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Free for Fall! New referral sites/promos, DIY spreadsheets, and updates from Acquisis (The Reward Depot)...

Ahhhhh, I'm so excited about this month's blog!! We have much to discuss; an upcoming site from a well known, but still NPL, network; new referral sites and promos; a way to simplify how you organize DIY networks; up-to-date reports straight from Acquisis (The Reward Depot), and more!

This blog will be different because I will expand by giving my opinion on current NPL networks from a Grade Monitor's standpoint. Since being a staffer, I have perused many site applications, making sure a network makes the grade before processing them. I have observed good and bad from all sides of the referral world. But there is one thing I have not done-- talked about it. Scroll down to my first entry. You will note that I touched on subjects unrelated to DIY, which never happened. I guess I got so caught up in the DIY madness that I forgot to include anything else, lol. It's mostly due to one simple fact... I love DIY networks more than referral networks. Just being honest! I WANT to speak openly about referral sites though anyhow, so this is really the best time. I'm excited about the new accession to this blog and shall call it "hot new networks." It's also cool if you guys chime in to either disagree, agree, or to provide frank feedback. I really appreciate the comments that were left in my last entry! It's great knowing how people feel about this blog, and if there's room for improvement. All suggestions are welcomed.

With that being said, let's begin!

*Hot New Networks*

Innovus Net-- Concerning this network, I've had good vibes from the get-go. They're very professional; they provide great customer support; they approve orders within 24 hrs.; they pay promptly; they accept MCRs; they offer a $50.00/1 ref ratio as well as low-offer sites (1 credit, i.e.). I received my free green from them swiftly, too! I would like to see them move up in ranking.

I'm spamming another forum, REPORT ME!AllYear-- With them it's too soon to tell, however, their members seem satisfied so far. I will admit, shyly, the reason I'm writing about this network is because I love their layout, lol! It's Christmassy, who couldn't?! In my spare time online I will visit [url="http://www.I'm%20spamming%20another%20forum,%20REPORT%20ME!"]http://www.I'm spamming another forum, REPORT ME!'m spamming another...33;[/url] just to marvel at the package and tree.

FreebieTreasure-- Their November promotion is enough to lure anyone! Members who get 5 referrals are automatically entered to win $500.00. It used to be a $200.00 prize for 7 referrals, but no one met the referral requirements. Also, when you cash out with the 3 referrals you earn an extra referral!

ZeroCostFreebies-- I know they have been around longer than the rest, but the owner is cooking up a new *surprise*! I don't want to give it away, so all I will say is I had my hand in it, too. Well, not really... Maaaaybe, yeah, lol. :secret:

Reward Farm-- I would like to see Reward Farm ascend to a "Grade" network. Their customer support is amazing! Payment is fast, and new offers are always added.

As a Grade Monitor it is important to me to know how you guys truly feel about these networks, not just myself. So when I chat with the staff about new grade changes I will also take into account your thoughts on each network, if not here, when/if you vote in the site polls. So go vote! The polls are fresh, btw.

Now my favourite part of this blog takes off... the DIY stuff.

I-Deal is still my prized DIY network! The last site I did was for the $600.00 check. I did receive the dreaded "utility bill" e-mail, which looks like this:

"Dear Customer,

According to public records the address listed on your account is not registered to you.

Please mail (via the postal service) a utility bill that shows that the address that you provided to us is indeed your address/telephone number.

We would like to remind you that per our terms and conditions you cannot provide us with false demographic information.

The mailing address is:

Expert Customer Service

P.O. Box 5134

Harrisburg PA 17110

You can also fax the requested information to: (717) 828-1600

Once we receive the information we will determine if we can process your account.

Once your account is processed, please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of your item.


Customer Service"

At that time I moved, so I didn't have a utility bill on hand that linked me to the required address, which is the address I just inhabited. And my license displayed my old address. It just so happened my new bank card arrived that day in the mail; I-Deal said that was acceptable. Now, here's the AWESOME news! Just NINE days after I was processed, FedEx arrived with my gift!! I was processed on the 28th, and received the gift on the 6th of this month. Okay, it wasn't exactly a $600.00 "check", so if any of you did this offer, or haven't but are expecting a check, don't. Freebie companies are freakish like that, sending you whatever though. Thought I would mention that.

Taken from my gallery:

One is $500.00 and the other is $100.00. I am happy with them though! Much faster than Brandarama, which reminds me of a silly question I asked in hopes they would expedite a Visa, lol. This might make you chuckle!

"Reference number: LTK143011653952X Please use this ticket number in any correspondence with us.
Subject: Suggestion/Comment

Dear ,

Thank you for contacting us.

Sorry we do not make any exchanges.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.


RewardsParade Member Support

---------------Original Message---------------



I was wondering if I could request a $600.00 American Express gift card instead of the $600.00 Visa gift card? Below is the description of my gift. :)

"$600 Visa Gift Card good towards a Sony PlayStation 3"


Snap! I wasn't expecting that to work, but it would have been nice, haha. Sorry, had to digress for a moment... Back to I-Deal! kinneylamb PMed me with a link. He had this to say.

