and planners budget their direct-marketing dollars and increase ROI since 2005. His business offers a wide range of top-performing offers, real-time online tracking and reporting, 24 support and more. Through LeaderDirect, a division of LeaderMarkets, a gift program, coupon, sweepstakes and survey opportunities are offered to consumers. LeaderMarkets' software publishing company, Site Central, LLC., created Hyper Wiper, an internet history erasing program in 2004. Site Central also offers car quotes, car auctions, criminal and law resources, a mystery shopper program amongst other misc. services. Jim Vines went to school in Alabama before settling in New York. He graduated from Jefferson Davis High School in 1984, then Auburn University in 1989.

Now we know the company, let's get down to business! Nuitech's lead gen network is Leadmark Advertising, Inc., and since LeaderMarkets sounds like Leadmark Advertising, I decided to ask them directly if they were Nuitech.

My initial e-mail, "from

date Mon, May 16, 2011 at 1:30 PM
subject Leadermarkets, LLC. -- question...

hide details May 16 (2 days ago)

Can you tell me if you are related to Leadmark Advertising, a corporation that maintains a gift program under the name Nuitech? I don't think you are, but your company name sounds like theirs as it is Leadermarkets, LLC. I just wanted to know as I keep records of companies that offer gift programs, and I didn't want to confuse yours with somebody else's.



LeaderDirect's reply, "from LeaderDirect

date Tue, May 17, 2011 at 5:04 PM
subject RE: Leadermarkets, LLC. -- question...

hide details 5:04 PM (17 hours ago)

No, we are not part of Nuitech.

Best regards,

LeaderMarkets signed their name as LeaderDirect, which is a division of LeaderMarkets, LLC. From now on they'll be referred to as LeaderDirect, please commit that to memory. Didn't think they were Nuitech but I wanted confirmation. Their gift site doesn't display the typical cancellation limitation you would see at the bottom of a Nuitech site. A cancellation limitation is only mentioned in their T&C. Below are the LeaderDirect and Nuitech screen shots for our review.

LeaderDirect site:

gift page:

Nuitech site:

gift page:

LeaderDirect has these clickable links at the bottom of their site: Check Gift Status, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Unsubscribe, Contact Us, Example of Sponsor Offers. Nuitech has: Check Gift Status, Help, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Unsubscribe, Contact Us. All the important ones are present on each individual company's pages, though two links on both of the pages are unique; "Help", "Example of Sponsor Offers." I noticed something else when viewing the Example of Sponsor offer page; it looks like the bottom of an I-Deal site! Take a look.

Bottom of LeaderDirect's "Example of Sponsor Offers" page:


Bottom of I-Deal gift site:


Everything from the "SUMMARY OF PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS" on down is exactly the same. Not saying it is I-Deal, because companies have used layouts and wording that was nearly identical to another network. Just that part is like I-Deal. The T&C and policy are different, however. Perhaps LeaderDirect viewed other companies' gift sites for an idea of how to write it all out, but used their own wording. Or maybe the policy and terms pages are "generated", then the companies rework the pages by adding their own content. Anyway, this is a new DIY network for us! We need payment reports now. I'll post their addresses for our reference.

LeaderDirect addresses:

53 Prospect Park West, Suite 4C
Brooklyn, NY 11215
United States

7 East 8th Street
STE. 362
New York, New York, 10003

532 Laguardia Pl
New York, NY, 10012-1428

We have another DIY. The individuals names that I am about to present to you are with an unidentified company. Dave denied ownership of a site tied into the unknown company. So the company cannot be CRS, nor can the two men be working for CRS since Dave did not recognize the site, and they're in the registrant info for the mysterious gift sites. This company owns both and as shown in the whois info, btw.

My e-mail to Dave, "From: ""
Sent: Mon, 25 Apr 2011 15:36:51 -0400
Subject: $1,000.00 Wal-Mart gift...

Hi again,

I was considering doing this site but wasn't 100% sure that it was yours?
The link:
Could you please let me know?



Dave's reply, "from Svc Acct
reply-toSvc Acct


dateMon, Apr 25, 2011 at 6:33 PM
subject[3A8-154889D3-C1CE] $1,000.00 Wal-Mart gift...

hide details Apr 25 (1 day ago)

Does not look like one of ours.


whois info:’s layout:'s policy:

gift site:

I found the web site for I Marketing Survey Stop which was in the whois info: It linked me to the following...

