Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I-Deal revision, and Brandarama shipments

Well, I wasn't going to make a blog tonight, but in a previous entry there was misinformation on my part. In the 'I-Deal lecture and links' blog I stated,

"DBA conditions: Only one promotional item per DBA every 6 months. Let me further elucidate... Say I were to sign up for a Macbook, and the DBA for that I-Deal site was Red Turtle Investments, LLC., I wouldn't be allowed to seek out another site with Red Turtle Investments, LLC. for another 6 months. However, I would be authorized to do Bullseye-Media, or MarketLabs Inc. if I wanted, that is, if I haven't completed any of their sites within the past 6 months."

I confounded the terms in my mind, and neglected to stress the $1,000.00 value. My deepest apologies if this in any way confused the regs, and for new DIYers who read it. manofice pointed it out to me. He said, "Is that new? Because it always has been unlimited promotional items per DBA until you reach 1000 dollars." manofice, if you're reading this, thanks! You're my hero, lol. Absent-minded I was. However, the six-month period still remains the same. Rectifications will be made to that blog accordingly. I have no problem admitting that I'm wrong, it just bugs me if I misguide users because the point of this blog is to provide true, detailed content on DIY and freebies alike. Makes Wozniack feel a little abashed to say the least, lol.

Moving on to the YTB/Brandarama shipping process... My $1,000.00 AmEx profit from YTB/Brandarama arrived! It turned out to be two $500.00 AmEx gcs in lieu of the $1,000.00 AmEx, which was fine by me. I just love feeling the joy of receiving something in the mail, ya know? It's like nailing all the pins in a bowling lane, haha. That "YES!!" when you get a strike. It's exhilarating. Now I wait for my Sports Authority cards to roll in! Very excited is what I am! I did register new YTB/Brandarama domains, there are some good one's out. Seek the one's that are bolded in Deb's awesome [url=""]Brandarama Link List[/url]. Grab them before the offer count has elevated! Even if you park 'em, you still are given a timeframe of 6 months per YTB/Brandarama site.

Will have more soon!


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