Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I-Deal lecture and links

Let's begin! For those who are versed with I-Deal, feel free to skip what's next and advance to the links at the bottom. First, we will discuss the rules of the network before I go into elaborate detail of how to work each site. Below is the rulesheet for I-Deal, and it's very reliable. Read it. Make sure you fully understand these rules in order to not be DQed (disqualified).

I-Deal Rulesheet

1) Per the terms and conditions of these promotion(s), there is a limit of one
free gift per household.

2) You may only sign-up with each of our advertisers once every 6 months.

3) You must provide authentic demographic information

4) There cannot be multiple accounts in the same household. We only allow one
account per household. Any accounts that share the same name, email address,
shipping address, IP address, phone number and/or credit card will be
considered as the same household.

5) There cannot be more than one account at the shipping address. A user must have
a valid shipping address in the United States. The user should also note
that products cannot be shipped to PO Boxes. We only allow one account per
shipping address.

6) You cannot post information on a website, forum, or auction that has to do
with "canceling the offers" included, but not limited to, cancellation phone
numbers, cancellation time frames, and encouragement or direction to cancel
the offers after signing up with them.

7) You cannot bid on trademarked keywords associated with our advertising partners
or their affiliates in Internet search engines to gain referrals through
sponsored search results. (e.g. Bidding on the keyword "Blockbuster" in
Google and appending your referral link to this bid upon keyword.)

8) You cannot post your referral link(s) in places where it is not welcome, or
spammed your referral link(s) online in any capacity.

9) They have received negative feedback from one of their advertisers regarding
offers being completed and immediately canceled.

10) A user who has had his or her account placed on hold may not create
another account on any of our other websites.

I noticed a few things that weren't stated in the rulesheet that I'll dive into...

Timeframe and certificates: Okay, with ALL DIYs there is a timeframe. I-Deal grants you 60 days to complete the site, be approved on all offers, obtain your ref(s) (if required), and to mail off your certificates. Why must a referral(s) be a requirement if it's a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) you ask? Some networks bump their sites within just a few weeks to a month or so of it operating, that's just how they roll. So if it was once 6 offers for a $500.00 gift, but now requires 1 referral, that means they bumped it. Your referral MUST complete all the offers on their end, not just sign up under you to be considered a "referral." It may take up to 24-48 hours for a referral to be approved. Also, three categories are designated for all the offers, and you must complete that offer count on each silver, gold, and platinum page. And the certificates must be received within 15 days to avoid expiration of your account. During this period your account may expire, but this does not denote any changes to your account; your account should be reset once processed.

Crediting cycles and browser settings: It's a trio; 7, 20, and 30 day cycles. The 7 day crediting cycles are the best because dealing with 20-30 day cycles may push you closer to your expiration date if a certain offer(s) has not credited in a timely manner. Also, with I-Deal it's best to do a simple replacement offer since manual credit (MCR/manual credit request) is hard to come by. Replacements usually credit overnight. I highly recommend Firefox for optimal performance when completing offers. For good measure I leave my confirmation window(s) up 5-10 minutes AFTER I finish my offer(s) for ample offer tracking time.

DBA conditions: You have unlimited promotional items per DBA until you reach $1000.00, or the value may exceed $1,000.00, but you may only qualify for one gift. Let me further elucidate... Say I were to sign up for a Macbook, and the DBA for that I-Deal site was Red Turtle Investments, LLC., I wouldn't be allowed to seek out another site with Red Turtle Investments, LLC. for another 6 months. However, I would be authorized to do Bullseye-Media, or MarketLabs Inc. if I wanted, provided I haven't completed any of their sites within the past 6 months and hit the 1K+ mark.

Whew. I'm glad that's done, lol. If any vets reading this point out something I missed, please let me know as I would like to include those details along with the rest of this information. I wanted to share some links I acquired from various sources... - 8 offers, no ref/gaming console + game - 8 offers, no ref/gaming console + game 8 offers, no ref/gaming console + game - 8 offers, no ref/gaming console - 6 offers, no ref/$500.00 Visa - 6 offers, no ref/$500.00 JB Hi-Fi merchant gift card

The first installment of links are all gaming console deals. Stray from the Generous Genie link though since you can get more value from one of the previous console + game sites listed. I-Deal used to have better deals, now it's 6 offers/$500.00 for the best offer, though I eschew from those... I would only pursue a 6 offer/$500.00 site if I couldn't handle the wait with other networks, however, YFD is typically the same-- 2-3 months start-to-finish, and 2-3 offers/$250.00-$300.00. Anyway, I guess this concludes my lecture on I-Deal; I hope you guys have been taking notes! lol. In my next blog I've got handfuls of producttestpanel links to share, and I'm dying to talk about this "mystery DIY" company that's been raising some eyebrows. I will try my best to jump into that tonight. ;)

Stay tuned for more!


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