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Heartbreaking deals that will make you cry! Redsail Media's Scott Cheney, Day Online Solutions LLC., Popular Media running a jewelry store?

We are lifting the lid on this box of chocolates with sweet deals and Valentines; An introduction into RedSail Media, and President Scott Cheney; Day Online Solutions, LLC. and offer hope; Nuitech has Canadian location, and more! Smell the rose bouquet...

You may notice the absence of *hot new networks*; it is forever excluded from this blog as I no longer oversee referral networks, nor do I care to. This blog is DIY-based, as such, it makes little sense to include that section. At the time, I was on staff, and gave recommendations on referral networks. I have no clue about referral-based sites now as I haven't dealt with them in over a year. I'd rather keep it that way, and stick with what I know. :)

Moving on... I'm about to present to you a new network. Yes, there is yet another one. This is no ordinary company either. Aside from the garden variety, we have Acquisis (Acquisis and Big-Brand Giveaway domains), Member Source Media (ConsumerGain), etc. But ever heard of Redsail Media? Will the information I am about to give conflict with our investigation of RewardStream and Popular Media? Read on...

Once CogReg 360, RedSail Media, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PRIMIS Marketing Group, is a premier provider of internet lead generation services since 2003. Scott Cheney, President and General Manager of RedSail Interactive unit of AccuData Holdings, Inc., holds 20 years of proficiency in planning, accounting, control, reporting, analysis, fundraising, risk management, tax and M&A. Cheney launched his career at ADVO, where he reigned as Controller for the National Accounts Group. He also served as Vice President of Analysis, and managed ADVO's $450 million bankroll; set pricing for their $1 billion product line; co-developed Corporate Strategy; and was General Manager of the Direct Response Division. His work continued as Chief Financial Officer at DVDPlay from 2002 to 2007, and he served on DVDPlay's Board of Advisors since 1999. He was Vice President of Finance and Senior Vice President of Business Development and Planning at, and additionally served as it's Vice President of Analysis. Before instituting his consulting practice, he maneuvered the sale of Broderbund Software to the Learning Company for $420 million in stock.
His businessman prowess continues to shine as he serves as a member of Board of Governors at BidPal Network, LLC., and on the Board of Advisors for He is also on the Board of Advisors of He graduated with duple degrees in economics and management from Hartwick College in Oneonta, New York.

Redsail Media addresses:

304 Main Ave, Suite 351
Norwalk, CT 06851

399 Main Ave, Suite 118
Norwalk, CT 06851

They also manage sweepstakes domains: -

This company is making rounds in the freebie industry. The similarities in their policies and T&C mimic RewardStream, though I see no affiliation. Let's look at them anyhow...

RewardStream policy:


gift page:

RewardStream uses New Times Roman font in their policies and terms, whereas Redsail Media does not. Don't forget the redirects on their sites either! Not all their domains redirect, but many do.

Redsail Media policy:


gift page:

RedSail Media uses arial fontface for all their sites, yet the policies and T&Cs share many of the same verses. Although the same on many accounts, parts are missing or entirely different. This proves to us that the appearance of policies and terms may be nearly identical across a variety of networks, and they might've used somebody else's content.

What's this mean for the RewardStream and Popular Media investigation? I entertained the thought of a connection between Redsail Media and RewardStream, but honestly, I don't see it. I've read up on everybody in office, and them banding together would tie them to the PRIMIS group, and I think somebody's name from RewardStream would have been mentioned. There was definitely WAY more information out there on these guys and PRIMIS than there ever was on RewardStream and PopularMedia. Also, RewardStream and PopularMedia are practically neighbours. We were able to pinpoint their U.S. working location in our last entry. When Redsail Media appeared I groaned, because we've had too much confusion already, and I did not want to interrupt our case unless necessary. Tying Redsail Media to RewardStream would have slowed down our progress!

I was searching for more info on our beloved RewardStream and Popular Media found their Bryant St. address is linked to a jewelry store! lol. See for yourself...

Popular Media's address:

1550 Bryant Street Suite 925
San Francisco, CA 94103

For some reason the one on their site rings bells...

4104 24th Street, Box 587
San Fransciso, CA 94114

Owen Glass Collection:

Am I seeing things? The web site for Owen Glass Collection has a copyright date of 2007, and their filing date is 1997. I'm playing with dates here. Perhaps they thrived at Bryant St. in 2007, and have since moved, because Popular Media is still there. Either that, or Popular Media are silent gemologists, lmao. I'm e-mailing the jewelers as we speak to casually ask about their location. If they give me the Bryant St. address, something's up.

