Saturday, September 20, 2008

DIY discussion and new links...

I know this blog has been kinda dead, so it's time to revive it. Tonight I found a couple links that I haven't seen anywhere else, so I thought I'd share! Some are new, others I think I may have seen around...

[url=""][/url] - 8 offers/$500.00 gc; I-Deal.

[url=""][/url] - 4 offers/$500.00 check; YFD.

[url=""][/url] - 4 offers/$500.00 gc; Brandarama.

[url=""][/url] - 4 offers/$500.00 check; YFD.

[url=""][/url] - 4 offers/$500.00 gc; Brandarama.

[url=""][/url] - 5 offers/$500.00 gc; Brandarama.

[url=""][/url] - 8 offers/$1,000.00 gc; Brandarama.

Those are the current links from me. I have a whole host of 1Ks, but they range from 8 to 10 offers. Take a look and enjoy!

I never thought I would say this, but I-Deal has become my favourite DIY network. I will be honest. I used to hate them, like, a lot. Mostly, it was due to the trouble I experienced submitting my paperwork for several prizes. Also, there were a few offers I did that they did not want to credit me for in the beginning-- the book clubs. For some reason they required "extra information" in addition to the e-mail confirmations I had on hand. I gladly gave them the info, and then they claimed to not receive my paperwork, so that slowed down the progression. It took about 5 months to receive that gift when it should have been 2-3. My last tango with them went smoothly though, and I had my gift in under 6 weeks. I was going to do the Romeo's book club offer for my next I-Deal site, then I recalled the trouble with the Scholastic offers and said, "Naaaah", lol. I ache to start another I-Deal site, however, I'm moving soon, and most people know how difficult I-Deal is when it comes to change of address. YFD has fallen from the top of my "favourite DIY network" tower ever since they upped the approval requirements, and their new MCR conditions seem tiring. Their 3-4 offer deals will always tempt me though. Ahhhhhhh...

Someone asked me this question concerning Brandarama earlier, "And Woz, arent they requiring a w-9 for that laptop? Why would they require one if it's a $560 check?" To which I replied, "Yes, a w9 is required. Maybe the laptop was worth more at one time, and now they won't change the conditions? I honestly don't know, so do not quote me on that, lol. I had it parked a couple of days before I decided to do it. Good question though!"

The second one puzzles me because I don't rightly know. In all honesty, I feel that particular prize shouldn't have called for a w9, it's a little fishy. I know most, if not all I-Deal gifts require a w9 even if the value falls under $600.00. When I completed the $100.00 gifthouse Visa (I-Deal) I didn't have to submit a w9, but the gift was just $100.00. With Brandarama, it's always been $600.00+ per gift, so it's hard to explain why that happened. Since my last post I received my $1,350.00 Sports Authority gcs from Brandarama, and FedEx delivered my $100.00 Visa from I-Deal on Thursday! From the time they shipped the gc until it arrived took 6 full days. I worried about not getting it before I moved, which is in about 2-3 days. Whew! In my next blog I am hoping to accomplish a write up on Nuitech as well as post some new findings if I have any. It's just that since July I've gotten kinda lazy with this blog, and things got in the way. DIY networks excite me though. So if I don't write anything for a long period of time, it's not that I have given up on the DIY world; it can be contributed to sheer indolence.
Hopefully I can keep it updated every few weeks like before. I will admit there were instances where I struggled for additional DIY content since I had already covered so much, and I feared that if I didn't cram the expected amount in each entry people would turn away. I also haven't been as active with new DIY sites since last month. Before then I only did 3 sites, all were YFD, within a 5-6 month span. Part of me wants to seek out YFD again, but they are a headache right now. Brandarama are taking too long to ship, but I still do them because of their awesome payout ratio, not to mention no paperwork + processing hassle. Nuitech is still out for reasons I will go into later, though most of you reading this already know. I-Deal seems pretty reasonable right now, so I'm better off sticking with them. After I move I will try a few $500.00 gcs. I waited because I thought that [i]maybe[/i] a lower offer count would appear instead of the usual 6-8 offer/$500.00. The 6 offer/$900.00-$1,000.00 check from last September-October wasn't bad, so it would be fun to do one of those again. ^^

Anyway, I found a little time to write this in the wee hours of the morning... zzzzzzzzzz. I will try to post more links if I find any. I would like to have a new blog up by next week/early October, too, because I have a feeling there's going to be more, lol.

Good night all! I'm over and out...


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