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New year of freebies with revelations on network connections, Nuitech’s annual rule, Caivis Inc. picking up where ARG left off, new links…

Happy New Year!! We're ringing in the new year with fireworks from freebie networks that are bound to shock us all! Connections between three networks are up for discussion as well as Caivis, Inc. managing a gift program; Nuitech's annual rule; new links. 2010, here we begin...

2010 is not only a new year, it's a new decade. I wonder though, will freebies be here in ten years? We'll see. In 2009, our options were dwindling, and money was running dry. Given the sum of celebrity deaths, lost jobs and foreclosed homes, 2009 jolted the entertainment world, and the rat race in the maze of life was futile. December's end, however, was bountiful for freebies, and my forecast for the industry just got sunnier. Now 2009 is over, the rainbow is out, and waiting for us with a pot of gold. I'm ready, as I'm sure you all are, to sink my hands into it! May this be the best year in freebies we have seen...

*hot new networks*

Paradise Freebies-- Their FREE GREENS with a TWIST" Promotion runs from January to February. They're also advertising a $1,000.00 referral race:

Instant Rewards-- Free greens, and they have up to 50% bonuses. Act now!

Okay gumshoes, the major topic of the night is connections. Pull out your magnifiers, and start looking for clues! Since August, we have so desperately tried to put RewardStream, LLC. alongside PopularMedia, LLC. Did it work? Well, almost... We have more digging to do, however, we're closer than ever! Before introducing my new findings on this case, a member made the greatest exposition that's been under our noses. It's GCNP Media, LLC., and yours truly, Acquisis. It's real. The policy addresses matched up, so we are able to correlate all GCNP Media and Acquisis domains.

First we will examine the policies and FAQ within the GCNP Media, aka Big Brand Giveaway site. I know they're Acquisis, but to avoid confusion we will refer to them as GCNP Media.

Click to enlarge all thumbnails.

Privacy policy:

E-mail policy:


url and layout:

Now, here is your average Acquisis domain with the same address.

Privacy policy:


Contact us:

url and layout:

Notice the dissimilarities between them? (Acquisis) resembles I-Deal while the Big Brand Giveaway site has a look all it's own. They're made equal by the addresses in their policies, terms and FAQ. This goes to show that network sites aren't always the same. However, they function under distinct LLCs; the explanation for their appearances? Could be. We should refer to all sites operated by GCNP Media, LLC. as Acquisis. These corporations have muddled our minds since Big Brand Giveaway arrived on scene. I've corrected numerous individuals, telling them Big Brand Giveaway isn't partnered with ConsumerGain (Member Source Media), and so on so forth. So in light of these revelations let's do a recap of who's who.

GCNP Media, LLC. and Acquisis, LLC. = Acquisis

Member Source Media, LLC. = ConsumerGain

ConsumerGain is just a domain name, but people seem to remember them by that, so that's what we are calling them.

Now comes my concern. Acquisis paid me last year, and are slipping checks through the cracks to members. However, there are those who are yet to be paid after a yearly wait. What does this mean for all Big Brand Giveaway domains? Is their focus solely BBG now? Some members believe Acquisis expended their funds, and no pie is left over. If so, how are they paying people doing sites managed under GCNP Media, LLC.? Or the bigger question. Why? Wouldn't the wisest choice be to terminate all domains under the fallowing LLC., and tend to the other? And I said "fallowing", not "following", btw. There isn't a need to keep an LLC. if it's barely managed. I'm not saying they aren't paying, because they are; but 80% of the activity is on sites under GCNP Media, LLC. If they'd rather engage in other ventures under that LLC., fine. Just end the gift program on the inactive one.

Remember our discussion about networks having an unlimited supply of LLCs? They can. If they pay for it, it's rightfully theirs. Perhaps more remain under their belt, and I'd like to know them! Our misfortune is having to memorize each and every aspect of detail surrounding a network's purchases. Not to mention scrutinizing their T&C, policies, FAQ, contact info, past and present timeline, etc. It's a pain, but one of which will make us all more the wiser.

As for the RewardStream/PopularMedia investigation, I gathered some info. I am of the belief that RewardStream are operating out of this domicile in the East Village of San Diego. Condo details: 1 bdrm, 2bh/736 sq ft. Monthly rent totals $1,390.00.

Working environment:

I don't know when this picture was taken, but the size of the sports bar and grill looks about 736 sq ft. My old house was 1,000 sq ft, so I'm imagining it smaller than what I lived in. It looks about right. They could work anywhere in that condominium, but this is definitely the place! I like it. It's got style. I brought up the square footage because I read that RewardStream has only 5 employees. So if PopularMedia worked there, 50 employees would be cramped in a 735 sq ft. condo, right? In addition to that their desks, chairs, computers, fax machines, paper shredders, etc. are indispensables, so wouldn't they need more space? And where would their clients sit? lol.

