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Spooktacular October of freebies with the 18th annual AceTech symposium, CEO Peter Oxley of RewardStream, Inc., I-Deal links and more treats!

Get your costumes on and grab your flashlights, because I'm bringing you the tricks and treats of freebies! Tonight the real CEO of RewardStream is announced; the 18th annual AceTech conference; I-Deal scaring us with spine-tingling offers, and more!

*hot new networks*

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I should have mentioned this already, but two men oversaw the operations of RewardStream, Inc. So were they both CEOs, or did one leave office? Can there be two? Sure. I have seen as many as 3 co-CEOs! What I'd like to know is, do they have unvarying functions? Two men sharing a title should have the same job, no? Or does it differ since it's a major corporation as opposed to being a manager of a store? One contact is best because you know who to call. Rich left office in 2004, making Peter Oxley top dog.
I always have a farrago of company information, so I examine everything closely. I knew of them both, but it was unclear which was in operation, and all I had were dates. There wasn't anything indicating Simons' tenure at RewardStream was still ongoing, yet, nothing confirmed he wasn't still there. He didn't have any interviews as CEO of Rewardstream since early 2003-2004, and thenceforth has worked for numerous companies. I will rectify the blog introducing Rich Simons by regarding him as "former" CEO of RewardStream, Inc.

Who is Peter Oxley? Read on...

Holding more than a decennary of skill in customer retention initiatives and loyalty programs for worldwide major-league companies, Peter Oxley brings ingenuity to RewardStream's work force. He worked with Bain & Company on management consulting assignments in Canada, the United States, Australia, and Hong Kong. Also, he served as a marketing specialist for BC Telecom, and was the proprietor of Icon Marketing. He attended St. Patrick's High School in Sarnia, ON. Peter holds a business degree from the Richard Ivey School of Business, and an economics degree from the University of Western Ontario in Canada.

For 18 years, AceTech, Academy of Technology CEOs has coalesced technology barons to connect and exchange ideas and dialogue their company's growth. AceTech is a non-profit organization for CEOs by CEOs. They understand their needs by augmenting to supply learning and development opportunities per annum. At these conferences, you will hear the trendy "CEO War Stories" topic, which is examining the pros and cons of going public for technology companies. Albeit AceTech does not sell "membership", there are eligibility requirements for all participants, and fees may be applicable as well.

Join me on a tour of AceTech! *excited*

Peter Oxley attended the annual AceTech symposium March 4-6, 2009, and he speaks in this video! He reappears at the end! Perfect. Check it out, lol.

Advisory Boards - CEO Perspectives:

So many conferences, so little time! Where do people find it? I gather many have various concurrent affairs. Still, AceTech seems like an enlightening adventure for CEOs everywhere. If I were one I would go! At least I am allowed through the gates of AdTech, and I can talk about blogging, lmao.

links of interest: - -

Bidding for Active Response Group's assets ended on July 23, 2009. So who bought them? As of July 31, 2009, Active Response Group, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Caivis, Inc. Caivis Acquisition Corporation is an investment firm based out of Washington, DC. Caivis purchases small companies in the internet space and combine them in order to maximize their opportunities. President and CEO of Caivis, David Steinberg, is no stranger to the business world. In 1993 David Steinberg founded Sterling Cellular, Inc. in the basement of his Maryland home using maxed out credit cards and a parental loan. After founding Caivis in 2007, Steinberg built InPhonic, Inc., a leading online communication product and services provider, which was number one on the Inc 500 list in 2004. Steinberg was dubbed the Greater Washington Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for communications in 2002. He now is on the Board of Directors of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Washington and Jefferson College, Greater Washington Sports Alliance, the Northern Virginia Technology Council, Sibley Hospital's Development Advisory Council, and Faster Cures. He also is chairman of XL Education Corp, Ward Media, Inc., and Spire Vision. Steinberg earned a B.S. from Washington & Jefferson College.

Anyway, I have chattered about Active Response Group, Brandarama, and Brad Powers so much there isn't anything else to say. But I wrote that in case some of you were wondering who acquired their assets. I'm really glad I left freebies for 3 weeks over the summer, because my frustration was seeping into my entries. There is so much that goes into a blog; timing and placement, current events, subject matter, attitude, mental and physical energy, etc. Timing and placement. Let's say I wrote two blogs in September. The first one was written September 6, while the other on September 27. Was it wise to create a new blog at the end of the month? What if material for October is scarce, and that content could've made up 60% of the Halloween blog? Current events. Say I only wrote one blog dated September 6. Was it a good choice considering how early in the month it is? What if new details on topics emerge days later, and that information cannot be reported as there isn't enough content to produce a second blog?

