Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ringing in the New Year with words from CRS ex-employee and doubts about Dave, Sean McCormick answers our questions, link list. Join the party…

Happy New Year! Ringing in 2011 with a BANG! Sean McCormick, CEO of Ifficient, Inc., answers the BIG question, and works toward a solution for gift program CS; CRS ex-employee breaks her silence, and members doubt Dave; Consumer Gain warning, and more! Time to toast...

2011 is a year of changes for DIYfreebies. You may already notice the widened column I am writing in. This makes scrolling down the page less of a chore. We also have a new forum: -- All posts were moved over, and each member was re-registered. If you were a member, your log in is your username, and the e-mail you signed up with is your password. You can change your password at anytime by logging in, and clicking the “Profile” tab to the left. Once you’ve changed it, click the “change profile” button.

I'm amazed at the teamwork the DIY community has shown. If we continue working together, we can make this a great year! Our land was barren from 2009 to 2010, but the harder we plow, the more furrows there are in the ground. Everyone has joined hands to stop scams, and help others with DIY matters. Such generosity and kindness is rare online, and I think by giving more of ourselves we're building a stronger community. We have made an enormous amount of progress so far, and I'm looking forward to what 2011 holds. I am so grateful to those who pitched in with our site and blog. I couldn't have done it without them. :)

Sean McCormick, CEO of Ifficient, Inc., scheduled a business engagement with me. He read November's entry, "ARG bombshell is dropped, Part 2... , and we discussed Ifficient's relationship with several gift sites, as well as sorted out problems with their fulfillment department. To refresh your memories, please read "ARG bombshell is dropped, Part 2..." before continuing. You're hearing this straight from the source with Sean McCormick.

I replaced his screen name with "Sean McCormick" for his privacy. There is more discourse, but I'm only posting what is necessary.

Sean McCormick 11:24 am
[Offline IM sent 2h and 44m ago] Hi Wozniak

wozniack 2:10 pm
hi Sean. I hope you're having a good day. I'm ready when you are. :-)

Sean McCormick 2:39 pm
how are you doing?

wozniack 2:40 pm
really good here, thanks. and you?

Sean McCormick 2:40 pm
pretty well
I would like to enlist your help on how we can get better with the gift cards

wozniack 2:43 pm
sounds good. I'm ready to get started! I've been a little worried about GOR since they wouldn't give me any details. so, is GOR part of Ifficient in some way?

Sean McCormick 2:43 pm
its a subsierary

wozniack 2:43 pm
all my research kept pointing back to Ifficient
oh okay

Sean McCormick 2:43 pm
so I would like to put a system in place to make sure things are handled better
and get fullfillment on the same page

wozniack 2:44 pm
that would be great

wozniack 2:47 pm
there are two other sites--, and those are subsidiaries as well, right? just making sure I get confirmation on which is which, because my readers have been confusing the sites under the Norwalk address (Ifficient) with the Canadian company, Consumers Reward Solutions. CRS have a rough reputation, and I wouldn't Ifficient getting mixed up in that.

wozniack 2:49 pm
and I mistakenly named RewardSteam the "Canadian company" last year... that was really hard to clear up, so I'm glad we now know it is CRS.
I really appreciate you taking the time to work with me on this

Sean McCormick 2:52 pm
yes they are
your research is correct

wozniack 2:52 pm <--- err, I meant this domain, sorry
I just realized I typed the GOR address

Sean McCormick 2:52 pm
that is also ours

wozniack 2:53 pm
oh good

Sean McCormick 2:53 pm
I want to tighten up our fullfillment, along with making it more responsive

Sean McCormick 2:54 pm
if you have any suggestions I am open to listening as well

wozniack 3:00 pm
that would be great to get that going. from my experience with fulfillment, they did respond in the beginning, but I felt that when there was a question they didn't want to answer, they didn't know exactly how so they stopped replying. they seemed to be somewhat informed though since they told me Redsail Media was not connected to GOR. they gave me the impression they were hiding information. so perhaps going over how to deal with their members would be a start.
also, members aren't getting replies from CS when they send messages to the contact page

Sean McCormick 3:00 pm
I will get both of those turned around asap.

wozniack 3:02 pm
I was only able to get a response by contacting them at: <-- that is in their policy, and that e-mail is mainly for just unsubscribing, and to revoke consent to receive telephone calls
as far as I know, the offer pages and everything else works great. the main issue is customer support.

Sean McCormick 3:04 pm
okay, that is good to know. I will work with them this week to change that
I appreciate your feedback

wozniack 3:06 pm
thank you so much for looking into this matter.