What is picayune to the eye can be the biggest evidence of all! Zeroing in on the square footage helped. I'm 99.9% sure it's RewardStream, however, that and the fact they have a Washington connection doesn't link them to PopularMedia. Much evidence suggests they are, but it's unfounded until our findings are proven. Still, what we've found is staggering, and I'm not giving up just yet. I will continue to investigate both addresses. Yes, there are two. The one a member sent me, and the one I've been keeping in my back pocket, though it's PopularMedia.

PopularMedia, LLC.
1550 Bryant Street Suite 925
San Francisco, CA 94103

I'm rather excited about this. So we've established that RewardStream have a California location, and PopularMedia is there too. Getting closer. Perhaps we can link these two addresses, or a different PopularMedia address with the one pointing to the condo? If we can't do that, maybe we can connect the staff members. Same phone numbers? I'm thinking of anything and everything right now. If any of you come up with anything let me know! I'm on it...

This my friends is how you investigate. Throwing down hardcore evidence that validates a link between what was once two separate entities. Tying Big Brand Giveaway to Acquisis is possibly our greatest accomplishment, lol. Well, all credit goes to Mamidulce for showing me. Thanks, Karla! I owe you one. ;)

In July, Active Response Group sold their assets to a company called Cavis. As early as 4 months ago I began noticing sites springing up that were similar to ARG sites. Naturally, I checked them out. The EULA and policy are the same except for the address swap...

Privacy policy:

Sterling Interactive Marketing
105 E. 34th Street Ste 144
New York, NY 10016

url and layout:

Sterling Interactive Marketing Corp is a marketing company focused on lead generation and customer acquisition. All domains affiliated with this company are under the ownership of David Steinberg, President and CEO of Caivis, Inc.

If you don't understand this, educate yourself on David Steinberg, and Active Response Group first:

ARG meets Mpell--

ARG/Mpell soap opera; Brad Powers write up--

ARG/Mpell secrets and scandal--

ARG/Mpell more scandal--

ARG overture--

New company in town;David Steinberg write up--

Everybody else, let's move forward... How do you feel about previous ARG employees working at Sterling Interactive Marketing? Is this a red flag? Part of me thinks so, but it's not like our money was coming out of their pockets, right? Well, here are the profiles of a former Account Executive, and Production Manager from ARG. Somehow they never left the nest, i.e. the same location.

Since being under Steinberg's leadership, we have to assume they aren't working for Brad anymore. Guilty by association though? What if his cohorts are phoning him saying,

"Psst, Brad... You've got to come over here quick! Something's up with our boss." Brad, *hangs up* Old pal rings him again, "I know why you hung up on me. I assure you I am NOT someone you owed from 2009." Brad, "Oh, okay. So, what about Steinberg?"

Had to throw that in there, haha. I made the joke because during the bidding for the assets Brad hung up on people. It's a known fact. To be fair he had a lot of calls, many of which he answered. It's just that there was little he could do, or so it seemed.

Seriously though. Could this potentially harm newcomers that land on their sites? What if there more ARG workers are behind this than we realize? Do these men influence Steinberg's decisions to some extent in the gift program? Having worked with Brad, Steinberg may seek their advice from time to time. Hopefully he wouldn't listen to their "delay tactics", and so on so forth, lol. As you can see, I'm having a good time with this, but there is an equal amount of worry, too. What I know is they are not in debt; they signed a lease for a 1,365 square ft. lot in Colorado, and business is booming for them.
Certainly a relief. Funds would be available for rewarding members, but the thought of ARG workers in the club sent a shiver down my spine. Until we learn more, our goal is shielding newcomers, and ourselves, from their sites.

In my correspondence with Nuitech about an unrelated matter, they said,

"Dear me,

Thank you for submitting your request.

Final step verification documents (Refer-a-Friend) need to be sent to:

Verification Department:
13762 W. SR. 84, Suite 612
Davie, FL 33325

Please note, as of December 10, 2009, only one gift is permitted from
the company identified under this site\'s Terms and Conditions per
person and/or household for one year after your registration date

Please do not reply to this email as the account this is sent from is
not monitored for incoming mail and you will not receive a reply.
Please use the contact form provided at our website.

Thank you,


Only one gift per year for Nuitech. That's the new rule. This might be good for them since they've been offering such awesome deals, and people have been taking advantage of the 6-day offer rule. We need to commit this to memory.

Stand back everyone! It's time for our link explosion, lol...

*links 'n such*

I-Deal-- - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 restaurant gc of your choice - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 gcs of your choice - 12 offers, 2 refs/42" Samsung HDTV, grill, and $100.00 supermarket gc - 4 offers, no refs/football jersey - 12 offers, 2 refs/Samsung refrigerator

Nuitech-- - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 AmEx gc

producttestpanel-- - offers unknown/$1,000.00 Visa + misc. gifts

Working on the link list tonight. Since my last blog, my laptop died. It contained my link list I had stored in a text file. That file helped me remember what links I've already posted. I will post the one's I find, then pull the link list file off my HDD, and transfer it to this PC so I can update it! I really need to do that, lol.

I hope your holidays were filled with merriment and joy, and you all had a happy New Year. Wishing you all a year of love, happiness, health and prosperity. Let's make this a year to remember...

Bye for now,


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