Subject matter. I'm cautious to not slander companies. I do rant, and will "expose" networks that are PROVEN to have scammed to safeguard my readers from deception. But I speak an equal amount of good about networks that pay, and have no problem doing so. I mean, who has spoken positively about Brandarama this year? I can't be in the minority, if there is one. Attitude. If your disposition forecast is stormy, not sunny, you may need an umbrella. As you all know, I took a "freebie vacation"; Brandarama not only rubbed me wrong, but my blog felt my mood change as well as my audience. Mental and physical energy. Blogs can drain a person physically, as unbelievable as that sounds. My energy has been so zapped, I haven't felt up to blogging. It used to not be this way, hence an erstwhile average of two monthly blogs. With all that's going on and extracurricular activities, I can't balance things like before. It can disturb my mental capacity as well. If I'm drained my body only focuses on sleep. Nothing else. Not conventions, offers, I-Deal, terms, legal bindings... None of that stuff, lol. What keeps me energized is my passion for DIY, and the support from all of you. A4F alone brought me over 11,000 hits. Wow. Want to know how many unapproved comments I have on Wordpress? 1,574. Mind you, half are spam, but not all.

So it's October, and what do we love most this time of year?! Links! I noticed a pattern with I-Deal. Every Sepetember they put out awesome deals, and you end up receiving your prize during the holidays. Remember all those 10 offer, no ref laptop deals? They would advertise them in September. What about last year's ChristmasOnUs? 8 offers, no refs/$750.00 profit. Now there is an 8 offer, no ref/laptop, and 8 offer, no ref/$1,000.00 Visa deal. I got in on the laptop deal, and am almost done! Exciting stuff. These deals won't last long, so if you can't do the site(s) now, register before they bump the offers!

*links 'n such*

I-Deal-- - 8 offers, no refs/laptop of your choice - 8 offers, no refs/$1,000.00 Visa - 12 offers, 2 refs/Sony Vaio or Mackbook - 12 offers, 2 refs/$1,000.00 merchant gc of your choice - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 gc of your choice - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 Visa + jersey of your choice - 10 offers, 1 ref/$500.00 Visa + "free gift" - 8 offers, no refs/iKaraoke + iPod touch - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 Baby Gap gc - 12 offers, 2 refs/$1,000.00 Best Buy gc - 8 offers, no refs/gaming console of your choice - 10 offers, 1 ref/cell phone of your choice - 12 offers, 2 refs/laptop of your choice - 12 offers, 2 refs/physical item of your choice - 12 offers, 2 refs/laptop of your choice - 12 offers, 2 refs/laptop of your choice - 12 offers, 2 refs/two laptops of your choice. Best laptop deal!! His and Hers combo. You get two laptops instead of one, if I read that correctly... - 8 offers, no refs/Slim PS3 - 12 offers, 2 refs/Two Blackberry Tour phones - 8 offers, no refs/MotoCliq phone - 12 offers, 2 refs/Gateway P-7807u FX laptop - 10 offers, 1 ref/Samsung WB5000 24x camera - 12 offers, 2 refs/Canon camcorder - 8 offers, no refs/PSP Go - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 Visa - 12 offers, 2 refs/$1,000.00 Visa - 12 offers, 2 refs/$2,000.00 Visa

Australia-- - 6 offers, no refs/$500.00 K-Mart gc - 6 offers, no refs/$500.00 Barbeques Galore voucher - 6 offers, no refs/$500.00 Endota Day Spa certificate - 6 offers, no refs/$500.00 Dymocks Booksellers gc - 6 offers, no refs/$600.00 Visa or check

UK-- - 6 offers, no refs/Peter Hahn gc

I have tons of links in my pumpkin, and I'll update my list as I go along. Keep refreshing! Since I will have a little free time on my hands, I may publish a second blog this month. We'll see what happens. Other than I-Deal, everything is basically the same with DIY. Now that Brandarama is out, that's a dead topic, lol. I wrote about them a lot. It will infuriate me if Brad starts another gift program under a new LLC. I haven't checked on him since July, so I don't know what he's doing. When the bidding began, I left for my freebie vacation. I stopped caring about it at that point.

Be back later!


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