Sean McCormick 3:06 pm
thanks for brining it to my attention, and I apologize that it had to result in a blog post for it to get to me

wozniack 3:08 pm
it's alright. you weren't aware of the problem... if I had known for sure that Ifficient was connected to this gift program in some way, shape or form, I would have contacted you sooner. I just felt the need to hurry up, and get answers because there is one member in particular that thinks she got scammed

Sean McCormick 3:09 pm
okay, well if there is anything I can do to help once you reach her I would be happy to make sure everything gets resolved.

Our conversation went on from there, but my main focus is what you've just read. Does anybody have any suggestions? I recalled the "contact page" being the root of the problem, and my bad experience with support. The domains mentioned in our IM are all subsidiaries of Ifficient, Inc., so please take note. These domains are NOT part of Consumers Reward Solutions:,, It is confirmed. Anymore sites with the Norwalk, CT address will be named "Ifficient" from now on.

Sean McCormick, thanks for allowing me the opportunity to discuss this with you. You were very professional, and got down to business. I appreciate that you genuinely care about the members. That says so much.

melbratch, Sean and I would love to help you with your reward. I'm not sure if you received my messages by blog and e-mail. Please contact me if you still need assistance:

We have a new location believe it or not, but first I want to address the concerns with Dave from Consumers Reward Solutions. A member told me Dave said he is the only person in customer service, and doesn't know who the others employed at CRS are. Had this feeling early on, so I'm not surprised. Where is he? Did CRS rent Dave his own office? If he were in the same building as CRS, he certainly would pass his fellow coworkers in the hallway. Seems odd for him to not know a soul.

I remembered what another member told me in conversation, which may explain Dave's position. Member comment, "I tried that number u gave me (1-877-680-4175) and it wasn't much help. I couldn't get a hold of Dave that way. They said they couldn't help me since I went through the internet." CRS may have separate functions; one for internet, the other an unspecified operation. It's not inconceivable for someone to manage the internet division of the company, while the unspecified operation is handled by an assemblage of men and women. What's inconceivable is that they are apart, and they must be if Dave doesn't know them. Its like Dave is on an isolated island, and they're oceans apart. And the "assemblage" knows Dave since they gave his phone number to a member, "I called a customer support number for CRS and it sent me to a couple different people the first time, then they gave me another number and I called Dave."

It might boil down to what CRS' "unspecified operation" is. For instance if Consumers Reward Solutions was a purveyor of commercial appliances which sold to restaurants as well as wholesale to the building trades. They may disconnect that undertaking from their less serviceable divisions. Since the unspecified operation doesn't handle calls from the "internet"--the keystone of all virtual functionality--how can they help with a gift site? They can't. The duty is incumbent upon Dave, the company's linchpin. As long as CRS are ethical by paying us, and those still owed money, that's truly all I care about. Doesn't matter if Dave is living on the moon, and CRS radios him in outer space. I do, however, find all this interesting.

On the subject of Consumers Reward Solutions, I would like to answer an ex-employee from CRS, Beth. Her comment is something we should all think about when pursuing CRS.

"Beth November 17th, 2010 (#):

I have been working for the “customer care” for this company for 3 months. Let me tell you it was very frustrating. When someone would call in because they had completed all there offers but it wasn’t showing we had to take their information and forward it. Also there has been issues with people getting their passwords. It is hit or miss with that…..and our team leaders don’t have the ability to help us. We had no access to the accounts that people were calling about. I worked for the company and couldn’t get a response from Dave about why my offers weren’t showing as completed. And when I asked the person that was supposed to be “in the know” I was told to refer back to the gift rules. After I found this site it made me sick to have to tell people this was not a scam and that yes, they will receive the gift if they just complete all the steps. I have quit this company….partly because I felt like I was working for thieves. I would just say that anyone who is thinking about doing this should be willing to have alot of patience and persevere."

Beth, this situation confuses me. First Dave says he doesn't know anyone else at CRS. Then those in the other realm of CRS, which is where you most likely were, cannot help members if they go through "the internet." If you read what I have written so far, you'll see what I mean. So you're telling me you, and those close by at CRS, HAD involvement in Consumers Reward Solutions' gift program? Makes no sense for your department to assist with it with no access to members accounts. Dave has the ability, and can perform reverse searches. Could you tell me who the "in the know" person is, or were you speaking of Dave? Did you know a "John H." at CRS? He claimed to be the manager. And last but not least, what is Consumers Reward Solutions function besides serving as a "gift program", if there is one? Most companies behind a gift program have a primary establishment, whether that be in lead generation, affiliate marketing, or something entirely different.

