Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy turkey day!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Not expecting to blog tonight, but I will. I know I haven't been on AIM in 2 weeks, heh, but I have been engrossed in offlineish activities. Hopefully I can hop on this weekend. Nearly all of my holiday shopping is complete minus my last A4F Secret Santa gift! It's been a blast shopping for this year's Secret Santa, and I hope they like their gifts! Most of the stores were offline, but I am buying the last present on Black Friday. I'll be gone today, which is the reason for this blog. Oh, yeah, I also promised two entries this time! Wanting to fulfill that declaration, I decided to write a second one. There's never a dull moment with this blog; I love it! lol. In this entry Acquisis updates are up for discussion as well as Brandarama merging, PTP, and a DIY shop I created.

Two weeks ago news of a merge involving a well known DIY company surfaced. Brandarama is merging with TransTech Services Partners Inc.

An introduction to them,

"TransTech Services Partners Inc. (TransTech or the Company) is a special purpose acquisition corporation organized to acquire one or more small- to mid-market operating business based in USA and/or Europe that is primarily engaged in the delivery of Information Technology and Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and/or Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) (collectively referred to by us as business services).

Our target acquisition will include companies whose operations are particularly suitable for operational and productivity improvements, which would include leveraging delivery centers located in offshore countries, such as India. A typical target would have revenue between $ 75 and $ 150 million positive cash flows and substantial operating history; is preferably a private company with limited existing cross-border cost advantage and has experienced management team with good front-end sales and client relationships, which has potential for cross-sell and differentiated offering and competitive positioning.

The management team and directors of TransTech have many years of experience in investing in, as well as managing, integrating and growing business services companies, particularly with the ability to implement an “India-centric” strategy. The team has held key management positions in blue chip companies including Hewlett Packard, Electronic Data Systems (EDS) and Gartner International and has been instrumental in steering them to leadership positions in emerging markets. They have also founded and grown companies to high growth levels and taken them public. This deep operational expertise is complemented by substantial direct equity investing and restructuring experience to enhance shareholder value."

What does this mean for the future of Brandarama? How will this effect our gifts? Need not worry as a company can still offer incentive programs after a merge takes shape. This isn't to say they could never halt all gifts, I just don't see it happening with them. Firmly, I believe no one will go unrewarded.

For more details on this merge visit:

Lately, there have been negative words about PTP (producttestpanel). I wanted to touch on this over the summer, however, an interspatial period kept me from blogging. Before I go any further, to be briefed on PTP go here:

Cutting back on bonuses and denying bonus gifts for untrue, bogus reasons. They're basically infringing on their own T&C (terms and conditions) by not honouring what they offered. Even sending them proof of offer completion will not always work. One member stated he was denied his bonus gift because he signed up with more than one address, which he didn't. The profit end really isn't too great with them anymore either. I mean, they still deliver gifts, but I don't know... It isn't looking that promising anymore. I wish I would have thought to write about this sooner, lol... Since I received some recent questions on them I decided to. Perhaps that will help.

On to Acquisis...

People have received their gifts!! I had a feeling they would. For the skeptics, there ya go... It can also take up to 75 days before credit posts to your account, not exactly 45-50 days. On the 12 offer Vespa (scooter) deal you are sent a real scooter, so it's not a Visa, lol. The upside is they ship, the downside is you can only do them once. As for me, I'm still waiting for credit, but that's likely to change soon! I will keep you guys posted on my progress.

While waiting on DIY gifts, I registered a new account at [url=""][/url], opening my very own DIY store, lmao. Allow me to explain. Cafe Press is a place where you can profit off your artistic abilities while showcasing them to the world. My purpose for my store was to design some Brandarama shirts to wear, lol. It's odd, but someone I talked to mentioned wearing a "Brandarama shirt" as a joke, so that's how the idea transpired. With luck I can finish some more over the weekend as well as an I-Deal shirt or two!

My store link:

I'm not sure if removing "Carrying the world's brands" will make it look better or worse. I'm wanting to change the font colour on it, too...

This is all for fun of course. Any input?

Well, this was a little rushed, but I reaaaaally must hit the sack. I won't be back until after the holiday, so I hope today is a safe and enjoyable event for you guys! Looking forward to December's blog. ;)

Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble gobble...


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