Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Year of freebies! Come on in, it's time to party...

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope you guys had an awesome holiday. *blows horn*

Before I begin I must explain why I'm not blue anymore... The reason given: A4F are working on downsizing their staff due to a lack of new sites. Wanting to evade countless questions, I am approaching this beforehand. I didn't want this to be a huge deal, it's just better to inform everyone of the change now. Up until last spring, I never actively helped out on a forum. Being a source of information and guiding others on A4F has been a fun experience for me, but an experience nonetheless. Receiving the PM from E asking if I wanted to be a Site Cop, what it was called atm, I was surprised. Although expressing qualities of a site cop/grade monitor, inwardly I thought, "Huh? I've been here less than a year (10 months, atm). I have no prior experience on a forum other than when I traded (merchant gift cards, lol) years back. Why me?" Weeks on end I meandered all over A4F, not knowing what to do. It was a struggle. I tried my best to not pester the staff with unnecessary questions, only the important ones. It wasn't until months later I realized my potential on A4F, that I was able to provide better assistance.

I made mistakes, and one recently, though unintentional and it wasn't all me, it was still enough to cause a stir, which may have contributed to the change; will not elaborate here. The point of all this is you should learn from your mistakes as well as take from life experiences, no matter where you are. I try to see the positive in most things however unfavorable the situation is. From there, I examine it fully, deciding how I can grow as a person. Subsequently that should result in not repeating a similar mistake in the future. I wish all the staff on A4F the best! I hate how this is sounding like a mushy good-bye speech, lol... I didn't want this to feel like MySpace, but I'm afraid it already has! Ahhhh... I often go on writing sprees, and that's the problem. :doh:

All technical inquiries about freebie networks or spam should be addressed to emoney and bradenr. Any DIY-oriented questions can be PMed to me (or another DIY guru), that's all I handle now.

Thanks A4F for letting me be apart of your team!

Now that's passed, why don't we jump into tonight's subjects? Honestly, DIY has been quiet, but I do have some news. After months on end without a modicum of knowledge on shipping information, people started receiving gifts early January! If you are CTS for October-November 2007 be on the look out! The amalgamation of ARG (Active Response Group, a.ka Brandarama) and TTSP (TransTech Services Partners) is a good thing. Perhaps TransTech will be able to pay the debt of our gifts and we'll have a steady flow coming our way. We will all be paid, but that's just me. Any opposition to my thoughts? I would love to hear it!

*Hot New Networks*

I'm limited when it comes to the NPL/new networks region, however, I think I can work around that.

Freebies4me-- They're kicking 2009 off with a bang! On two of their sites, every 10 referrals nets you a $100.00 and $200.00 bonus! It's all here: [url=""];#entry1010523[/url]

PrizePanda-- You may have seen one of their banners floating around. They now have a subforum: [url=""][/url]

YourHugeRewards-- They've got $2,800.00 to give away, help them out! Also check out their new weekly races promising bigger rewards: [url=""][/url]

More on DIY networks and the like...

Okay, so I have been having a terrible time trying to get the folks at Acquisis to respond regarding my MCR. It used to be easy, but now you have to be persistent. Having e-mailed off and on for a month, I could have mailed my forms, been processed, and possibly have or be closer to obtaining my gift by now, but I'm not. I started October 3rd and completed all of my offers in one sitting, like I would with I-Deal. Two months later all, but one of my offers went approved. I contacted them thereafter with an MCR request, which in turn they demanded my confirmation. Very understandable, so I sent it to them promptly. After sending the confirmation I haven't heard anything back. I've checked my spam folder repeatedly, and added both the site I'm working on and The Reward Depot page's e-mails to my address book. Still nothing. I'm now at the 90-day mark, and have sent 5-6 e-mails back and forth. Lately users have experienced communication issues, so I'm not the only one. I just hope it doesn't push me to the end of my deadline, or else I must beseech them for an extension, lol. And I HATE begging networks, especially DIY companies, for things like that. errr.

I'm still waiting on my shipment from I-Deal, but it's getting closer! Let's do the math. I began November 28th, and was processed December 15th. People have received their $750.00 gc gifts within 2 months, so towards the end of this month? Maybe sooner? I e-mailed them to see if they could change one of my gcs out for another one, but no reply. Maybe they will, maybe they won't, but it will still be pleasant once it arrives.

I concocted a title for our links section-- "links 'n such." Sound good, eh? I'm fresh out of I-Deal links as the ones in last months blog are still pretty recent and there are no new ones. Below are some from YFD and Acquisis though. Enjoy!

*links 'n such*











Due to current events this blog was planned this evening, however, none of the content was prepared. Another extempore blog from wozniack!! I hope you guys enjoyed reading it, and it offered some insight.

Until next time...


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