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A summer of freebies with Acquisis credits, Bluekeel LLC., ARG complaints and secrets revealed...

Here we meet again. Our topics for this evening: ARG complaints; Bluekeel LLC.; my dream involving Brandarama prize fulfillment; anonymous returns with FULL correspondence letters between them and the Canadian company; Wizard of Woz in freebies?, just to name a few. June is a time of relaxation and fun. Hopefully it kicks off with our Brandarama checks, and all things $$$ from freebies!! Let's hope to see some cool promos from new networks, good DIY deals, and more.

*hot new networks*

LightningFreebiez-- Join any of their sites unreferred, do 1 credit worth of offers, and get your prize without earning referrals! Wow, what a deal!

FancyFreeGifts-- Free greens. 3 Referral Cashout = $270.00, netting you a $45.00 bonus. But hurry! All cashouts must be completed on or before 11:59 PM CST on July 4th, 2009 to receive higher payout rate.

There's another "Woz" on the loose. Yes, you heard right. He/she posted a comment under the fictitious name saying, "After 4 days of calling I was finally able to get to Priyanka who said that checks will likely be sent to us in the fall." For those who were worried, they said "June", not "fall." Someone asked him/her to join FiPG to discuss the phone call. That hasn't happened yet, so I'm sticking with June for now. He/she also said, "The 'Woz' in question said, "“Woz”, my nickname, is for the Wizard of Oz. I don’t choose my nickname based on other people’s random nicknames. I don’t even know who you are." That's conceivable, lol. I'm not the only Woz around, but I'm the only Woz in town (on A4F)! Well, with the exception of user wozzybear I guess. The comment can be found on


That's not me in case anyone here read that on I'll admit that it was fun possibly having an imposter, haha... While I did not talk to Priyanka, she did say they were in the final stages of auditing, which is a relief. And June is still the set date for shipments, or should be. If checks are not shipped until fall, that could change things for a lot of people.

This is a letter members received at the end of April from CS.

Generic letter:

Aww. Don't you just love their letters? So they've been auditing our certificates for about a month... Hmmm, why? I don't see why they would audit the receipts because how could they verify purchases with certain merchants? They tend to keep that information private for the consumer. Unless someone typed their cert(s) up in Notepad, and tried to pass it off as the real thing. But they said "certificates", not receipts. The written information on them failed to match up? Underage people did the offers, so they gave fake demographic info and I.D.? Every thought crossed my mind, and I don't get it. I guess we're about to find out about all this madness.

I e-mailed Brad Powers last night. He hasn't replied, but you bet I will update this if he does!! I know he has evaded questions on Facebook, but it was worth a try. My e-mail below.


I am doing a report on the online lead-generation industry and would like to interview someone of your caliber who realizes the need for behavioral advertising. Your wealth of knowledge and leadership skills are unmatched, and brighten all four corners of interactive marketing on the web. With your expertise this industry can continue to thrive. If you're interested, reply at your convenience. Thank you for your time.


*my first name/initialed last name inserted here*"

You may have noticed my avatar, and personal photo (in my profile) are of a man-- That's Mr. Powers, haha. Just jokes. All in fun.

Speaking of Brandarama, I had a dream last night. I was 15 again, and I went to check the mail and pulled out two Brandarama envelopes. ARG sent two $50.00 gift cards, one was to a restaurant. Both arrived in separate envelopes, and the restaurant card had a sticky note with an apology for the wait. In the dream I told my brother, "*gasp!* This means my check is coming soon!!" Him, "No way! *jumping up and down*" He then chased me through the neighbourhood to steal my gift cards... The End. Why was I 15 in the dream?! Oh well. I feel silly telling you guys that, lol. That's the 500th freebie dream I've had!! zzzzzzzzzzzz. The vivid dreams can be contributed to Brandarama's slow fulfillment; less dreaming if they had paid me already.

I couldn't contain my laughter after reading this. It was on a complaint site. Brad Powers responded to him with a letter below.

"Recently August 2008. Brandarama had an ad on Craigslist looking for people to work for them supposedly. Sending in your resume and email etc. This is what I got back.

Hi, thanks for the interest in the Go Go Promos Internet research job.
It is a fun position, and we already have quite a few people wanting
to apply.

