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A night of tricks and treats, Part 1. CRS and member confrontation, more sub-companies, sites and locations investigated, Halloween link list...

Member to company confrontation in Consumers Reward Solutions' office!! Hear what happened; more sub-companies, sites and locations; Halloween link list... Put your costumes on, and get ready for the tricks and treats of the night!!

This evening we'll start with Consumers Reward Solutions. This seemed highly important, so before anything else I must tell you that there is a confirmed report of a confrontation at Consumer Reward Solutions' office building. What happened next may explain the company's questionable behavior if what CRS said was true. Below is one member's encounter with CRS. You'll want to read this...

Member, "Well I want into the building and the people inside the building said they are no longer in that business and that I will not be getting any kind of gift. I said why is the website still up? They said they knew nothing about the website any more. I said give me my money back that I spent on offers + my gift or I will sue. They said you won't sue that will cost you thousands of dollars. Then they told me to get out before they called the police. But I have all their words on an audio recording on my phone and they are going down! Today I am looking for a Canadian lawyer. If you have done a canadian offers site or are thinking aout doing one, you will not get any kind of gift so do not do it. You will be scammed"

Question from someone, "dang,
so this was the same people? or a different company renting the other company's old space?

sounds like you have a tough case...."

Member, "I believe it's the same company and they aare scamming people. I found a lawyer to take my case he says I have a good chance because I have their words recorded on my phone. Will let you know how it goes."

This may mean two things, "are no longer in that business." If they are "no longer in that business", they admitted that they once were. Because of that statement, they cannot act as if they never managed a gift program. So the activities within the company can--and should be--fully investigated. Now, it also may mean that their gift program was terminated. If it was, we never knew about it. But what if it wasn't? What if the gift program is in full swing? They said they knew nothing about the web site anymore... Yeah right! Why wouldn't you know? Don't you work for the company? Can't you check the database to see what sites are active? I doubt NOBODY knows why the gift sites are still up. Not one single person in that company. This is what I think. CRS were not expecting someone to show up about their gift. Their only thought was to deny, deny, deny! They denied being "in that business", they denied any knowledge of the gift site; ultimately, they denied this member their gift. You can always tell a person or business is guilty when they deny everything and threaten you with the police. Classic. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police save the day on horseback!! haha... C'mon, send in the mounties! This is something out of a comic book. I know where to go when I need a good laugh. CRS' office.

CRS' termination of the gift program would very well explain the lack of response to e-mail, telephone hang ups, and their rejections to those whose gift sites were unrelated to the Ms. Kyle matter. Even Dave was acting suspicious. I knew something wasn't right. It all makes sense! Consumers Reward Solutions were preparing to shutdown during the utility bill notification send off. Someone would one day tell us it was all over and we wouldn't get anything. This is also what I think. Let's say what they said was true, that they were "no longer in that business." What if that is just what we were told, and they're keeping their sites running? Why are the sites even there? That is what I don't get. Remember when XL Marketing, under Caivis, attempted to restart ARG after the assets were sold? What if Consumers Reward Solutions are like ARG by supposedly leaving this industry, and have planned to manage the gift program through some other means. They could do it under a sub-company to keep the heat off 'Consumers Reward Solutions.' If it has happened before, it can happen again.

There are no updates on this individual's suit against Consumers Reward Solutions. Everyone is still waiting to hear. In all of DIY history, is this the first physical appearance made by a member to any DIY company? *applauds them for their courage!* I just hope this person got their money, and that CRS didn't get away with it.

Let's start our investigations. Please study the whois info and the gift site below.

whois info:

gift page:

contact page:

url: http://claim.findbestsurveydeals.com/SplashPage.aspx?g=a6e8a7528851433fb49c1869d78b73e9&nm=018jgrq2uw38&se=51

I went to the web site in the whois info, YesSurveyMedia.com, and it brought me here...

After examining this site, I noticed it had the same wording that CRS had on their homepage!

YesSurveyMedia's wording:

"YesSurveyMedia is one of the world's largest integrated online marketing companies. We deliver scalable solutions for advertisers to cost-effectively acquire customers and for publishers to maximize their revenue.

YesSurveyMedia industry experts can solve your most complex online marketing needs today."

Consumers Reward Solutions' homepage:

And that is not all. In my research, I pulled up this list of domains and businesses by the same owner...

Power Lead Media caught my eye, and so I investigated them and one of their sites, windailygadgets.com.

whois info:

gift page:

contact page:

url: http://claim.windailygadgets.com/SplashPage.aspx?g=12f2754de387478c81b2381d88b0d8b6&nm=019jgrx2juxt&se=53

Power Lead Media shares the same India address as YesSurveyMedia in their whois information. Now look at the contact page for windailygadgets.com. There is a Hong Kong location!

20/F & 33F One International Finiance Center
1 Harbour View St,
Hong Kong, HK HK

So then I Googled 'Online Gift Shack', the other business on the domain page. Online Gift Shack rang many bells, I had seen it before. I just couldn't place it. Below was what I found on Online Gift Shack.

