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September surprises, Part 2. Caivis gift sites and a shocking Facebook addition, Redsail Media, Consumers Reward Solutions...

Hi again! Time for another round of surprises!! Caivis gift sites still remain, and new evidence involving a "Facebook addition" has turned heads; Redsail Media case reopened; Consumers Reward Solutions updates. Stick around for the oh's and ah's of this entry, you may want extra popcorn...

4 months have passed since ARG Insider us left this comment,

"ARG Insider May 26th, 2010 (#):

FYI: Word on the street is that Caivis and Atrinsic are both shutting down their Promotional Lead-Generation (Freebie Site) divisions. Caivis laid off a few people not too long ago and rumor has it more layoffs may be on the way. On Tuesday (5/25) Atrinsic laid off basically every person in their Lead-Gen division (~30 people in their Canadian office and ~20 in their New York office.) You heard it here first."

ARG Insider, could you explain why Caivis' gift sites remain if their lead-generation divisions have shut down? Shouldn't all the sites be gone by now? Are they still up for profit, or have the expiration dates not run out? Also, new sites keep springing up, so that squashes their plan of terminating their lead generation divisions. But maybe they wanted it that way. *w* My whole gripe was with Mr. Steinberg's choice to hire two ex-ARG employees. With the gifts sites churning, I feared he was using their knowledge of the gift program as part of his latest scheme. The conclusion of Brandarama was horrible, so I won't rest until all these sites turn to dust.

So I merely entertained the thought of Brad Powers befriending David Steinberg months ago, and look at this...

A Facebook friend addition. This proves another mode of communication, not solely conventions. Now, why is this so important? The math: Steinberg + ex-ARG employees = negative combination. Then take our "negative combination", and multiply it with Powers: negative combination x Powers = an inconsonant product. Hate thinking of the adverse effect that would have if all four formed an alliance to pull another scam. It's a brilliant, yet scary thought. Maybe it never happened, maybe it did. I just don't get the sensitivity in all this, and why I hit a nerve with those close to ARG, unless it were really true. There. I said it!! Felt good, lol. If not true, simply say so and move on rather than name call. To expect anything less than "paranoia" after the turbulent months we endured is goofy. Such an experience would make a person less trusting, and wary of internet incentive programs. This has even hurt Mpell Solutions--the upstanding third-party company ARG commissioned to handle the rebates--a great deal, and word has it their wound hasn't healed.

To understand the above, please read January's entry:

Enough about that, let's get to the meat of the blog-- Consumers Reward Solutions. Okay, good news is more release forms are going out. To those who never received payment, please try contacting CRS via these e-mails: - - They never answered my first 2 I sent to:, however, they did on: I've never done them, but before I had sufficient evidence to tie Maria Chiodo, and Stewart Fotheringham to CRS, I e-mailed, and

What's interesting is after my artificial question to, I received a reply from

My e-mail:

date Fri, Sep 3, 2010 at 4:37 PM

hide details Sep 3 (6 days ago)


I did the $1,000.00 Best Buy gift card site, and need help redeeming my free gift. Is the address below where I send my forms?

Consumers Reward Solutions
14-3650 Langstaff Road West
Suite 117
Woodbridge, ON L4L-9A8

Site I did:

Any help is appreciated.



My response from Dave at customer service:

"from Svc Acct
reply-to Svc Acct
date Tue, Sep 7, 2010 at 1:12 PM
subject [2EA-14193CE6-B005] Attention me

hide details Sep 7 (3 days ago)

Hi me,

Your email address does not show up in our system at all?
Could you have used a different email address?


So Dave not refuting "Consumers Reward Solutions", above the mailing address in my e-mail, is added proof that they are CRS. We all know that now, but at the time of uncertainty, I felt the e-mails would strengthen our stockpiled evidence. No response from, however. Why would a "Dave" be answering a personal e-mail on the job? Could this person be named, Stewart David Fotheringham, or David Stewart Fotheringham? I go by my middle name, but my first is kenspeckled across prescription bottles and specific bills. So it's possible he uses both, but if he goes by Dave why not dave/ Or could the CS rep be using somebody else's e-mail? It could also be an e-mail created to mask the true identity of the one behind it. Now, I found an ad posted by a "Stew" with the same telephone number on the whois information. Stew is short for Stewart, and the phone number is a given. So suppose Stewart Fotheringham is real, but who is this mysterious Dave? *Get Smart theme plays in the background*

Same telephone number as the one shown in ad:



I think the ad proves Stewart Fotheringham is real because I doubt he'd let people call him while pretending to be "Stew", lol. Okay, so he is real... Let's hope Dave is, too, and Stewart Fotheringham isn't answering e-mails under "Dave." Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing unless we're in the room with him or are psychic. Hm, maybe a psychic should step in to clear this mess up. *grin* As fishy as the returned e-mails are, what's important is working with CRS in order to get paid. If they try not to pay those who have patiently waited over a year, they should take immediate action. For those currently dealing with them, keep working with Dave. If release forms are being sent that is a positive sign.

CRS addresses to be added to the official company and address list:

9-334 Queen St. South STE# 220
Bolton, Ontario L7E-2N9 CA

37 Morningstar Drive
Woodbridge, ONT L4L 6K4 CA

14-3650 Langstaff Rd. West STE# 177
Woodbridge British Columbia, L4L-9A8 CA

Now Redsail Media. I'm focusing on these domains: - I typed "scam" after each domain, and no results. No scam reports is great, however. Hasn't somebody taken the plunge by now? Look at how many took the risk with Consumers Reward Solutions. Why should Redsail Media be any different? They've invaded every sacred cavity pitted in the internet. I have worked unrelentingly for an answer for days, weeks, months... Nothing. Too determined to find out though, so I won't give up. Just need one confirmed payment report. I'm asking anyone who I suspect may have completed a site by Redsail Media. I have even contacted those in connection with Redsail Media, and e-mailed the gift sites themselves. I'm sorry this isn't interesting. I thought I could get a quick response with the information I had.

My Consumer Gain check arrived Tuesday...

*links 'n such*

I-Deal-- - 12 offers, 2 refs/42" HDTV Samsung, folding grill table, and $100.00 grocery card - 12 offers, 2 refs/Toshiba Portege M780 laptop

Redsail Media delayed this blog for 3 days, but that's okay. It's posted. Please be patient while I look for answers. Don't want to get my hopes up, but I hope the payment trend continues with CRS. I really don't want Acquisis flashbacks. The Consumer Gain links are working again, so I'm deleting my previous post. Let me know if you guys have anymore problems with the links.

Be back later!


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