You've probably seen our promos (or promos just like them) all over
the Internet. Sometimes they look like little quizzes, like current
event type of stuff, other times they promote specific products or

We picked Craigslist to look for people because the people who use
Craigslist are obviously smarter then the average person in regards to
using the Internet. At least that is our gut feeling. And since this
job has a lot to do with surfing the net and research, it just seemed
to make sense.

But, the bad thing about Craigslist is the number of computer viruses
and spam that people send. So, we came up with a simple two step
process to prove you are a real person, and not some automated robot
used to collect email addresses or send spyware.

The first step will help us verify your email address. We can use one
of our regular promos like this one featuring Red Lobster. Go here: and submit your
email address and verify your address.

The second step is to send another email to and include your resume.

Sorry for making you jump through hoops, but the truth is, so many
people never follow directions, and this is an effective way for us to
weed through the applicants.


Only a ploy to be bombarded with advertising emails.

I am a fomrer United States Marshal, and Brad will pay... I intend on seeing him in jail."

LMAO. That's great. If Brad replies to me I'm hitting him up for a job, and telling him "I was on Craigslist..." In all honesty, I detest Craigslist. I've sold things there, but occasionally the typical goofball e-mails you with scurrility, telling you HOW to run your ad, and you get flagged for defending yourself. Not only that, the "erotic" section has made so many headlines it should be burned. It's hurting the site more than it's helping it. ...No thanks. I'd rather stick to ebay. You know what? One of us needs to get hired by ARG to get the inside scoop. Get a feel for the place. I would love to know what goes on behind closed doors instead of the guessing games. Do they have a net in the office, playing badminton while laughing at our e-mails?

Hilarity ensues... This one comes from a guy in Alabama.


I RECEIVED MY CHECK FOR $115.00 ON THE 23rd by certified
it's finally over!! whooo hooo"

$115.00, heh. I guarantee if he was owed 2K+ he wouldn't have gotten anything yet. But that's great for him. link to this:

Makes sense for them to pay the lower amounts if they can't afford/don't want to pay the higher sum of all gifts. Suppose they're broke, how could we get anything? And if we did I imagine it would take years considering all the members. If they just don't want to pay, then it would be like orange juice. You would have to give it a hard squeeze to get the pulp, lol. I wonder how they plan on handling the next batch of audits. Mail a stack of letters to them, and the checks to the rest?

Now a member from

"Peter Cunningham has been stringing us along since March. They have tried to pay us partial if we agreed we won't tell anyone about our horrible experince with them. Sounds like extortion when they owe us that money fair and square without any conditions.

ARG is also shafting people who applied for gift rewards under Brandarama so there's a couple operations going on under Brad Powers' watch.

I am asking people to file with the Attorney General of New York. If we all do. They will be investigated, fined and forced to pay up if not prosecuted, both I hope! You can get the forms at the NYAG site.

Its time for publishers to stand up to these middle men. I am sick and tired of being used for our traffic. We are the experts who know how to build communities and should be in control of the marketplace we really own! I am ready to team up with others to deal with these guys. At this point, I just want to see some justice served."

WTF @ the bolded statement? Are you kidding me?!? I am outraged! That's sleazy business practice. Not that it matters if they tell us now, we know everything, but they besmirched their name all on their own. I am signing up at to ask that person directly about their "horrible experience." If I'm granted permission, I'll post the content here. I feel for the one's that work for them, not that we haven't done our share, because we have, but as the guy/girl said, "I am sick and tired of being used for our traffic." If they're so opulent, are they forgetting to pay people or what? Are they taking advantage of us, or just slow? It's pretty sad that in order to get a partial payment from those you work for you can't talk. *sigh* So yeah, our checks come this month and we can put this behind us! That's the plan I'm sticking with, and they should too. Outside this blog, I will continue to ignore it until it's time to write again. Once I get my gifts from I-Deal and Brandarama, I'm not doing anymore sites this summer. Perhaps my Visa from Acquisis will arrive, too. 1. I'm low on offers I can do on I-Deal. 2. Brandarama isn't too great anymore. 3. YFD... With the piled up paperwork, idk. If the site offered a high-priced gift maybe. w9 + certs + I.D. + notarized affidavit for a $250.00-$300.00 gift; eh, doesn't seem worth it to me. I-Deal is faster with their shipping times, and that's good. 2-3 weeks for some. I-Deal is also shipping phones in lieu of the $700.00 Visa, so I might be stuck with the cell. I'm taking a DIY vacation after this, I need it! Aloha.