I then did a whois on freehomeupgrades.com, the first link on the above domain page.

whois info:

Same Hong Kong address as Power Lead Media!! I am beginning to unravel something...

gift page:

contact page:

url: http://score.freehomeupgrades.com/SplashPage.aspx?g=4538ed96dd154b46a936bc72a496fb6b&nm=017jgre6uwx8&se=51

So I clicked on the 'Reward Status' link on freehomeupgrades.com, which took me to...

Consumers Reward Solutions. *big grin* The screen capture shows the link bar which has 'onlinegiftshack.com' in it, and you will see 'ConsumersRewardSolutions.com' in the tab. And when I visited onlinegiftshack.com, it had the overall same look and feel as CRS' other sites...

We have confirmed that YesSurveyMedia, Power Lead Media, and Online Gift Shack are CRS. But there is more...

whois info:

gift page:

contact page:

url: http://share.giftingtoday.com/SplashPage.aspx?g=c592a2d1170c406d8a0024806a5b1454&nm=01vgarc6mkxbal&se=52

Here we are with the same India address as YesSurveyMedia and Power Lead Media. Now, under 'technical contact' is a location in Cyprus, and that is probably the web host's information. Revenue Path E-Consulting Pvt. Ltd. also does business in India, which could be why CRS has an India location in their registrant info. See below.

The address in CRS' registrant info may actually belong to Revenue Path E-Consulting Pvt. Ltd. I would say it was theirs over CRS, but CRS could have gift sites now registered in India. Who knows? Maybe Dave left the island while the rest stayed in Canada... Wait. Is Dave in India? LOL. Sorry. I'm having too much fun with this. From now on, any gift site with the India address is CRS. I will add the India and Hong Kong locations to our official company and address list.

CRS addresses:

Level 6, Pentagon P-2 Magarpatta City, Hadapsar
Pune, 411013

20/F & 33F One International Finiance Center
1 Harbour View St,
Hong Kong, HK HK

These deals are so sweet it's scary! Don't let them spook you...

*Halloween link list*


http://consumerrewards.us.com/?config=1174 - 10 offers, 1 ref/$1,000.00 Visa gc

http://www.consumerrewards.us.com/?config=7288 - 10 offers, no refs/$1,000.00 Best Buy gc


http://www.onlinerewardcenter.com/rd_p?p=302911&c=49349-orcgamestop500console_728_hibrand&a=PFTEST - 9 offers, no refs/$500.00 GameStop gc + gaming console of your choice

http://www.realdealgiveaway.com/rd_p?p=312715&c=txt_030&a=PFTEST - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 UFC e-gift card

http://www.rewardingpromos.com/?c=70&s=1717 - offers unknown, no refs/$1,000.00 Visa gc


http://brandapparelrewards.com/dollarg/ - offers unknown, no refs/$500.00 Dollar General gc + misc. gifts

http://grocerystorerewards.com/groceryzas/index.php - offers unknown, no refs/$500.00 gift card for groceries

http://onlinerewardsclub.com/hdbig/index.php?lid=hdbig_14281_168&add_offerid=8843751&addomain=promolnk.com&addomain_id=89&uniclk=true – offers unknown, no refs/$500.00 Home Depot gc of your choice + misc. gifts

http://onlinerewardsclub.com/outcarbon/index.php?lid=outcarbon_12967_PFTEST&add_offerid=249518&addomain=promolnk.com&addomain_id=89&uniclk=true - – offers unknown, no refs/$500.00 restaurant gc of your choice + misc. gifts

http://www.pampermerewards.com/bathbod/flash_index.php – offers unknown, no refs/$500.00 Bath & Body Works gc + misc. gifts

http://giftcardrewardzone.com/gamestopzas/index.php - offers unknown, no refs/$500.00 GameStop gc + misc. gifts

http://onlinerewardsclub.com/sbuckzas/index.php?lid=sbuckzas_13326_[=afid=]&add_offerid=567523&addomain=sbcounter10.com&addomain_id=65&uniclk=true - offers unknown, no refs/$500.00 Starbucks gc + misc. gifts

I am STILL doing offers on my I-Deal site, and it is now over 3 weeks!! Hopefully I get it done this week so I can turn in my forms. I won't be doing them anymore until their crediting system changes. I normally finish a site within 3-5 days, and have my paperwork printed and sent out right after that. *sigh* The next order of business is getting CRS to remove their sites since they "aren't in that business anymore." Their reaction is just really bizarre. Why don't they relocate if they don't want all the grief?? Anyway, those are my thoughts I am leaving you with... Please be patient as I work on our Halloween link list. I will try to have it fully composed within the next few days. Our Halloween link list can be found here in "A night of tricks and treats, Part 1." Had to double blog this month, there was no way around it. Now head on over to "A night of tricks and treats, Part 2."! :)

See you there...


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