Monday, June 16, 2008

School is now in session.

Hi. *writes name on chalkboard*

My first blog. This blog will serve as a pigeonhole for storing DIY links, and freebie gossip. I want this blog to direct users to entries involving links, specific details about DIY, ranting, freebie discussion, etc. In my past attempts to share links with others, I was obstructed; now, it will be easier this way. By having my own blog it enables me to swiftly access the archived pages within the calendar, selecting the content I need. I exhausted various methods of retrieving links, and because there were so many (threads), it took an age to find them all. Hopefully this blog turns out to be a success... With each entry, my endeavour is to teach newcomers the rudiments of all things free and then some. Many moons ago I had an account with Livejournal; then came MySpace, which turned tedious. I pray that is not the case here, but I don't think it is. I am just as eager to help other users achieve their freebie goals as I am my own. It's like give and take in a sense. Even if I never skipped a week of blogging there is so much to explain that I wouldn't run out of words, especially if it's posting new links-- I would let them (the links) do all the talking, lol.

During this week I will delve into the basics, i.e. the dos and don'ts of the freebie world, how blogs function, an extensive look into referral-based and DIY sites, spammers/scammers, A4F forum navigation, and the grievances of a wozniack. Okay, I know the last one may seem a tad bit lame, but it's important to know which questions to ask, and which questions to not reiterate. I will even use pie graphs for some of these. ;p

Tomorrow class, the subject of I-Deal links will be discussed through chapters 1-3! Let's get cracking. j.k :P


P.S.-- I had this prepared a couple nights ago, but encountered a minor connectivity problem, which is why it [/size][size=2]was avoided until tonight. Expect more to come later today, or tomorrow! It feels good to be back. :D

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