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Labor Day of love with RewardStream, Inc. and CEO Rich Simons, Harpo Studios shock FWM Labs with stiff suit, Acquisis gifts, Nuitech + I-Deal links...

Welcome to my Labor Day edition of this blog! Harpo Studios delivers a knuckle sandwich to FWM Labs; The Canadian company gets a name; Acquisis shipments + proof picture! It's all here. Let's fire up the grill...

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Weeks of preparing an analysis of the investigation on Popular Media, LLC. was bootless. So I can't give credence to the similarities. There simply is not enough information to make it valid. Maybe it hasn't presented itself yet. And maybe both networks are buddies; a wild thing to say, but stick with me. To fully understand, I must dish on the Canadians first. I FINALLY found out their name! We have a new addresses to work with accompanying the details of their timeline.

Here we go...

The "Canadian Company", as we know them, are RewardStream, Inc. RewardStream, Inc. is an application service provider for customer loyalty and reward programs, which established in 1999. Rich Simons, CEO and President of RewardStream since 2001, Inc., made his mark in 1968, founding DDB Advertising Canada. Rich brings over 35 years of mastery to the manufacturing, information technology, marketing and advertising industries. From 1988 to 1991, he was President of Palmer Jarvis Advertising, and is ascribed with building the firm into the largest advertising agency in Western Canada, with billings in excess of $100 million. Rich was also on Board of Directors for ProActive Strategies Inc. Today, his involvement is early stage high tech companies in the Vancouver market. He serves as Board Chairman of Elastic Path Software and Director of Science World in British Columbia.

There's the write up. Please commit their name to memory. As of now, I will only call them RewardStream, Inc. I must point this out... After Simons' 10-year congé from his native country to serve as a U.S business builder, he returned to Vancouver in 2001. How could he be CEO/President in 1999 if he didn't work there until 2001? Most likely somebody else held his position before his arrival. Also, in all my research experience, dates don't lie. Two dates linking to the same subject both have meanings, you have to look closer. Makes me wonder who held the title previously. Hm.

Does this imply zero connection between these companies? Let's do the math. As you can see, Free Super LLC. and Popular Media LLC. were both ran by the same company, CEO, staff, everything. Now, Popular Media LLC. and RewardStream, Inc. have different CEOs; they are most likely disjointed companies. However, that shouldn't deter from a "connection." In the same biz, they probably know their competition, namely DIY networks. Remember our Ad:Tech chat? Well, if Brad Powers can mingle with executives and publishers at conventions, then he can talk to CEOs, like himself, in the lead generation industry who attend them as well. So, if there IS a connection, they're pals and could influence each others decisions, and/or engage in a joint venture or merge.

I like getting to know the big wheel of a company. Putting a face and background to the leader of a gift program gives us insight into their own ideas-- even their life! Like opening a history book and discovering Charles Darwin. You learn of his near 5-year voyage aboard the H.M.S Beagle; finding fossils of extinct animals in South America; his theories on evolution and natural selection. You think, "He did big things! His work paved the way for freedom in the study of nature." Then, you focus on how Darwin's evolutionary vision impinged society and education. It fascinates you, so you wend your own expedition! And the same result is produced when researching the freebie industry and all of it's joys. I open my browser; then search, read and excogitate the content. Then review my notes and make comparisons while inspecting a company's timeline, and the individual behind it. It's great discovering not only the CEO, but the formation of the company itself.

One thing to remember, the outer appearance of a company or corporation is nugatory. What matters are their actions, and how they treat us. The same goes for everyone really; your actions and what you do with your lives shape the world. Do we want to live in a world of deception? If a company appeals on the outside, it does not mean they aren't perfidious behind closed doors. And without their consumers where would they be? We have witnessed the unjust ruling of RewardStream during the spring and summer. I refuse to allow a narration of the CEO's work alter my view of RewardStream, and cloud my thinking. Rich Simons may be inattentive to the treatment of his gift program members, but he must know people were scammed, IMO. However, I speak from the stage as I am not behind the curtain. I only know what happens with networks based on their performances.

We now know the CEO. So let's get to the new addresses shall we? In the mix are the old addresses as well. I'm trying to find the Darmouth location, and as soon as I do I'll add it. Tell me if you guys find any that aren't in the list; I will add them!

1917 West 4th Avenue
Suite 279
Vancouver, BC V6J-1M7

225 Smithe St
Vancouver, BC V6B 4X7
(604) 692-0001

Suite 126 1020 Mainland St.
Vancouver, BC
V6B 2T5

9-334 Queen Street South
Suite 220
Bolton, ON L7E-2N9

14-3650 Langstaff Road West
Suite 117
Woodbridge, ON L4L-9A8

7B-871 Victoria Street
Suite 105
Kitchener, ON N2B 3S4

101-1001 W Broadway
Suite 765
Vancouver, BC V6H-4E4

Phone #1.877.692.0040

Fax #604.692.0001

If you call, tell 'em Wozniack sent ya. On second thought... Don't, lol. :D

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Albeit my initial freebie experience was over 4 years ago, it is the last 3 years I have seen so much. I never thought I would be combing documents (LOIs, sales contracts, bill of ladings, bill of sales, affidavits...), consulting attorneys, investigating settlements and lawsuits, organizing interviews, blogging, etc. But this is what I LOVE! There is pressing need to get the word out on illusory networks, and if I can do that, great! Afterall, my name means "The Carrier Man" in Polish, so I deliver messages by heart as well as offer guidance, lol. The fact this blog has remained successful proves it is here for a reason.