"hey woz,

i found an i-deal site that i thought might interest you. dont laugh, [url=""][/url]

it's 1 offer for a $50 gift card to jamba juice. i happen to live near one, but i suppose one could sell or trade it online somewhere. it also might be good for those who are new to DIY / freebie sites and need a low-cost site to test it out and build their confidence.

ok btw keep up with that blog! its awesome lol :)


If you're a skeptic first-timer then you should try the offer kinneylamb proposed. It's only 1 offer/$50.00, and it's an I-Deal site. For details on how to work an I-Deal site please see my 'I-Deal Lecture and Links' thread.

Speaking of I-Deal here are some links:

[url=""][/url] - 8 offers/$500.00 Best Buy or Circuit City gc

[url=""][/url] - 8 offers/$500.00 Visa gc

[url=""][/url] - 8 offers/$500.00 Visa gc

[url=""][/url] - 6 offers, 1 ref/$500.00 gc of your choice

[url=""][/url] - 6 offers, 1 ref/$500.00 gc

The last two require referrals, but I added them in case someone didn't mind getting a ref in place of doing two extra offers.

Brandarama candy link, lmao: [url=""][/url]

The more recent Brandrama links are in the Halloween blog.

YFD links--





















Anyone care to be guinea pigs here? Just sign up and look for the offer count. Don't worry, if you sign up with a particular gift but do not complete any offers, you can still return to the same site(s) and select a new gift to work on. The rewardmyopinion and freedesignerapparel sites both look good; Woz likes the $500.00 sites! I may warm up to the idea of doing more notaries since they have low-offer sites unlike I-Deal, lol. Oh yeah, and I added the horse site for fun! It's kinda silly, haha. I also found a Brandarama site earlier for Snuggle fabric softner.

Let me ask you a simple question. How do you organize your DIY networks? Everyone has their own special way of going about it, whether it's jotting down info in a binder, or planting it all in their mind, which is not the best option! Knowing the importance of retaining DBAs, dates and offers, I've learnt how to systematize my information so it stays safe, neat, and accessible any time anywhere. I will show you how to balance your data with a few easy steps in under 5 minutes!

To avoid this...

I will teach you how to do this...

How I remember the DBAs, the dates, and how much I did per DBA is by the exact layout above.

First, go to New, and click "Spreadsheet."

A new window will open. It should look like this.

Start by navigating to the colour box, selecting a shade for box 'A.'

Return to box 'A' and click the font colour box to change the hue of the text.

You may also change the font size by clicking the font drop-down menu.

Once the settings are intact start typing. If you want to emulate mine enter "I-Deal DBAs" in the first box. Ingeminate the steps for each box thereafter. Click below your coloured boxes to type in the data.

You can apply the same method when creating offer spreadsheets as well.

An example:

I whipped up this "sample" offer spreadsheet really fast! Doing it this way makes it less stressful.

To rename the spreadsheet go to File in the upper left-hand corner, then click "rename."

To begin constructing your spreadsheet visit: [url=""][/url]

It's how I manage my freebies-- now you can, too! This is also a good idea for referral based networks as well. I used to keep track of my information with legal pads and Notepad, lol. I just started with a fresh I-Deal spreadsheet, and I'm editing the Brandarama one.

Moving on to our new DIY company, Acquisis (The Reward Depot). If anybody missed the intro on them please read the previous blog. Right now, I will elaborate on them as well as give an update. So far only one individual has claimed to have gotten a gift. However, they are preparing laptops for shipment, and have even "shipped" a 1K Visa gift card via FedEx to a member. They were even given a tracking number. Turns out they aren't a *new company*, they have actually been around for sometime; having lacked attention-getting deals, no one cared enough to pursue or discuss them before. My offers were done roughly 4 weeks ago, I am in the waiting stage now.

Here is all the information you will need to successfully complete one of their sites...

Acquisis (The Reward Depot)-- Acquisis, LLC. is an internet marketing company based in Evanston, IL. Luring people with low-offer deals/high-valued gifts is their game! Their customer support is fast, helpful, and affable. From the time you sign up you are given 120 days start-to-finish to complete the site. It typically takes 75 days for offers to credit, sometimes less. Manual credit can take up to a week, but a replacement offer may make it easier. Once they receive your redemption form, please allow an additional 6 to 8 weeks for shipment. There is a limit of one gift per lifetime with Acquisis, so choose wisely!

Screenshot of how the account page will appear:

Hopefully this pans out for everyone... It will be interesting to see how it unfolds. Customer support is responsive, so that's always a good sign. To be honest, I won't rest easy until I see some actual proof. I will keep you guys posted if any gifts are received. I don't see a reason for them to lie by saying they shipped that one person her gift via FedEx, especially if they probably are the company that had the infamous GPS offer.

How do you guys like my title? My goal was to make it sound like "free for all." Clever, eh? I'll tell ya, freebies are a remunerative business, lol. At first I only dabbled in them a bit, but that was years ago. I'm glad I decided to dive into the pool again, this has been so much fun! I like helping others in my spare time, too. But yeah, it's been a MONTH since my last blog! Wow! I didn't realize that much time had passed... Anyway, I would like to thank kinneylamb for the I-Deal link, and Harout for asking Acquisis the question I had! I know you asked them it over a month ago, but thanks, haha. I'm not sure which entry transcends the other; this blog has more text and screenshots, whereas October's has more links. They're both good, IMO. ^^

I always go into these expecting NOT to write as much, and I end up with a novel, lol... More to come this month, at least two entries total anyway!

Alrighty, I'm over and out!


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