I want to talk about Bluekeel LLC. Bluekeel LLC. is a lead generation company that has served their clients for over 20 years, with internet properties reaching over 3 million users monthly. The site attracts a HH income up to $60,000 with a slight female populace. Their programs include: Account Now Visa/Mastercard, Acai Berry, My Credit Tree, Free Credit Report, and many others.

They offer survey and sweepstakes sites, one of which caught my eye:

Whoever designed it did a good job with the fairy, haha. They have links on an Arabic social networking site;,,,,,,,,,, etc. While not managing their own networks yet, they provide links to accomplished DIY sites on their domains. I'm surprised they haven't branched out more in terms of that. They aren't a scam, but that dancing fairy looks highly suspicious! I'll file them away for now as they aren't a threat. Anything with them is safe.

Our anonymous member is back with more letters! These aren't current responses, but his/her correspondence with them throughout the ordeal. Sit back, read, and enjoy!

"omg i found them, i am going to send them to you one by one, forgive me for the multiple PMs. i just figured it would be easier to read.


In the beginning, I asked them about my account, since I wasn't getting e-mails back. So I tried e-mailing them from a different address and this is what they replied:

From: Svc Acct
To: xx@xx,com
Sent: Wed, 8 Apr 2009 12:19 pm
Subject: [xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxx] Suggestion / Comment

We have responded to every email that you have sent and they are attached to this email. We have been telling you that the email address given was not the one you used. Why did it take so long for you to tell us what email address you used? Our crystal ball is not working?

Anyways, You have completed 4 offers,

Energy drink on page 1
Buylow auction on page 2
Gevalia on page 3
Disney movies on preliminary offer sheet.

You are responsible for keeping all email confirmations
Please continue on and complete the final 4 offers.

Customer service


Then I replied I completed all the offers (4 more offers wtf). Next PM..."

"So I replied and said I completed all the offers required according to Rule #3. This is what they said:

-----Original Message-----
From: Svc Acct
Sent: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 10:52 am
Subject: [xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxx] Suggestion / Comment


We did finally find yoiur information and show the 4 offers.

However, you have not met the requirements needed to fulfill the promotional offer.

Please click here to see a copy of the rules. Rule # 3 goes into detail.

Click here for your review of the rules.
Then scroll down and click on 'Gift Rules'.

Please let us know if you need further assistance.

Thank you,

Customer Service"

"I forgot to tell you, before that last response from them, I also attached a screenshot of Rule #3 and copied and pasted the rule #3 as well. So I replied that I did that, pointing it out for them again, and this is what they replied back:

-----Original Message-----
From: Svc Acct
Sent: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 4:10 pm
Subject: [xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxx] I completed the required offers and never received my free gift


We have received your email; but the only email address we found under your name was this one being used for this message.

Did you use a different email address when you signed up? The reason we are asking is because this email address, doesn't show you as having completed any offers. It does come up in our system, but does not show as you taking any offers.

If you have confirmation emails regarding all offers you took, please compile them together and send them to us in an email.
Please include the ticket number in the subject line of the email.

Click [here] for your review of the rules.
Then scroll down and click on 'Gift Rules'.

Please let us know if you need further assistance.

Thank you,

Customer Service


they're trying to spin me, away from the question! unbelievable right? also since when did i need the confirmation emails now?! spin, spin, spin"

"In response to that message, I sent them a reply, pleading for a response to Gift Rule #3. That I followed and completed my requirements, and sent them a screenshot of. They finally replied with this:

-----Original Message-----
From: Svc Acct
Sent: Mon, 13 Apr 2009 9:44 am
Subject: [xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxx] Suggestion / Comment

Yes, we apologize Me.

You did in fact win.


We will send you out all information as soon as possible.

