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New Year of freebies, Part 2. What was left out...

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My last blog was post-haste, so here is a Pt. 2 version. A member of this forum, who shall remain anonymous, PMed me a letter. He has a situation with I-Deal that I want to discuss as well as share new links. Acquisis turning into a scam? We'll see!! There won't be another *hot new networks* this month since it was covered in Pt 1. I normally wait to post until there is more content, however, I wanted to inform everyone about the grade monitor change. Two days later I discover all this news and found links, so I figured, "eh, might as well make a sequel...", lol.

On with the show!!

People have concerns. Some say they are eminent while pessimists say otherwise. Where is Acquisis headed? We can only go by the present. Issues arose over lost forms, and even *scamming* hesitation. Ponder this. If they hornswoggled people out of gifts after rewarding dozens of members who began over the summer to late November wouldn't their CS be less likely to work with us on our gifts? As of now, e-mails are exchanged and deliveries are scheduled. The problem is many of us still have doubts, even myself from time-to-time. Some of their responses, "We lost your forms. You will have to resend", prolongs our progress; as weeks and months go by it pushes us closer to our deadlines. It would suck if they paid everyone else, then took the money and ran before the rest of us finished our sites, lol. Communication issues were on my end, but they finally replied yesterday. I turned in my confirmation a month ago, I guess they never received it.

"Dear me,

We emailed you on December 4th stating that if you had completed additional offers over 75 days ago, please forward us the confirmation emails you received from the sponsors when signing up for those offers.

Our records show that you have completed 1 Gold offer and 2 Platinum offers.


Customer Support"

Anyway, I mailed it again. I doubt anything bad will happen with these guys, and if it does, it won't be right away. And yeah, when your forms are in the "Fraud Department" it's nothing serious. It just means it's another step in the approval process. It can take up to 30 days. More to come on Acquisis!

Two nights ago I received a PM from a subscriber (I guess, lol); it was a letter detailing his latest experience with I-Deal. I myself realized this when working on the $750.00 gc deal. For his protection we both agreed to leave his name anonymous.

"hey wozniack,

just a letter about i-deal and my experience w/ them lately.
I am mad as hell at the moment. I know you're an expert at this,
but I wanted to tell you 'bout my experience today with i-deal.
they put me on hold for a site I did recently. reason cited, same
advertiser within 6 months. I asked them wtf are they talking about
(in a nicer way). they named an acai product. I was like oh jesus.
be verrrry careful with the acai products. there's two that are
the same company, but its different product names, website URLs,
etc. i told them the customers shouldn't be held responsible for
knowing this kind of stuff, unless it's more obvious. we got our
own lives, etc. [lol] we don't mean anything by it, we fell into a trap.
it's a trap because they are adamant about keeping me on hold
even though they're clearly making money on the other offers that
i did. i don't think so. i'm printing a *very* stern letter to
their legal dept as we speak, sending a copy to their e-mail address,
and letting them know i'm not giving up on this.
they help you out, but when they have a chance to make money and not
give you your gift, they will take it. there's no reason for that.
they're not stupid. they're arrogant. nuitech and brandarama and even
netblue have/had good customer service, reasonable, don't want to lose
you as a customer or cause a ruckus. but i-deal, they ask for what
they get from all these negative things written about them all over
the internet. whatever hell they raise, they deserve it. what a


This bothers me. I understand that multiple CCN (Central Coast Nutraceuticals) offers grace their pages for variety. For some it's hard to distinguish one site from the next, this needs to be amended in some way. It's not just I-Deal, but Brandarama and pretty much all the other networks. It's not easy battling it out with I-Deal when knowing you mistakably broke the rules as you can only do one offer with an advertiser once every 6 months. From another source I gathered the exact same thing happened to others. I heard through the grapevine that a guy at CCN told I-Deal things just to get members put on hold, but don't quote me on that. It's like him though given his behaviour in the workplace; most of you know who I'm referring to. What can be done? Our voices need to be heard!! We have the BBB (Better Business Bureau), FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and the attorney general... But it's like court, you shouldn't sue unless you cannot settle, lol. I try to work it out if I can, and I've been lucky so far-- well, except for one instance. *knocks on wood* If we convene and discuss these matters here or in another place we could work towards a solution. Brandarama seems open to suggestions, but I-Deal isn't as receptive. If change isn't practicable, what are some concerns you have, if any? What are your hopes for DIY companies in 2009?

Brandarama is looking better by the minute! What a way to kick off the new year... Mine are seeing more progression with DIY networks that have fallen off the face of the earth so there's more for us. And blossoming networks like Acquisis minus the "one gift per lifetime" rule. ;)

I stumbled upon some links the other night, so I'll share. I doubt any of you want to do I-Deal after I scared you guys! j.k haha. I still like them. Here we go...

*links 'n such*


[url=""][/url] - 8 offers, no refs/pink iphone 3G

[url=""][/url] - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 Visa

PTP (producttestpanel)--



[url=""][/url] - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 Boston Market gc

Speaking of links, this one company gets me worked up... It's a Canadian DIY company, but they're not legit and have scammed. They basically are a rip-off of Brandarama. I'm posting this for those who aren't familiar with their sites. First, view the links...




I find their spam e-mails to succeed I-Deal's tenfold. There is a way to contact them, but no status page? Hmmm... The sites are generic, and they lure people with blinking buttons and oversized text boxes. Steer clear of them.

This concludes Part 2 of my New Years blog! I'm sorry all of this wasn't in the first one, but hey, we wouldn't have the new I-Deal links until next month, so it's all good. As always, if you are having a problem just hit me up. I love hearing from you! A big thank you to those who have supported my blog. It means a lot. I wish you all a great 2009! Let's make this a year to remember in freebies...



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