I apologize in advance for asking so many questions. We just need answers that haven't been given. Learning more about the company will give us more tools to work with. I'm sorry your job at CRS was unpleasant, and that you felt you were working for thieves. I can only imagine your frustration when having no other information at your fingertips other than the "gift rules" to refer members to. The management of this company is failing. The higher-ups cannot supply their employees with the proper information to help members, and the password problem is still unresolved. No matter how many times you call support, they say they're e-mailing you a password and it never comes. I want to thank you personally, Beth, for being so candid with us. You opened the door for us to look inside. Thanks!

As for the new location, I have screen shots which may prove the sites are tied to CRS. We'll go through the process an image at a time... Click to enlarge images.



Address on policy:

1999 S. Bascom Avenue
Suite 700
Campbell, CA 95008

gift page:

Now click the "Gift Status" link in the lower right-hand side of the page. The status page takes you to the image below. Notice the “Gift Center” image in the upper right-hand corner we discussed last month?

status page:

I visited the domain shown in the image,, which brought me to:

Same look and feel as,,, and The pages on these sites contain the same info as well. Now compare Consumers Reward Solutions' unsubscribe page to the one for (OnlineSurveyStop).

CRS' unsubscribe page: (OnlineSurveyStop) unsubscribe page: error page:

Looks identical to the CRS errors we receive! More evidence is pointing to the Campbell, CA address being CRS. Does anyone have any findings of their own?

About Nuitech, everyone should know this to avoid disqualification. It is imperative that all members save a copy of their T&C at the time of registration. That way if Nuitech changes the T&C, you retain an old copy. Nuitech shouldn't put the OK stamp on a requirement then state you violated it later on. An anonymous member called twice before completing their offers, and customer service said he/she could do the same site since the DBA was different. The customer service rep didn't state documentation was required to prove it was a different DBA on the same site. YR Central replaced Net Radiance, the DBA associated with Since members were given the go ahead, some took advantage of the same site now under YR Central.

What Nuitech sent an anonymous member,

"Dear member,

Our records indicate you have signed up on 01/2010 by using name
XX XXXX under we cover your bills and completed offers for $1000 to
Pay Off Your Bills and received that gift. We see that you have signed
up as XXXX XXXX on 11/2010 and completed offers for the same
site and the same gift. Also, as per our Terms and Conditions only one
gift is permitted from the same company per household for one year
after your registration date. Therefore you are in violation of the
terms and you are ineligible to receive this gift.

Please do not reply to this email as the account this is sent from is
not monitored for incoming mail and you will not receive a reply.
Please use the contact form provided at our website.

Thank you,


Below is what a member sent me regarding the DBA change. Thanks for providing me with the Nuitech e-mail, anonymous!

From anonymous member,

"nuitech told us that we can do YR Central even if we did Net Radiance within the past year. here is the copy of the nuitech e-mail from their CS:

Thank you for your inquiry. If you already received a gift from Net
Radiance, you are still eligible to receive a gift from YR Central in
the same year.

Please do not reply to this email as the account this is sent from is
not monitored for incoming mail and you will not receive a reply.
Please use the contact form provided at our website.

Thank you,


I understand their 1-year rule, but they clearly stated it was okay to do it. So regardless of it being the same site, Nuitech should honor the member since they said he/she could complete it a second time. You don't give a kid a lollipop then take it away. Lesson learned for everyone. Keep copies of everything, no matter how trivial it is. I'm adding the importance of saving the terms to the Official T&C and DBA list.

Another issue is Consumer Gain. Members reported login problems, and site errors. Site errors are common, but CS being unresponsive concerns me. I will post the new Consumer Gain link anyway so we can test it out. It might be a good idea to NOT do them until we know more. I'll let you guys know if I hear back from support.