Customer Service


sounded promising, right? however, they would only go on to send me nothing. so i emailed them a few more times about it, and IF i got a reply, it was about gift rule #3 and/or they cant find my account again, and i furiously replied that they had confirmed I was approved and should have a record of that, if they were legit!! i wrote an email later on warning them, if i did not receive a response and receive my gift, i was going to report them to everyone under the sun in canada and the US. never heard a response back. enraged, i have not yet filed any reports.


"this might be the best one:


-----Original Message-----
From: Svc Acct
Sent: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 2:56 pm
Subject: [xxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxx] I completed the required offers and never received my free gift


This is our second response to you.

Customer Service


so helpful! i know!


This substantiates what I said about their artful schemes, but I was unmindful of their level of cockiness. When a knavish company hires a lofty crew they might as well marry them. They're all alike. It's like in grade school when you befriend someone new. Half their sandwich is offered, you eat it; your the best of friends! Well, I'm sick of it. If this was my first DIY I would quit. This company is a paradigm of the corrupt activities and prideful manner we see in networks today. Fresh networks are more likely to scam us given the lack of resources; not knowing, we test them. Our focus is on active networks like Brandarama while these guys are having their way with people. We've got to spread the word like butter on toast! Once it has spread, that buttery goodness will kick in to warn everyone of the bite that's coming. Oh gosh! I think that's the best thing I have ever written, lol. You all should frame that. j.k :wacko:

I received PMs from some of you saying Acquisis rejected your MCR(s). Apparently, they are offering lesser value gifts due to offers not crediting. They could be like I-Deal by DQing you on the spot, leaving you with zilch. I hated waiting 8 1/2 weeks for my MCR, so I understand the frustration for those having waited so long, and it's not what they signed up for. However, the offer(s) did not credit, so they call the shots. That's important to remember with any network when it comes to rules. I'm grateful I received my MCR before all this. I'm not sure why this is happening now, but it is.

A copy of what people are receiving,

"We have contacted the sponsor regarding your missing offer , and they are unable to confirm your participation in this offer. Due to the 120 day limitation, you will not be able to complete another sponsor offer to satisfy the requirements.

We realize that you have completed several other offers towards the , so at this time we would like to offer you a gift of lesser value. The Reward Depot would like to offer you in lieu of the and consider this matter closed.

Please reply to this message letting us know if you would like us to proceed with this arrangement.


Customer Support

The last statement sounds unbending, like "Take that or else." Misse1214 replied to me with this in the DIY section, "And that was after I sent in a full header email of proof.

The offer I signed up for was the 2.5 MBP. I would totally take this deal but the MBP is at least $2k, not $1.5... And also, I did do all the offers!!! Maybe I should fax a statment, too. Hmm... What to do, what to do."

My response, "I'm sorry, Misse!! That's awful. At least they are offering you something to make up for the offers that passed approval. I understand though. Fax them a statement, but I think their mind is already made up. I personally would contact the sponsor, forward them your confirmation and explain the situation. I did that on YFD a long time ago, and got credited for an offer. Maybe they will give you some kind of response via e-mail, and you could send that to Acquisis since you're corresponding with them. It may not work, but if it's worth it to you try it."

If it doesn't work, oh well. YFD always has been flexible with me. In the beginning Acquisis was, too... This time I'm not so certain. If it makes you guys feel better I did a $500.00 Visa, so you're making out better than me! Anymore info on them will be posted.

*links 'n such*

I-Deal-- - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 JoAnn or Michaels gc - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 gas card of your choice - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 Visa - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 Charlotte Russe gc - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 Payless Shoes gc


I'm done. ARG better not drag us into fall because, um, we fulfilled all the requirements. We were told our checks would arrive within 8 to 10 weeks, then one story after another. Even though Mpell is out, we're still bound to the certificate rules, IMO. I'd like to see what their next excuse is. On I-Deal, I'm not looking forward to the phone, but I will count it as a loss. I pray most of the phones are gone before they reach me, and I get Visas instead, lol. I don't care about the value as long as I sell it and am not stuck with it. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I love hearing from you!

Tune in tomorrow-- same bat-time, same bat-channel! C'mon Robin... *Batmobile speeds off into the night*


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