Looks much like a CRS domain; we examined them last year: -- Also, the e-mail in the whois brings me back to CRS' whois information.

whois info: Same extension as the unidentified company: Not trying to make a CRS connection, I'm just pointing that out. So who is the other individual that Robert Celsi is linked to? Well, people are receiving text messages about Wal-Mart gift cards. By visiting and using an approval code, members have the opportunity to earn a $1,000.00 Wal-Mart gift card. One of the text messages, "Congratulations! You’ve been choosen to recieve a $1,000 Wal-Mart Gift Card! use appoval code: Giveme visit:GIFT50.COM"

whois info: directs you here: -- And guess who's name is in the whois info?'s policy:

Robert Celsi.,, and have the Austin, Texas address with his name as the registrant. Then there is Nick Brown who has registered to him, and that links you to What does this mean? Should this be a concern? As long as these companies pay us it really isn't that big a deal what they do. Its just nice knowing who we're dealing though. What's maddening is the gift site layouts are like others, then you've got the unique names and addresses. Argh! If there's nothing I love more it's a good investigation, so I'm on it. Will look into this some more tonight.

Remember the Nuitech's new manager cracks down... entry from March? If not, you may want to read it first. More members are having problems with offer reporting, and something should be done about it! I will post what a member has allowed me to share, as it may draw a clearer picture of what is going on.

member, "from member

date Tue, May 17, 2011 at 8:41 AM
subject Nuitech offer

hide details May 17 (11 days ago)

Hi Woz, I started a Nuitech bailout offer and several of my offers are not crediting. I emailed them and provided my credit card statement including all charges. They won't manually credit. They asked me to contact all the companies myself . I'm surprised by this. I have emailed several of them and have received no response. Have you ever had this happen ? I would think they should credit them with my credit card statement. I've included their response.

Dear member,

Thank you for your inquiry. According to our records, at least 6 offers
(Netflix, Grant Fund Finder, Ultimate Facial, Discover Card, Video
Professor and Valu Pass) have reported on your account. If you have
already completed all 10 offers required, please contact the merchants
and request they report (directly) back to our company.


me, from wozniack
to member

date Fri, May 20, 2011 at 4:23 PM
subject Re: Nuitech offer

hide details May 20 (7 days ago)

Hi member,

I am sorry for your trouble with Nuitech. This is a major concern as members have had problems getting the sponsors to report back to them. In March's entry, a member had difficulty collecting additional information from their sponsors: Either the sponsors fail to respond, or cannot supply you with the information needed it seems.

Could you tell me which sponsors failed to respond to you?



member, "from member
to wozniack

date Tue, May 24, 2011 at 8:35 PM
subject Re: Nuitech offer

hide details May 24 (3 days ago)

Hi, The offers that didn't credit so far are BOMC2 , gamefly,age invisible, I don't have my papers close by there was another one. I've heard back from 2 stating they cannot help me and to send my welcome email as confirmation. Nuitech says they can not put them through manually. I'm probably going to have to do 3 replacement offers. This offer has cost me a lot more than any other offer i've done already. It's definitely been a hassle. I've sent my credit card statement and they won't accept that as proof either. Before they have. I don't get it. It's not our fault the offers don't show up as reported. I'm hopeful it will work out. Have you started any new offers lately ?


me, "from wozniack
to member

dateWed, May 25, 2011 at 12:03 PM
subjectRe: Nuitech offer

hide details May 25 (3 days ago)


I'm sorry about the trouble you're having. This is exactly why I felt so strongly, and had written about this issue 2-3 months ago. Nuitech needs to remove the offers that their members are unable to obtain a valid report from. You can try copying and pasting Nuitech's reply, and sending it to the sponsors. Tell them a welcome e-mail will not suffice, and that you need a valid report from them for Nuitech. Which two stated they could not help you?

As for me, I haven't started any new offers yet. Was wanting to do Nuitech, but they're too hard now, as you know. I just don't want to have to do replacement offers on top of the offers I have done for every page. After you receive your gift from Nuitech, would you mind if I shared your experience for my blog readers? I will leave your name anonymous. More people should know about this, especially newcomers, before doing Nuitech to avoid going over their limit. I understand that they must crack down on fraud, but not accepting bank/credit card billing statements is a little much. They should request a second charge showing members did not cancel for 30/60 days. That would be good enough. This offer reporting issue is going to get old fast as more members go through it. The sponsors aren't helping at all, and Nuitech still insists on the same report that the sponsors aren't giving! I'm surprised there aren't more complaints about this, because I have only had a handful of people complain about it in e-mail/PM.

I'm still deciding on my next freebie. I was going to use my "freebie stash" to test company sites like Ifficient and WinHundred, but the offer pages are either messed up or there is a lack in offer variety. After speaking to Sean McCormick of Ifficient, I feel that if anything seriously went wrong with my gift he would help me personally. He went out of his way to work out the technical problems with his company, and wanted my help by contacting me, so that speaks volumes. Ifficient might be a good DIY choice for you if you are able to do them. If I can't site test right now I might do an I-Deal console site, if they haven't bumped the requirements already.

Anyway, sorry for talking so long. It may be worth doing what I said above by contacting the sponsors with Nuitech's reply, stating they cannot put them through manually. Let me know what happens.