I received my gift card last week! Here it is. Click to enlarge.

Despite all that's happened, freebie networks do pay! However, it took the BBB prodding them so they would. Does that almost cancel out my "freebie networks do pay!" statement? lol. Well, they tried not to, I guess... I don't see why networks do that. Why go through the hammering from Attorney Generals, BBB, FTC, threats from lawyers? lmao. Just pay your members, you'll do it anyway! I'm sorry, it's a riot. I seriously cannot contain myself, haha. My advice is this. Unless you're willing to wait 1+ years for your gift from Acquisis, take action! It's the only way you will see it. I've got a feeling they won't be around much longer. They offered a $3,300.00 Vespa deal that was 13 offers last year. People are getting paid their $3,300.00 for the gift, but take into account the difference a year makes, and the funds they will dispense before it's over. If they are lowballing people now, who says there will be enough dough to finish the batch? ;)

Oprah strikes again with an uppercut! Harpo Studios is suing over 50 purveyors of nutraceutical supplements for false endorsements, trademark and copyright infringement, and "cybersquatting"-- the use of domain names that are "confusingly similar" to those used by Winfrey and Oz, the complaint says. Two sites are named: and Ads with cut outs of her on-air physician, Dr. Mehmet Oz., saturated the web. The ad had a photo of Oz that said "I take resveratrol myself, and love it." The words "as seen on Oprah" were on a banner at the bottom of the ad. Neither Winfrey nor Oz endorsed the product.

From Dr. Mehmet Oz himself:

"The companies that are using my name to hawk these products are duping the public. I do not endorse any of these products. By falsely presenting products as ‘scientifically proven’ and endorsed by well-known figures, these companies do a gross disservice to the public health and could even pose a danger to those who believe their false and unproven claims. I am taking this step in the interest of public safety. I feel compelled to stand up against these companies and their deceitful practices."

Marc Rachman, an attorney with Davis & Gilbert in New York, which is handling the suit says:

"Many of the ads include clips of Oz and Winfrey talking generally about acai and resveratrol—but not endorsing any products in particular. Implying that they did sanction certain products is illegal. They are not authorized to use clips from the show. They are not authorized to use the names and likenesses. The ads are purporting to talk in Dr. Oz's voice. Customers thought he was endorsing these supplements. This is deceptive and it is a false endorsement."

The target defendant named in the suit is FWM Laboratories of Hollywood, Fla., which sells Resveratrol Ultra, Acai Berry Detox, and Life Cleanse supplements. FWM's CEO Brian Weiss failed to comment, a company spokeswoman said Aug. 20. In an interview this summer, Weiss told BusinessWeek that he didn't write his own ads. He claimed he worked through networks of "affiliates," which he paid to spread the word about FWM's products through search engines and other sources. Weiss said his employees were circumspect of wrongful endorsements, and he asked the affiliates to pull those ads. He declined to name the ad affiliates FWM uses, because "we don't want our competitors to know who we deal with."

Harpo's suit aims at supplement sellers and their affiliate marketers. There could be as many as 500 such affiliates, and Rachman's firm is still trying to locate most of them. When the culprits are tagged, the complaint will be amended to include them. No damage amount is specified in this case.

Now that I typed that, let's compare the images I found. Look closely at the green one with Oz by himself. You have to squint to see the text, but it clearly says, "I take resveratrol myself, and love it." That's criminal!

Click to enlarge.

Anyone catch this on 60 Minutes? Nothing incriminating, but it fills you in on this drug. This drug is literally making me sick, and I have not taken it! Sick because it's a neverending legal war. You'd think they would festinately take them down, but I still see them everywhere. It happened with CCN and Oprah in my Taxation entry, too. The ads remained.

Links of interest: - -

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The 12 offer/$2,000.00 Acquisis link is good. However, if they lowball you later on, only paying $1,000.00, it would be considered average, heh. 12 offers totaling $1,000.00 profit is akin to an I-Deal site, BUT there are no refs! I put it up anyhow for the risk takers. On the YFD yoursororityrewards link, let's do a test. Go to it, and click the gift and "more details." I cannot access the gift. Many YFD sites have this problem I've noticed. When this happens, I have no way of knowing the offer count. Also, some of Nuitech's sites display the old 60-day rule. I'm e-mailing them now for an answer. It may just mean they haven't updated all their sites... I will look for more links tonight. Keep refreshing the page!

I'm ready to reenter YFD's jungle! It's been a year and a half... I can tough out the paperwork, I guess. I hope their crediting improved, the issues they had last year concern me. I'm still waiting to be processed on I-Deal. My certs had to be in by September 9th, so I'm thinking about faxing my paperwork. To be safe, I made copies of my certificate. Even if my account expires, they should have it. It's not a big deal, I am paranoid. I hope to have another entry in the following weeks. How I pulled off writing this under mega doses of hydrocodone confounds me. Well, I shouldn't say "mega doses", but the opiate hasn't worn off. Okay, I'm too dizzy to type anymore, lol...

Wishing you all a safe and happy Labor Day holiday!


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