Saturday, November 24, 2012

Shopkick, CheckPoints, and Black Friday sales...

I want to tell you all about this cool app I've been using. It's called Shopkick. If you have a smartphone, listen up! You can earn "kicks (points)" for walking into select stores, and get even more kicks for scanning products. Because of Shopkick, I was able to get free Target gift cards. The gift cards are actually barcodes that are posted to your gift page. At checkout, the cashier scans the barcode, and the funds on your gift card pay for your purchase. With my Target money, I bought Halloween candy at discounted prices, toiletry items, clothes, and Christmas gifts. And I used a $10.00 American Eagle virtual gift card to buy a winter cap on sale. The $34.95 cap was 40% off because of Black Friday. So 40% off $34.95 is $13.98, bringing the cap down to $20.97. Then apply my $10.00 American Eagle virtual gift card to the discounted amount, and you get $10.97. All I pay is $10.97 plus tax, which brings my order to $11.87 since tax where I live is 8.25%. Had I paid full price without a discount, or gift card I would have spent $37.83 (tax included). If you subtract $11.87 from $37.83 you will see that I saved $25.96. Thank you, ShopKick!

To register an account with Shopkick, please click here:

That's my referral link. You can register through Facebook, or by e-mail. Once you're done, confirm your account, and download the app to your phone. Who knew there was a program that rewarded you for NOT shopping? You aren't required to purchase anything. You get kicks just for entering the store and scanning items. For more on how Shopkick works, here is Shopkick's Wikipedia page:

Another app to look into is CheckPoints. With CheckPoints, you also earn points for scanning items. I recently signed up with them, so I haven't earned any rewards yet. Click here to learn more about them: - My bonus code is: diyfreebie; there is no 'S' at the end. CheckPoints gives you a bonus code instead of a referral link for friend invites.

I got another awesome deal at 82% off. It was a sterling silver snowflake pendant with white sapphires for $26.95. The list price of the necklace is is $147.97. This deal is still around: -- This necklace would make an excellent Christmas gift for that special loved one on your list! Or it would be a good treat for yourself. Did I mention there is no shipping or tax on this item?

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will see you again next month with December's blog... New company addresses, updates, and a lot of other stuff in store. Until then, sign up to Shopkick and CheckPoints to earn some amazing rewards. :)

See you next month...


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