*links 'n such*

I-Deal-- - 8 offers, no refs/Xbox 360 Elite + Kinect bundle

Nuitech-- - 8 offers, no refs/2 Nook Colors - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 JcPenney gc - 8 offers, no refs/$500.00 DSW gc - 6 offers, no refs/$250.00 Bass Pro Shops gc - 6 offers, no refs/$250.00 Bebe gc - 8 offers, no refs/ gc - 6 offers, no refs/$250.00 gas card - 6 offers, no refs/$500.00 Game Stop gc

Consumer Gain-- - offers unknown/$1,000.00 check

producttestpanel-- - offers unknown/$2,000.00 Apple gc + misc gifts - offers unknown/$1,000.00 Cabela's gc + misc gifts - offers unknown/$1,000.00 Dick's Sporting Goods gc + misc gifts - offers unknown/$1,000.00 Kohl's gc + misc gifts - offers unknown/$1,000.00 Kohl's gc + misc gifts - offers unknown/$1,500.00 Visa + misc gifts - offers unknown/$1,000.00 Neiman Marcus gc + misc gifts - offers unknown/$1,000.00 New York & Company gift card + misc gifts - offers unknown/$1,000.00 Old Navy gc + misc gifts - offers unknown/$1,000.00 Petsmart gc + misc gifts - offers unknown/$1,000.00 Pottery Barn gc + misc gifts

Thank you list:

I want to thank doylnea, from FiPG, for volunteering to fix our site. He worked his magic and the flaws disappeared. Check out

Next, Sean McCormick, CEO of Ifficient, Inc. for sitting down to discuss Ifficient and GOR. Thank you for your time, I appreciate it. Ifficient Interactive:

Jonathan, thanks for helping with the new forum design! Jonathan runs his own Mustang club, NJ Stangers. NJ Stangers has donated over $4,000.00 to charities, and has over 700 members in NJ alone:

DIYfreebies moderating team: fifisoda, puppeteer, and SkylinexxBleedsxxRed. You guys rock! Thanks for all you do. Also, a BIG thank you to the members! Without you there would be no forum. :)

Thanks to mydealfrenzy and bargainfun for the blog mentions! For great bargains, surveys and exciting giveaways, check out these sites: -

I kissed 2010 good-bye! Woz is ready to embrace the new year, are you? This concludes January's blog. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. I might do the Nook Color Nuitech site since I can't find anything else. Pretty cool that you get two instead of one. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Until next time...



John Jones said...

I participated in a survey on 12/27/10, joined Netflix and Doubleday Book Club. I've kept everything I've received from this company and the other two companies as well.

It's been much longer than six weeks and I still don't see my two offers I signed up for validated.

I began submitting support tickets about a month ago and within 24 - 48 hours they are closed without any response from this company. So far I'm on support ticket number four. I get the confirmation email that my ticket has been created but no follow up what so ever.

I've called and left messages twice as well without a follow up call or email. Both times I clearly spelled out my email address and name yet no such luck.

I'm now writing a letter and am sending it so that I get a signature. I want to know for sure that someone is getting my attempts to resolve this and get my prize.

My gift is such that I'm willing to go to small claims court here in Southern California and make them fuss over me a little since they don't seem to care about me in the slightest.

- Disgruntled Survey Taker

wozniack said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wozniack said...

John Jones,

Are you the same John that made this post?

" February 12, 2011 6:45 PM
John said...

I sent off my forms to Dave for a Free Apple Macbook Pro, he did not request a W9 be issued at all. Do you think I will be receiving a check for the laptop, I did My dad today did for the $2000 summer vacation link that was on your site, is this a reputable site/company? Do you think he will he be receiving a check?

If not, please disregard that. I just want to make sure I have the right person. Is the company you're talking about Consumers Reward Solutions? Support tickets rarely work, and I can provide you with better contact information. With CRS, your offers may not show that they credited on your status page, they have to be manually approved if they aren't validated.

To reach me directly you may e-mail me: -- I respond faster to my e-mail, and .com blog,

I look forward to helping you with this matter.



John Jones said...


I am not the same person, I was offered an iPad with my promo and this here is the first place I've publicly placed anything.

wozniack said...

John Jones,

Thanks for letting me know. I just wanted to make sure I had the right person, and did not confuse your situation with the other John.

Other than support tickets and calling, were you able to contact CRS through direct e-mail? I know a guy who I've spoken to directly and he might be able to help you with your offers via e-mail. He may ask for confirmations for the ones that aren't showing approved in their system, but he manually approves them once you give him an e-mail confirmation for your offer(s).


John Jones said...


I don't have a direct email for them but I do have documentation of everything so I'm not worried about not being able to produce documentation. Can you point me in the right direction?

wozniack said...

John Jones,

Please contact Dave at customer support: -- Show him your documentation so he may work toward processing you.

Let me know if you need further assistance.

Good luck!


wozniack said...

John Jones,

Please contact Dave at customer support: -- Show him your documentation so he may work toward processing you.

Let me know if you need further assistance.

Good luck!