Yet, another network makes it's debut. A privately owned company since 2007, Day Online Solutions, LLC. offers freelance web design and development, and they specialize in maintenance of such work. Outside that zone they maintain a gift program, and, their GPT pursuance.

Their sites: -

Many of you have had concerns about this bunch, but let's take a look at their goodwill. We haven't heard reports of payment from their gift program, however, PrizeLive might indicate their reliability. Please view their forum. They have a "payment proof" area, and their payments are fairly recent!

PrizeLive forum:

Granted most of these are small payouts, but payouts nonetheless...

"Day Online Solutions, LLC sent you $50.00 USD
Transaction ID: 81G954025L590081S

::member's name::,

Just thought you'd like to know Day Online Solutions, LLC sent you $50.00 USD.
Note from sender, Day Online Solutions, LLC: Commissions"

It's much like FusionCash, Treasure Trooper, Cash Crate, what have you. They pay. Now, I hope this isn't like Acquisis where there is a lull, but in other pursuits they hop like bunnies to issue funds.

Their addresses:

Day Online Solutions, LLC
P.O. Box 48
Sellersburg, Indiana 47172-0048

::gift site here::
P.O. Box 70262
Louisville, Kentucky 40270-0262

One of their DIYs:


I have more links, but this one stood out to me. The Superbowl was last weekend, so that alone tells us this isn't an old site. That coupled with the 2009-2010 copyright confirms they're still running their program. I figured they were because I'm noticing their sites for the first time. I wish we had full knowledge of them paying members. Like the rest, I will make this my quest! Enough digging may lead to a write up on the big fish behind their operations.

You may want to grab a pen and paper for my next entry. In it, I will add Redsail Media to the list of consecutive networks. It will also be updated for any future companies that arise. With each update, I will edit the date, changing it to the current time so it bumps our entry. The new entry will be specifically for DIY networks, and will be titled just that. I also would like to make a separate entry for addresses. Addresses keep multiplying, and they should be in one spot. We need control over this. *huff puff*

Next is Nuitech. Did you know they have a Canadian location? I've known for a while, but wanted to write about it for those who didn't!

One of Nuitech's Florida domains:


One of Nuitech's Canadian domains:


Nutech's Canadian location:

P.O. Box 62046
Orleans, ON K1C7H8

Different phone numbers in the lower right-hand corner, but the same (954) 653-9350 number is on their contact us page. Same girl too, lol. Easily confirmed.

Lovely deals coming your way...

*links 'n such*

I-Deal-- - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 restaurant gc of your choice - 14 offers, 2 refs/$1,000.00 Visa - 12 offers, 2 refs/$1,000.00 Visa - 12 offers, 2 refs/Gateway P-7807u FX laptop - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 Quiznos gc - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 Aeropostale gc

GCNP Media (Big Brand Giveaway)– - offers unknown/laptop of your choice

In other news, my birthday was yesterday, and I feel no older. I'm stuck in Feb 10th, 2008, to be honest. Waking up each day is something to rejoice as we do not know when our time will come. Death comes like a thief in the night. Birthdays are not only a time of reflection, but a moment of gratitude. Each day is a blessing, and I am appreciative of living. The sick know their time is near, and have incredible strength to approach the end head on. I applaud their valour. Our time on Earth is fleeting with each passing day. Try to make the best of your life, and the time with those around you.

I hope that wasn't depressing, lol... Just being honest. We get caught up in our every day routine, and sometimes forget how precious life is. Work, school, extra curricular activities, recreational events, grocery shopping, bills, freebies, etc. Yeah, threw freebies in. All of us are enthusiastic about them, immersing ourselves in trader complaints, or fretting over I-Deal processing us. Our reward will come eventually, but what really makes us rich are the intangible things, know what I mean? Checks and gift cards are nice, however, they can't compare to the bliss that's felt when a child is born, or making memories on a theme park ride, especially in the company of others. You get my point. :)

Once again, I would like to say thanks to everyone for your continued support of myself and this blog. It means so much. Without my audience, it would be nonexistent. I'm rarely present, but am hoping to carve out time to be available more. I feel I've missed so much! Anyhow, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I'm here.

Have a good evening,


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