Good luck!!


member, "from member
to wozniack

date Wed, May 25, 2011 at 7:45 PM
subject Re: Nuitech offer

hide details May 25 (2 days ago)

Thanks for the link to the post relating to nuitech somehow I missed it. Funny thing is Gamefly emailed me back and told me they were sorry they couldn't help with this issue so they were giving me a month free. Then I received an email from nuitech stating Gamefly had sent an inquiry on my behalf and it was credited. Huh ? Bomc2 has been good as far as replying and saying they're looking into it so hopefully they'll follow through. Age Invisible sent back that they couldn't help me through email but to call them directly so I did and they said they couldn't contact nuitech on my behalf but they would resend my confirmation email for proof. I forwarded that info to Nuitech today hopefully i'll get a response. Hopefully I only end up doing 1 replacement offer as i'm hopefull bomc2 will work out. I really couldn't believe they wouldn't accept my credit card statement as proof. I understand their cracking down , but it isn't my fault the offers aren't showing up. I told them I didn't think it was my job to contact the sponsors as there's obviously a flaw in the system why they're not crediting. Feel free to use my info on the site. I'll also forward the other reply to you. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Thanks !


member's message to Nuitech, "
From: member
Subject: Offer Credit
To: "Nuitech"
Date: Thursday, May 19, 2011, 7:54 AM

Hi, I've contacted the companies to receive credit .I feel that it isn't my duty to contact these companies as I trusted your site to work properly in crediting my offers. I have all documentation for my offers and provided my credit card statement verifying my offers. I received the following email from Emusic and they feel my welcome email should suffice for their affiliates. I completed all required offers and I hope this will be resolved quickly so I can receive my gift. Is there a manager than can look into this ? Included is the response from Emusic. I also included my welcome email."

Thing is, the manager is the new head hancho and is responsible for this offer reporting issue. I don't see it easily being worked out unless the company's requirements are met.

What eMusic told this member, "Hi member,

Thanks for contacting eMusic.

The customer support staff of the partner company associated with your offer will be able to assist you with status on your reward.

If you need confirmation from eMusic that you successfully registered with us, just forward your welcome email from eMusic to the affiliate company. This should serve as sufficient proof that you have registered with eMusic. If you do not have that welcome email then we can reply confirming your activation. This way you can forward this correspondence to the company affiliated with your promotion.

We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.


Bruce - Customer Support"

eMusic offered a welcome e-mail, which is not what Nuitech wanted. This goes back to what I said about them needing to screen offers before putting them on their sites. Or they should talk to the sponsor directly, telling them that they must report back to their company. If that happened, we might not have this problem now. The sponsors think welcome e-mails are acceptable because Nuitech never said they were not. Offers like Age Invisible and eMusic may force people to do unnecessary replacements in addition to the offers they already done. Not to mention the expense of having kept Age Invisible or eMusic for 30/60 days, as per the rules. However, I cannot fault the sponsors as they weren't told what to do. The manager should have been sure that ALL sponsors could supply more than welcome e-mails before putting the new requirement into effect, IMO. Nuitech are a great company, but they need to act on this before they lose quality members.

Thank you, anonymous, for allowing me to share these details with my readers. I just wanted to caution everyone with these complaints before they start their first or next Nuitech site.

$25.00 more to Sears, and $150.00 to amazon!! Thanks, MyPoints. (:

Drink to these awesome deals...

*celebration link list*

Nuitech-- - 6 offers, no refs/$250.00 Coke or Pepsi gc (Visa option) - 3 offers, no refs/$100.00 restaurant gc of your choice[=AFID=]&ce_cid=000JvD4tVGez1ja9vQ6PrQvPNu000000&dp=%5B%3DAFID%3D%5D - 6 offers, no refs - $250.00 gc[=AFID=]&ce_cid=000Ja14tVGez1ja9vQ6PrQvPY8000000&dp=%5B%3DAFID%3D%5D - 6 offers, no refs/$250.00 Weight Watchers gc - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 Chili's gc - 6 offers, no refs/$250.00 gas card or supermarket gc of your choice - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 Coach gc - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 merchant gc of your choice (Visa option) - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 Staples gc - 6 offers, no refs/$250.00 supermarket gc of your choice (Visa option) - 6 offers, no refs -

I-Deal-- - 10 offers, 2 refs/laptop of your choice

I hope you guys had fun at our anniversary party! How many years has it been now? It began June 16th, 2008... Wow, can't believe it has been three years. That is amazing! I have to thank the members, companies, and blog wizards for contributing in their own way to make this site successful. I truly am grateful for all the help, and couldn't have relied on my writing abilities alone. 2011 has been great, and I'm looking forward to what's next in DIY... I'm on the prowl for more links, so please be patient as I update the list.

Also, if you want to donate to the blog, please contact me instead of going through the "donations" button on our site. We are having complications with Paypal at this time, and it is best for me to give you another Paypal address. I'm saying this since we had a donation offer come in, and so that nobody's money is sent back to them. I can be reached at Thank you!

Take care,


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